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There are various advantages to doing homework for the students. Homework plays an important role in students life but not all of them enjoy doing homework on a daily basis. They prefer spending some free time with other activities like (Playing video-games, watching TV, outdoor-games, hobbies, etc.). It is also true that they find it more burden and stress on doing homework after school. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to explain the importance of doing homework on a daily basis. More studies will give them more knowledge, developing skills, understand the learning process, achieving a good result and many more. Therefore, homework is most important and it must be the basic priority for every student. The conclusion of completing and importance of homework can be noticed in every cbse board school in howrah. Let’s discuss the importance of doing homework for the students below.

Importance of doing homework

Be a responsible Student

Every student needs to be responsible for their homework. This is the initial process to know the importance of homework. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents to classify the schedule and routine for them. Try to create the best routine that can give free time to your child and also can be able to complete their homework on a daily basis. Such steps will impact a positive change on your child by Increasing good grades in class, Always be ready to give answers, Living in a positive environment. This process is the best way to be a responsible student in the future. Our listed howrah best cbse school makes the student’s responsible person for their education.

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes we are wondering with the question that “What is homework?”. Homework is a process of practice and implements your own brain on solving queries. It is the best way to memorizing the studies, developing study skills, and many more. Things to notice that doing homework encourage students broadly. Therefore, keep doing homework and practice it regularly. Every best cbse school howrah strictly follows the rule of checking homework that provides benefit to the students.

Increasing perseverance level

In order to get success, you need to work hard and increase the perseverance level in your life. Homework is a certain task that students may not complete it fast because of their free-time, distraction, etc. It develops a level of dedication and never giving-up attitude. Try to complete your task even at your toughest phase and find some time to complete your homework by implementing your own mind. Once you start completing your homework in such a never give up attitude, it makes you feel proud about your hard work. Homework plays a significant role in student life by completing work ethics. Once you being habitual with your perseverance, there’s nothing impossible that you couldn’t achieve in your life.

Hence, we able to understand the importance of doing homework for the students. We understand the growth, skills, maturity, and assumption of the students. Homework could be boring but it is the deepest fact that without completing homework the students won’t be able to find the proper growth in the future. Therefore, the best solution is to provide them cbse school admission in howrah because such schools provide the discipline of completing homework, improving curriculum activities, developing personal growth unless the students achieving the feat.

Reading newspaper is a source of increasing knowledge in History/Politics/World news/Economics/Sports etc. It also increase your reading knowledge and capacity of speed. Reading newspaper can open the mind of a person. The students get the basic idea in understanding news and that also helps in debate and speech for a student. The best english medium school in howrah take the initiative action on reading newspaper daily. The academics focus on students and developing the habit of reading newspaper daily. Initially, it can be boring for some students and adventure for others. But, it is going to give them a massive success in the future. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of parents to provide the daily newspaper to your child for the best benefit. There are several benefits of reading newspaper. Let’s discuss the benefits below that inhabit the reading skills around the students that benefit last through their life.

Develop the habit of reading newspaper daily

Read all kinds of Newspaper

We are aware that reading newspaper gives us informative knowledge that benefits students in the future. There is over 100,000 registered newspaper published in India. India is the second-largest newspaper market in the World. All though it is not possible for us to read all the newspaper on a daily basis. Therefore, we must go through the most important and relevant newspaper of your own choice. It is good to read newspaper in Hindi/Bengali/Punjabi etc. but a reading newspaper in the English language will give you extra knowledge. It will increase the reading habit. The students will come to learn several new words on a daily basis. You will get various news on Education, Politics, Literature, Sports, World News and some other extra news on Cooking etc. All Howrah best cbse school encourage students to do some activities that provide great knowledge in the future.

Strengthens reading & writing skills

We tend to focus on reading newspaper because the habit of reading gives the best reading strength. It also gives us innovative writing skills that help us in writing in the upcoming exams, projects or practical of students. It is a great exercise at the end of the night that gives us relaxation. Therefore, always read the English Newspaper and implement the strength and writing skill in yourself. It is the desire of every parent to provide the admission in cbse school in howrah that actually developing the habit of reading newspaper daily and improve the reading and writing skills.

