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Handwriting is the most important aspect of your kid’s educational life. Good handwriting describes the valuation of your moral education. The handwriting can be good only if you are practising huge. Most of the parents are worried about their child’s handwriting. It is a common problem for every parent in the beginning. Writing will be easy for you if you work into it more and more. The best cbse school in howrah focuses on student’s handwriting to improve in the future. If you can face challenges easily and reflect that steadfastness comes with every defeat, writing will be easy for you. This is the initial process to improve your child handwriting. If you can dream and love and hope, words will flow freely from your heart; you can write.

Writing is hard. Yes, difficult, especially, if you would harrow the words from your heart and press on and off the photographs in your mind. When you do this – you will go back to the past and use them as materials for writing. You must creatively observe the present. You must believe in the wonder of tomorrow. On the other hand, writing is made easy through constant practice. Like spoken language, writing improves in hard labor. Here are some tips to improve your child handwriting.

Improve Your Child Handwriting

Keep engage by handwriting with their daily activities

It is the role of a parent and teacher to keep engage their child with handwriting by their various activities. The daily activity will improve the writing technique and interest in writing skills for your child. Therefore, provide them with a notebook or diary and keep motivating them to write on their daily activities. Block all the schedules and explain the importance of good handwriting at the time of the study. The faculty of cbse school howrah will keep the focus on your child writing and motivate them on a daily basis. Also, you may engage your child to write about hobbies, games, work, letters, friends, family, lessons, God, and various topics.

Check the letter line-up in their copies

Every howrah cbse school checks and measure the student’s handwriting by taking a piece of their child’s handwriting. They measure the heights of the various letters line up in copies, every letter with the lines on the paper or with other letters. Point out the defected areas out so that your child will notice how to write letters are with the proper line-up. The mistake will make them master one day with their writing technique. Also, appreciate the letters that are well proportioned to boost their confidence and prevent them from feeling defensive.

Look at dotted and other crosses properly

The last feature to watch out how they imply dotting like: “is” “i” and proper crossing “A”, “H”, “t” and other letters. Only writing will not make handwriting properly. The child needs to be clear with the formation of handwriting like in dotted and cross of a letter.

While making tips to improve your child handwriting more effective than focus your child more than normal time. Therefore, provide the best school in howrah that focuses your child writing accuracy and helps in improvising it. Don’t always point out to your child in every case even if he/she is wrong. Motivate them and appreciate their hard work. In case of mistake try to figure out the defect politely. One day your child will gross into the most desirable handwriting in their school.

It is good to see a dream that you admire. But It is also your responsibility to work and complete your dream. Few things are important in life before setting your goal and achieving it. Just like a badminton player experience a “Warm-up” before a real game, so too does complete any goal produce a sense of elation and pride. Therefore, We come to explore some steps to set goal and achieve them in different ways of a plan to pursuing goals. Goals won’t just complete automatically. You need to be focused on achieving it. Start your hard work now. Keep running unless you do not reach the pick. The best school in howrah help to achieve your aspirations. It is easier to achieve when you get the best platform and support for your education.

It is a known fact that people who learn to set goals and achieve them go on to become highly successful in life. But the sad fact is that most people do not learn to do this and apply it in their life.

Here are 3 Steps to set a goal and achieving them.

Set Goal & Achieve them

Fix your goal in life

Know what is your ambition in life and why you want it. If you learn to start paying attention to your inner thoughts and desires this will help you to determine what it is that you want. Fix a solid goal in your life with passion and achieve it. You should take out of your day to reflect on your life and what it is that you want for yourself. Some of the faculty members from the top 10 school in howrah show the right path and attention to their students in their goals and achievements.

Write your goal again and again

Get in a habit of writing out your goal again and again like what it is that you want to achieve. Best cbse affiliated school in howrah will ensure you closer to your goal. Then make a plan on how you will get from where you are now to where you want to be. You may experience unnatural at first but once you get in a habit of this then it will become automatic.

