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The Population of India is growing majorly and thus the ratio of Male and Female is also increasing. It is to be expected that India is going to overtake China in terms of Population to become the highest number of population in the World. Is it a piece of good news? Well, we will discuss it later but do you think that women will get that equal percentage of benefit compared to men that utilizing? Every howrah best cbse school provides the reason of importance for women’s education. So the story begins on Why Women’s Education is important in India?

Women Education

Indian population is growing densely and the Indian market, research, technology, and development is also growing bigger. Thus India is developing and it is a good reason to be happy but somewhere in the inside of development, there is one darkness. The darkness of truth is Women safety, Women Empowerment.   Behind the growth of India, The Women play an incredible and unconditional role but at the time of the result, we hardly give credit to their skills and hard work. This is the biggest reason why India is still behind some other countries. Our biggest equipment is our Population but nowadays this become one of the trouble part in our country. We do not know how to properly use our biggest equipment in our country. Thus implement the method of gender equality. Every country follows the gender equality that leads them to the new height of success.

Let’s discuss the reason why women’s education is important in India in brief

The proper education of women can lead to the biggest development in the country. This will solve the issues of gender equality in our countries. Literate women will provide more number of innovative ideas, opinions, views, and prospects.  Therefore, it is important to provide education in english medium school in howrah to the women at the maximum rate.

There was a time when the literacy rate of India was just 8.5% and now we increase the rate to 65.46%. Hence, the women literacy rate is increasing in India at the maximum rate but still, we are lack behind the development.  The reason is the number of crimes against women in our countries such as Rape, Murder, molest and many more. The women are not been able to roam freely. This mindset is the biggest barrier behind the development after religion.

Moreover, in some rural areas like small villages, girls are not allowing to join the school. They are confined at home to take care of the house. Because in such places people think that women are born to take care of the house by staying back at home. Also, gender discrimination and male superiority, power are still common.

Method of Promote Women’s Education

The initial method of promoting women’s education should begin from the rural areas. There is a mass number of women population staying in the village who are uneducated. Therefore, it is important to provide maximum education for a better impact on the country.

In addition,maximum number of schools should be constructed in villages. So that the female child should feel safe and get the proper education. The government must fulfill the safety measurement for women so that the women may not hesitate in coming out of their zones. The list of cbse school in howrah took the initiatives step to provide education to the rural girl for better empowerment.

Also, take strict actions and punishment against such criminals for any crime against women. So that criminals think before committing any crime against women. It is to notice that our society is killing girls by the method of abortion. This is also the biggest crime we commit in our society and we must stop it now. Every top cbse school in howrah provide other curriculum activities to promote the safety measurement among girls such as judo and karate.

Government measurement step

The government of India has taken several steps, passed bills to promote education for women and also let us understand the impact of why Women’s Education is important in India.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to aware of the nations toward women’s education. There are various campaigns like “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” that took place. To promote women’s empowerment. This further changed the mindset of the people.

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