Get up-to-date with daily news and activity around the world

It is observed that the person who reads a newspaper on a daily basis is the most intelligent and creative-minded person. The reason behind their intelligence is by reading a daily newspaper. It gives them the most updated information that happens around the world. It also helps them in becoming a leading speaker in any group discussion, events and functions.

Improve Vocabulary Skills

Your vocabulary will get improve with the help of reading the newspaper. To improve the vocabulary it is important to read the newspaper and make a note of the most unique word. To implement the improvement one must apply the incidents in daily life. Slowly, it will improve the speaking power. The listed schools implement such methods on the extra classes on a daily basis. Therefore, get the cbse school admission in howrah for the best practice for students to increase their reading ability.

Reading is an important part of education. Reading helps to open the mind and spark the creativity of students. It helps in understanding the basic concepts widely and also reading increases the level of imagination. Initially, it becomes a new adventure for students. Reading is the best medicine that decreases the level of stress also helps with reducing stress as it promotes relaxation. There are several benefits of reading books. Such as reading books for fun, Books for work, Books for knowledge, personal experience and as we drive around from one destination to the next. There are several english medium school in howrah that inhabit the reading skills around the kids that benefit last through their life.

Benefits of Reading Books

Different types of books

We all are aware that reading books gives us massive knowledge and information that benefit us. There are different types of books out there that we can enjoy. A book related to education, Comics, magazines, Reading newspaper, Literature, Story, Cooking books, Mythological books, etc. For Example How to Read and Speak English perfectly, How to cook the best Indian dishes for ceremony etc. Such books give you a successful knowledge of the right way to have a balanced life cycle ever. Hence, If you want to implement some knowledge, experience or idea at home, reading books will allow you to get a successful result and makes you confident enough to take the further steps again and again in the future. All top cbse school in howrah encourage students on reading varieties of books that provide great knowledge in the future.

Reading is healthy to mind

Reading some of the best books gives you the best thoughts throughout the mind. It is great exercise and healthy to mind also. We tend to focus on reading books on the basis of our capacity that a body allows. Reading helps to keep a person alert, focused, and sharp mentally. This will make it easier for you to make important decisions and to stay healthy mentally as you get older.

Reading helps to improve your memory

It is observed in research that people who read on a regular basis become more intelligent, creative and they perform better in schools too. This technique applies to both children and adults for a lifetime. The best cbse school in howrah implement this method to improve the reading methods broadly. Reading can also help you in improving the personality that provides you with a good conversation when you go out to socialize. Therefore, If you want to improve your mindset and memory, then reading can help you in that section.

Read before you off to bed

It is good to read on a daily basis after having a rough day in School, Office or anywhere. It gives you peace and increases the level of mind-set. The best time to read such things before you off to bed. If you don’t sleep well, consider reading for about 15 to 30 minutes before bed. This will soothe the mind and body so that you are able to drift off to sleep. This is the best result of the benefits of reading books Plus, you will find that you stay asleep and that means waking up feeling great the next morning.

Improve the Vocabulary

Your vocabulary will get a boost through the reading you do as well. To improve the vocabulary it is important to read the newspaper or books and write down the toughest word that exists. Make it a point and take the meaning from the dictionary and must implement it in your daily life to improve your speaking power. The listed schools implement such methods on the extra classes on a daily basis. Therefore, cbse school admission in howrah is the best opinion for students to increase their reading ability.

Education is the most important term belongs to the child. Every parent gets worried about not having proper knowledge due to bad guidance. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best teacher along with the best school. Some of the howrah best cbse school and their guidance provides major benefits to your child education.  Similarly, teachers have an equal responsibility to motivate parents on taking good care of their child’s academics in free time. To regulate such a process few things need to be maintained from the teacher side. Try to make regular meetings with parents. Such a process will help you in knowing the child much better. Let’s discuss the positive Parent-Teacher relationship for children.

Parent-Teacher Relationship

Teachers frequently complain that parents don’t invest in-depth time while having a conversation with them. Sometimes the parents unable to discuss their queries in detail. Many parents with kids visiting school having no idea as to what happens at parent-teacher conferences. Such an initial process develops the barriers between parents and teachers and it affects majorly to children. Therefore, parent and teacher meetings are the best opportunities to communicate and discuss any worries or concerns. All the cbse board school in howrah regulate the process of a weekly meeting with parents. Let’s find out the steps of encouragement on parents for a child better learning process.

