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We have discussed the two important factor of the growth in Child education that is Reading and learning. These two things definitely play a major role and give the biggest success in child education. However, the success is incomplete without one step and that is writing. We can read and learn the topic but if we can’t write it down then things are not in complete formation. Therefore, we need to focus on writing. Now let’s come to the point of improving handwriting. During the generation of technology, handwriting is taking the back seat and slowly it demoralizes its beauty and importance. Therefore, we need to provide clear guidance to our children and teach them better handwriting. In this blog, we will provide some of the important tips to improve your child handwriting.

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Encourage them to write

Encouragement is an action that provides the best result in terms of formation. There are various ways to encourage your child for improving handwriting. Such as make them fun learning practices that influence and motivate them to practice more. Next, always appreciate them for their work. Make sure to do not judge on the initial stage of their handwriting practice. It would probably take 6 months to be perfect. However, we can see the improvement after several months.

Make Regular Practice

Practice makes everyone perfect and therefore, it is high time to make your handwriting practice on a daily basis. Make them regular exercise practice such as story, headline, or topic for the best result. This is the best way to develop your child’s handwriting.

PinPoint the problem and fixed it

It is quite obvious to find a problem while doing any task. Similarly, in terms of handwriting child will face various problems in the beginning. Such as letter formation, writing appropriately, maintain the proper size of the letter, and many more. In such cases, make sure to motivate your child and fix the pin problem of it. Never underestimate them for their bad handwriting but keep approach them for the best success.

Get Right tools

To make things best and successive, get the best tools for your good handwriting. Arrange the pieces of equipment like Pen, Pencil, and Paper for the handwriting. Now make daily practice with these tools for achieving higher success. Get connected to the best CBSE School Howrah that provides all the tools for the right writing techniques.

Conducts Letter Formation Practice

Encourage your child’s handwriting in both cursive and print forms. Make your child do letter formation practice. This is one of the best ways to learn writing formation. The letter formation also helps in doing the best cursive handwriting. It also helps you in the measurement of letter size and letter placement. The letter formation provides the best concentration on writing clarity to the child.

Hence, these are the important step that describes how to improve handwriting with several implementations of the practice.  However, Parents and teachers are playing a significant role in developing the child’s learning, understanding, and improvement of education. Hence, get involved with the best CBSE school that provides an excellent guideline to the students in terms of classes.

Children are all born with specific talents and a propensity to excel in a particular subject. We all know the importance of cursive writing in school, college or at work right? If you somehow manage to find a pen and paper to write down something by hand, what would you prefer – writing in regular handwriting or in cursive handwriting? In both, cases regular handwriting is easy to write but looks simple and cursive handwriting is difficult to write but looks way outstanding that catches everyone’s eye. The benefit of cursive handwriting could make your child more creative and innovative in the future. Some of the best school in howrah makes a regular practice of cursive handwriting that makes the student writing skills more crystal clear. Here are three activities to help your child on how to develop your child’s handwriting.

How to develop your child handwriting

Guide your child through questions

If you have a child who does not have natural creative writing skill, ask them to initiate their creative writing skill and spark their curiosity. For example, ask them questions like “What is their hobby, what would they say?”. Once you get an answer to your question, ask them another question that are relevant to their interest and skill toward developing their writing skill. Some of the best english medium school in howrah. Initially, it would not be the easiest process to step up but later on, they will understand it eventually. Once it becomes habituate to your kids their writing skills will improve automatically.

Discover something unique and innovative skill

Almost 75% of the population in the world prefer to write in their regular writing. Almost 55% of the population knows how to write in cursive? But prefer to write in regular writing. Rest 25% of the population prefers to write in cursive writing. You might have come across a child who prefers to write in block letters, regular handwriting instead of cursive handwriting, all the time. While in those cases the top cbse school in howrah gives the benefit of doubt to the cursive handwriting in the practical or written exam. Simple writing is very common across other students. Therefore, try to be more unique and innovative like this 25 %. Others might prefer to write a message in Regular letters for someone or something. Let your child prefer in cursive writing that makes them unique from others in personality.

Rewrite to their favorite story

Every child has their own fairy tale story. Ask them to write their favorite story. This process can develop their writing skill into more deeper. One of the best benefits of their stories that they can be more creative with their stories and develop putting more expressing words into their stories. This is one of the best practices howrah best cbse school implements for their children’s writing skills.

Handwriting reveals the body language of student from the beginning, sometimes it also reflects the quality and skills of child. Therefore, the list of cbse school in howrah focuses on how to develop your child’s handwriting. They keep trying to show their skills by practicing your child’s handwriting that will definitely give you the best result. Hence, always focus on good handwriting that can benefit you all across.