Get to know the parents better

After the completion of school, have a meeting with family during their free time where you can interact with both parents and students together. Make time after the lesson and guide the parents to show them how to help their kids with similar assignments. This also allows the teacher to know the parents closely, which leads to the best communication.

Create healthy communication channels

Everyone has the right form of communication. Like students have a set of communication through Facebook/WhatsApp. Similarly, parents have their own form of communication. Like E-mail, Text message (Mobile), etc.  The teachers can communicate with parents in case of any problem or solution. Some of the parents react quickly to mail, while others are comforts with text messages. Still, some of the parents prefer phone calls instead of internet or text messages. Teachers must find the best method that works to improves the teaching/guiding method best. The best cbse school howrah maintain healthy communication in case of parents meeting.

Provide parents the tools teachers use

Parents must be aware of the tools and techniques used by the teachers during the study. Hence, in the absence of teachers, the parents can hold the position to help the kids. Sharing tools with parents, like PPT presentations or educational websites with the best tips. Such practice encourages parents to get involved with kids. These are the essential tools and techniques for developing Parent-Teacher relationship for children.

Yes! It can be a challenging step to get parents to engage nowadays. The generation with having lots of burden and responsibilities for jobs leads to forget taking care of their child properly. All through the parents wanted to get interact with the teacher. They want to know the status and improvement of their child. But having such facts, other problems prevent them from doing so. Such problems create a long gap between parents and children. To resist such a problem, it is very important for teachers to get interact with their parents. Every year english medium school in howrah create social events and invite all the parents to get participate and encourage discussions. After all, it is the right of parents to get the proper report of their child.

Education is the most vital activity for your growth and culture. It let you learn the valuation of Life, time, and career. It makes you a truly responsible citizen of your country. One good school will give you the best components for education like Digital classroom, Science laboratory, Computer lab, and Library. You get all these essential elements from the english medium school in howrah. We all aware of the importance of classrooms and labs but somewhere in the middle of the Internet and e-generation, we ignore the importance of library in the school. Let’s find out the details and role of the library in the school.

Importance of library in the school

Role of Library in School

The library is the most significant place in every school. It consists of the most important books that are relevant to students. This place helps all the students from various standards during their exams and preparation. It stores thousands of books (Old Books/New Books) that lead to the help of their practical exams, thesis, projects, study material and many more. The role of every school as howrah best cbse school is to make the libraries essential for every student in school.

Yes, it is true we are in the generation of the Internet and modern technology where we can be able to find millions of information with one single click. We get information on mobile or computer by various websites. Such websites are helpful in various terms like in preparation, exams, practical, projects, etc. But we also need to notice that we forget the traditional method of education in our school. The library will provide you the best education with its soundproof environment. It let you drag into the details of subjects/topics. As we, all know the difference between tangible and intangible elements. Similarly, reading books and reading over the phone are the two different terms. We learn better with books compare to reading on the phone. Students understand much better from books compare to the phone. Therefore, the Library is the most important thing in school.

The important use of Library

We are associated with millions of gadgets but it’s the responsibility of teachers and librarians to provide the knowledge and importance of the Library to students. Try to build the library as one of the most attractive places in the school so that students will visit without any hindrance. It should be based on a spacious hall with the best lighting process. Each and every section of the library such as bookshelves, tables, chairs, desks should be designed that catch the eye of the students. The best cbse school howrah implements the same method to promote education and the library. Try to make a simple rule for accessing books and store such books in huge quantities. Librarians should be helpful and polite with the students and students must cooperate with librarians for the best use of the library in exams, projects or practical.

Now since so many students are going home and doing there projects online. Therefore cbse board school in howrah invent the digital library for schools. Students can utilize the library and access the library unlimited times for their purpose. The school library is the most important part of the school from its traditional time. The library is one-place in schools were upgrading is always needed to understand the importance of library in the school for the changes in education.

Group work is the most essential work to motivate students in their studies. Nowadays, it has become a common practice in every school to produce intelligent students through ensuring effective teamwork. Many teachers from the howrah best cbse school have argued that group work is really an effective technique in every academics. At an early age, most of the students are having less interest in the group studies but to make it purposefully it is important to build certain techniques. First build an interesting team of students and second to motivate them in study they choose. Keep repeat multiple times and engaged them in various group work. For e.g. active learner, communication, decision-maker to increase the interest of group work in students. To understand the importance of group work during study create careful planning else, it can frustrate students and feel like a waste of time.

Importance of Group work during study

Preparing for group work

The step of preparing for group work exists with certain importance of an effective team that provides a maximum output by their skills. Therefore, It is argued that effective group work always has the best goal that encourages team members during preparation. The team should also comprise of the different students with relevant skills according to the context of preparation. Mutual trust is also imperative among team members and that can be facilitated through open, honest and collaborative knowledge. It was also further argued that such trust may give rise to a unified commitment that is directly linked with high level of intensity to achieve team goals. The faculty members of cbse board school in howrah implement better guidance under the group-work for better communication and skills.

Assign group tasks that encourage involvement, responsibilities and a fair division of work

All the members of the group should feel the vital responsibility for the success of their batch mates and realize that their individual success depends on the group’s success. The best academic school in India refers to it as a positive activity. It also argues that this type of cooperative learning tends to result in learners promoting each other’s success. Therefore, assigns the task according to the limitation of the student’s knowledge that provides the best result in the future.

Allocate essential resources across the group

The group of work and study is useless without having proper resources, books and study material. Therefore provide the best resources so that group members can share information (e.g., The OHM’s Law). It is always important to select one person from the group to speak and guide us in the better prospects for the bright future. Some of the best cbse school howrah implement such techniques during the classes in the classroom.

Finally, we came to realize the importance of group work during study. It can be achieved through effective teamwork that is always beneficial for the students during the examination. The group work also increases the basic understanding and speed as task is being done by more than one members with various skills. The faculty members of english medium school in howrah make effective use of group work during the ongoing classes. It also creates more innovative ideas and efficient decision-making processes in students minds. Hence it’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to provide the knowledge and the importance of group work during study. It can break the toughest challenge at a time if your child involves under the best teamwork.

The school, teachers, and parents are all involved in selecting activities suitable for their Child. The teachers and parents both play a vital role in upgrading your life from the beginning. Both of them have different responsibilities. Parents teach “How to respect elder?” and upgrade your life. A teacher teaches “How to maintain discipline?”, Give valuation to time and help in building a bright career in the future. Therefore, the faculty members of the best cbse school in howrah implement the best relation with students. Let’s find out how a real interaction between teachers and students can be beautiful in every circumstance.

Interaction between teachers and students

As we experience in school life, most of the students and teachers alike respect each other after a long gap of meeting. In the recess, both sat in the chair and benches of a classroom and planning their next course of action. Somewhere down the line, their inner feelings have appeared on their face. The changes on their face remain unable to notice barring very few people. However, it was a hidden message unconsciously appearing on their face intermittently, drawing the attention of those who are concerned about these kids. Such a scenario explained the beauty of caring, loving and responsibility between teachers and students.

Better Organized Classroom

The best way to develop the interaction between teachers and students by developing the mode of a classroom. The classes must be regulated with the education and learning process but also features some sports and fun classes. Such CLASS describes dimensions of teaching that are linked to student achievement and social development. Each of the dimensions links to the three broad categories: emotional support, classroom organization, and instructional support. Such categories are widely experienced in the top cbse school in howrah.

Emotional Support

It refers to the initial support by teachers to help students develop inner self-strength, learn responsibility, to being social and real, get comfortable in the classroom, learn and experience the level of autonomy and independence. Emotional support also let students learn various things in their life. Such things are included Positive climate, teachers reaction because a positive climate gives a positive environment among students to learn better. The teacher’s reaction must be positive that helps to build better relationships with students also kids get comfort in asking their doubts.  Therefore, it’s very important to have a positive climate and better teacher response inside the classroom.  Every english medium school in howrah implement such rule to maintain the moments of the best school.

Classroom Organization

It refers to how you maintain the discipline inside the classes. It is the responsibility of teachers to help to build the skills, behaviour of students. Also, it increases the interest of the classroom among students. Such practices absolutely sparking the relationship between teachers and students. The classroom organization also includes better management inside the classroom like good monitoring, prevents misbehaviour. Next Better productivity such as run the better class for better education and produce the best students by applying such a method.