The written and the spoken word in the English Language has a major difference. When it’s come to the written you need to perfect in grammar for the best approach in everything. Even at the time of speaking the importance of grammar in the English language has to be perfectly applied. In comparison to both, The written section is more vital and signified among all of us. Every english medium school in howrah is making it essential to provide the best grammatical knowledge to their students. Such schools implement the process to make sure that each and every student understands the correct forms of grammar and the best use of it. If you are looking to pursue the best education or a hobby of writing and speaking the best grammatical English then follow the best use of grammar below.

We study the importance of grammar for the best knowledge of the English language. Also, for the better knowledge in the sentence structure, literature and many more. Giving such knowledge is the biggest advantage for students. Therefore, it is important to reach the best school in howrah that can provide you with the best guidance of grammar in the English Language.

Importance of grammar

Use of Grammar

The use of an apostrophe is the most troublesome activity in written English. It is the most vital terms to implement. It comes to the fore in many cases that are simple – witness the difference between ‘That’s’ – meaning ‘That is’ – and ‘it’s’ – meaning ‘it is’ – and in many terms, it is more complex.

An important point to remember that the apostrophe is not used to designate any plural – ‘cars’ ‘trucks’ means many automobiles whereas ‘car’s’  ‘Truck’s’ does not stand with any meaning.

Follow the capital letter – English is a gentleman language. The use of every abbreviation must be accurate to make it more attractive and gentle. Therefore, at the time of writing it’s very important to maintain the correct use of the Capital letter.  Sometime the over-use, or misuse of the capital letter capitals making a huge impact in the English language and therefore, the teacher must provide the knowledge of using correct grammar in the English language. For e.g. Using Capital letters in titles headlines, or in Names.

Improves Communication Skill

The proper use of English grammar will improve communication skills. The correct use of grammar will command you to the best use of English words. As when and what kind of words to use while communicating. The use of grammar will help you to eliminate mistakes while speaking. Therefore, it is very important to provide the proper cbse school in howrah, because only the best school with English faculty can improve the student’s grammar and communication skills in English.

Proper use of Punctuation Marks

The use of Punctuation marks mostly involved in writing skills. Still, it is one of the significant tools in spoken English. Proper use of Question marks, Comma, Apostrophe, etc. is showing in-depth knowledge of English Language.

We understand the importance of grammar in the English Language. But, to make it effective we need to provide the best School, guidance, tutor to make your child best in the English language with proper Grammar. Therefore, some of the evergreen howrah cbse school follows it’s a traditional method of study and learning process that gives the best production of Students. Also, students need to do self-practice to inborn the quality of the English Language.

Handwriting is the most important aspect of your kid’s educational life. Good handwriting describes the valuation of your moral education. The handwriting can be good only if you are practising huge. Most parents are worried about their child’s handwriting. It is a common problem for every parent in the beginning. Writing will be easy for you if you work into it more and more. The best cbse school in howrah focuses on student’s handwriting to improve in the future. If you can face challenges easily and reflect that steadfastness comes with every defeat, writing will be easy for you. This is the initial process to improve your child handwriting. If you can dream and love and hope, words will flow freely from your heart; you can write.

Writing is hard. Yes, difficult, especially, if you would harrow the words from your heart and press on and off the photographs in your mind. When you do this – you will go back to the past and use them as materials for writing. You must creatively observe the present. You must believe in the wonder of tomorrow. On the other hand, writing is made easy through constant practice. Like spoken language, writing improves in hard labor. Here are some tips to improve your child handwriting.

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Keep engage by handwriting with their daily activities

It is the role of a parent and teacher to keep engage their child with handwriting by their various activities. The daily activity will improve the writing technique and interest in writing skills for your child. Therefore, provide them with a notebook or diary and keep motivating them to write on their daily activities. Block all the schedules and explain the importance of good handwriting at the time of the study. The faculty of cbse school howrah will keep the focus on your child writing and motivate them on a daily basis. Also, you may engage your child to write about hobbies, games, work, letters, friends, family, lessons, God, and various topics.

Check the letter line-up in their copies

Every howrah cbse school checks and measure the student’s handwriting by taking a piece of their child’s handwriting. They measure the heights of the various letters line up in copies, every letter with the lines on the paper or with other letters. Point out the defected areas out so that your child will notice how to write letters are with the proper line-up. The mistake will make them master one day with their writing technique. Also, appreciate the letters that are well proportioned to boost their confidence and prevent them from feeling defensive.

Look at dotted and other crosses properly

The last feature to watch out how they imply dotting like: “is” “i” and proper crossing “A”, “H”, “t” and other letters. Only writing will not make handwriting properly. The child needs to be clear with the formation of handwriting like in dotted and cross of a letter.