Instructional Support

The instructional supports refers to how teachers guide students in terms of educational and non-educational activities. This includes where teachers discuss the problems of students in terms of solving their queries. The teachers also encourage the students in learning new methods, techniques, and languages. This is the best method of real interaction between teachers and students.

Finally, we went through various dimensions that complete the concreate between teachers and students. It is also the responsibility of parents to provide such a dimension to their kids. In order to complete such facts provide best cbse school admission in howrah that implement the best guidance, techniques and create the best interaction with students.

Technology is the biggest need for today’s generation. It has a different role and various activities that function on a daily basis. Nowadays technology is accepted in School, Colleges, Hospital and in other public places.  It became an essential element for human being. However, the technology has two different faces one is good and another is bad. Kids become an active user in the world of Internet and also become victims and addicted to technology. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to look over the access of the Internet and restrict the limitation of internet. Some of the top cbse school in howrah maintain the formulae of using Internet among Kids and guide them while accessing the internet. Let’s find out the best guidance for technology over kids to find relevant success in the future.

Guidance for technology over kidsTechnology has a different process. The use of technology totally depends on the guidance of parents and teachers. In such a scenario, we make some list to understand the best guidance for technology over kids.

Restrict the limitation of Internet

In order to resist the bad use of the internet, restrict the limitation of the internet for Your kids. Excessive use of any activity over the internet can harm their mental or physical organs like a heavy pressure on eyes and brain. Lockdown the Adults website and content that would not affect badly over your kids.

Appreciate physical interaction to develop the personal skills

Nowadays the generation has a different mindset. Earlier generation kids used to round-up over field, mud, ground. Such activities help them grow their interpersonal skills. Therefore, do not let your child always depends on Computer and technology. Encourage them going outside interact physically and develop the skills inside themselves. Some of the best cbse school in howrah continue the development of students by applying such a method.

Give importance to family over the computer and technology

The family must be an important priority for you. Therefore, restrict the use of phone, computer, laptop and other technology. Try to use such technologies in office. Let your child learn the same method in order to understand the valuation of Families. As a parent, it is our responsibilities to make the best use of technology over kids so that they can become the best person in the future.

Make a proper schedule

Always make the best schedule that suits your child majorly. Plans their day apart from schooling and tuitions. Helps them to engage more with friends and families. Give them valuable lessons about computer and technology. Gives the best ideas of using the internet and also provide knowledge about its bad effects and harmful content. Do not let your children always involve technologies. Fe among listed english medium school in howrah encourage the physical strength and play with kids for their morale boost.

The current generation is the biggest victims and addicts of technology. They are desperate to stay connected with phones, laptop and internet. Sometimes it becomes so harsh that a person can be majorly effected with their brains and nothing would be left out. Therefore, it is the responsibilities of parents to provide cbse school admission in howrah because such schools enrol the best guidance, discipline and importance of using technology in Schools or Home.


Education is an important factor in terms of gripping the maturity of students.  It plays a vital role and its function is to provide the valuation of human and it’s life. I am about to share a story of a bright student. Who has given consistent performance till standard 9th? The moment he enters into the Matriculation he got confused with his learning technique. He doesn’t know how to revise the chapter, plans of study, point of learning techniques. Therefore, he took the help of the best mentor who provides the successful formulae for his best benefit.  Here are the four benefit of asking questions to students.

However, Some english medium school in howrah features the various benefit of asking questions to students that will greatly enhance your chances of getting success in study and marks. Most of the student think that just learning the “Question & Answer” is the key to get more marks. How wrong! How do you find the text and content of the subjects? There is no point in learning unless you don’t understand the subject. What the students want if you are doing all of the talking. By listening and asking questions, the students are getting grow gradually.

Benefit of Asking Questions

Benefit #1: Asking questions helps you to avoid problems

Most students find a certain amount of difficulty in asking questions to the teacher. You will never get the solution unless you are not facing the problem to solve. When you face a problem, you must show it to the teachers. And that also brings resistance and refusal to accept what you have to ask. Instead, take the humble approach and do not contradict his contradictions. Being a teacher ask more questions. Let your student respond to a contradiction with a question like, “Don’t you think…?”.

Benefit #2: Asking more questions helps you to give a better answer

We are so proud when we hear ourselves spouting out positive statements about our knowledge, our mastery of the English language. We feel proud of our hard work and learning method. It is the responsibility of teachers to repeatedly ask a question to deliver the best answer from students. Also, top 10 school in howrah teach the big difference between speaking and talking while answering. Speaking is the art of narrating questions in such a way that you lead the entire scenario in real.” Talking is pressure-verbalization that can lose your control.

Benefit #3: Asking questions enables students to clarify in the student’s mind what he really wants

Problem is normal to the subjects in terms of education. Sometimes asking questions may automatically decrease the problem of a student. The best teachers find two key objectives in students mind. First, ask the problem of a student to see what they really want. Second, if they don’t ask for certain hesitations then help them by asking a problem about how he wants to get it.

Benefit #4: Asking the right questions can give them proper happiness

By asking the right questions, you are giving an opportunity for students to build confidence. Whenever anyone asks you the best question, it means that they expect you would sincerely want to know what you would do or say. When you deliver the right answer, you are getting applause from your teacher. Such happiness gives you a priceless feeling. Everyone wants to feel important. That is human nature. The listed faculty members of howrah best cbse school influence their students to build their confidence.

As I told you in the preceding paragraphs, benefit of asking questions to the students can help you avoid a problem, can help you avoid unnecessary pressure; can help you to get the confidence of students.  Such things will recognize what they really want. It also helps in crystallize students thinking. Such success can be measured by admission in cbse school in howrah, that can also help you find the most vulnerable point of students. The best school also help you to give the best feeling of importance. Put all of these efforts together and the resulting reward is that you will get what you want: SUCCESS.

Every parent has a desire to provide the best education under the best school. Then the particular age arrives where your kids will need to start school. It is important for the kids to enjoy toddlers to pre-school and pre-school to high school. So that they can enjoy their education, learn effectively and consequently perform better. After spending most of their life at home, going to school can be a horrible experience for kids. This is because the child is moving from a fantasy world they are familiar with to a strange world they are unfamiliar with kids. The kids will inevitably have to interact with more people than they have probably ever interacted within their lives. Some of the howrah best cbse school implement the step to make school fun for kids. This way one can focus the education of kids under the better learning process.

School Fun For Kids

There are various possibilities for your child to enjoy school. There is a various child with their inhabitation. Some of them are shy, ideal, busy minded and active. Therefore, it is the responsibility of teachers to put some ideas to make school fun for all types of kids. As a teacher, you need to make sure that from the moment the kids went to school all the way on the first day in school, they must have a memorable experience. When you are preparing for admission in cbse school in howrah, follow the steps below to ensure that the kid is fully preparing mentally for the new environment. Role of parents to make school fun for kids:

Indulge your kids socially

First, prepare your kids to interact with more people than those they find at home by encouraging them to play with their age-mates. There may be children in the neighbourhood with whom your kids might go to school when the time comes. A good way of achieving this is through organizing play dates with their age-mates where you can also introduce a number of educational games as opposed to using the common toddler games. Interacting with different people will make it easier for your child to make new friends in school. Educational games will also play a big role in introducing some of the concepts that the kids will meet in school.

Speak positivity about school with your Child

There is various english medium school in howrah. Therefore, when you start speaking about school, be as positive as possible. At this stage, you are your children’s main source of information. Therefore, whatever you will narrate that will influence them accordingly. This is how they start to imagine things. Make school as interesting as possible by informing your kid about all the fun games for kids that are played in school. Try to identify activities that each kid enjoys and use the Montessori Method to prepare them for school.

Ask them to choose their own school products

When you start your child shopping for their school items like bags and lunch boxes, go with your child to the store and ask them to choose what they would like to use in school. After purchasing the items, make it clear that the items will only be used for school. This will make them even more excited to go to school so that they can use their new items.

When your kids have been in school for a while, they may begin disliking school for one reason or another. You need to find ways to change this attitude so that they can start enjoying their lessons. For further thoughts and additional tips in regards to Pre School or High School visit the top 10 school in howrah. These schools provide the best guidance, education right from the beginning. Such schools also implement various ideas as well as other parenting and family matters regarding child nature.

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