While making tips to improve your child handwriting more effective than focus your child more than normal time. Therefore, provide the best school in howrah that focuses your child writing accuracy and helps in improvising it. Don’t always point out to your child in every case even if he/she is wrong. Motivate them and appreciate their hard work. In case of a mistake try to figure out the defect politely. One day your child will gross into the most desirable handwriting in their school.

We join the classes in school and colleges with the utter truth of making notes. But there is distinguish in notes with Note Taking & Note Making. Note Taking is a process that is done at school colleges during lectures. Note Making is a process that is done instantly after the note-taking process. The importance of note making is to assimilate all information and make it able to read and understand during exams. A good school in howrah observes in both Note Taking & Note Making process. Schools follow the regular activity of taking notes from class and making it fair at home. Let’s discussed the brief importance of Note Taking & Note Making process.

Note Taking & Note Making Process


Note Taking Concepts

Taking notes is an important process for the exam. It provides you with a written record of the lecture that sometimes not written in your books. It also lets you become an active and involved listener and learner in the future.

Taking notes is an important activity in class. It engages students in classes. Also, it prevents from gossiping in class. It provides a direct relationship between what happens in lectures and hints of what comes up in the exam.

The importance of the Note Taking process is that it makes you understand easily and help in becoming an active listener. Some of the howrah CBSE school follows that Note Taking concept very seriously in order to make students more responsible for education and exams.

Become sharp listener

The Note Taking process requires concentration and attention for what is being said and how it is being said in classes. Follow the word of teachers and the teacher’s body language. The Note Taking process also gives the various important hints around classes.

Suppose a teacher repeats a phrase or idea, this is a signal that it is important and you should take note of it.

If the teacher takes time to write something inboard, consider that as another sign that the material is important.

It also provides you with the knowledge of introductory, concluding and transition words and phrases. For example:

“The following factors”

“It also follows”


You might notice in classes that sometimes your teacher seems excited about something then will point out that information as it likely to appear in the exam. Therefore, make a note of this as “very important in the exam”.

Attend all lectures and classes

Try to attend all lectures and classes for making the best notes for your exam. The perfect Note Taking process will help you in creating better notes for yourselves. This will definitely help you in every stage of understanding topics before exams. Obviously, perfect for last night’s revision before the exam. It impacts an impression of you as an obedient and disciplined student which may be to your advantage at some point in the course.

Therefore, before making notes try to establish the topics of subjects that relate to your syllabus and exam. It is obvious every average student has its own strong and favourite subjects. Therefore, while making notes focus on your weaker subjects more in comparison to stronger subjects. Like: specialization of points, highlight an important topic, mentions tricks and tips.

Always note, never ever miss the last class or lecture of every subject. Put an extra effort into attending the last classes – It covers some vital information about the format of the exam that usually covered and the teachers may also provide information about sections of the syllabus that need special attention before the exam. Therefore, Provide the best CBSE School in howrah that put extra effort into making notes important.

Note Making Concepts

Once you are done with the Note Taking process from classes, the making process is yet not complete. It’s time to input the Note Making process. Every CBSE School howrah follows the schedule of checking notes before taking classes. This is a very important activity from such CBSE school in howrah that makes students active and responsible towards their classes. Let’s review some terms on the Note Making process.

Reviewing lecture notes

Your school notes form the basis of your fair and final notes and your entire examination preparation is based on these. The following should be followed on a daily basis:

  • Read through your lecture notes.
  • Underline headings and subheadings.
  • Correct spelling mistakes and rewrite illegible portions.
  • Fill in any gaps.
  • Underline or highlight important sentences or paragraphs.

Make sure you understand the concepts.

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Admission open for the Session 2022-23

SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE liluah announces its Admission open for the session 2022-23, providing opportunity to the Students in Howrah for studying in one of the best CBSE School . Get CBSE School Admission in Howrah and connect with the most unique smart classrooms. We at SMIL believe that Academic excellence is desirable but teaching good values is the essence of education. We not only take the task of raising career conscious students but also making them socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education essential for complete growth and development . We also emphasize on co curricular and Extracurricular activities as only formal education is not enough in this present world.

The Admission is only open for limited number of seats as per availability. The selection will be purely merit based and will be done on the basis of written test followed by Personal Interview.

We announce the admission open for the Session 2022-23, from October 2021. The admission is open from Toddlers to Class VIII. The process of admission has been explained below. Parents/ Guardian are requested to follow the given procedure.
Admission in Toddlers to Class-VIII is only for the numbers of seats available and will be strictly based on the merit of the child. Admission will remain open and Forms will be issued for a limited period of time.
“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has some criteria for admission. To take admission in cbse school in howrah please click on Read More.

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