Make planning and initial it

Make your plan and start to put it into action. No matter what you start happening to keep working toward reaching the steps to your plan.  This is the key to reaching your end result. You need to keep focus and keep working away at it. If you make it a habit to work this daily then this will help to keep you motivated in the future.

Finally, we discussed all the necessary steps to set goal and achieve them. This is also to notice that a childhood dream is incomplete without parental support. Therefore, it is the duly responsibility of parents to support your child in education and in personal choices too. Provide admission in cbse school in howrah that boost your child completely. Finally a greeting to students: This is your life and you have the choice to live your life at your own happiness but not at worst risk or position. See your dream which you can complete at your depth hard work.

It is really easy to achieve than you may think once you know the mantra of success.

Every successful thing needs passion, hard work, dedication to their goal. Similarly, it applies in real life to become a successful learner. But the fact is if you are spending your life learning you are always going to be growing as a person. Think of it this way – food and life nourish our life, but learning and knowledge fuel our brains. It is a continual personal development path, from the moment you start pre-school in howrah, you are sponge soaking up so much information from the best school of your choice. As we get older, our brain system stops its effort to learn, and many people simply decide to quit learning.

But, if you are hungry for knowledge, to make leaps in life or your career, to be able to hold a conversation on more than just the politics, drama, economics or weather then you must go and keep learning. Knowing more about the textbook and less focus on guidebooks is a benefit if you choose to learn. Therefore, we bring some steps on how to become a successful learner to follow in your career.

Successful learner


Make changes in the learning method

The modern educational process has changed a lot compared to traditional studies. Some say the syllabus of school is increasing, but whether that is true or not, this is definitely a reason to worry about our educational and learning lives. Educational method change, learning technique change, process change. We are putting continuous changes in modern education to make learning fun and easy. Therefore, try to create a new goal and measurement of learning on a daily basis. But last but not least measure the ability of your kids during learning. In order to create a change among your kids learn this is an important component.

Flexible and adaptable learning for the beginner

There are some common steps to become a successful learner for those who actively learning and growing as professionals (and humans). Life-long, continuous learners:

Start learning from the beginning. Learning must be flexible and adaptable. If you start learning anything from the middle of the topic, you will learn nothing. Therefore, follow the basic mind, and then look for confirmation and validation of what you learning. A beginner looks constantly in searching for one new method of learning. It requires change, so continuous learning realizes that they must be willing to adapt and change if they want to grow. The regular practice of learning will make student’s expertise in learning. Some of the best school in howrah applies this process with the beginner student and make them expertise in the future.

Different ways of learning

Learning is not just limited to textbooks and education but learning means when you can be able to adopt the knowledge on a particular topic/activity or actions. Such learning is in different forms like Cycling, Playing Guitar, Singing, Drama or playing Cricket/Badminton. They want to ride a unicycle, so they try it. Having all these features in your child would be the best thing for any parents. Therefore, it is important to provide the best school admission in howrah for continuous growth and efforts.

Learn in a different way. In some top school in howrah, we learned in a relatively limited number of ways, which unfortunately leaves some people with a limited view of learning. Continuous learns to know that they can learn by reading, by listening, by practising, through others, with a mentor, etc.

We all know the importance of cursive writing in school, college or at work right? If you somehow manage to find a pen and paper to write down something by hand, what would you prefer – writing in regular handwriting or in cursive handwriting? In both, cases regular handwriting is easy to write but looks simple and cursive handwriting is difficult to write but looks way outstanding that catches everyone’s eye. The benefit of cursive handwriting could make your child more creative and innovative in the future. Regular practice of cursive will make your child easy to write and faster. Some of the best school in howrah makes a regular practice of cursive handwriting that makes the student writing skills more crystal clear.

Benefit of Cursive Handwriting

Discover something unique and innovative skill

Almost 75% of the population in the world prefer to write in their regular writing. Almost 55% of the population knows how to write in cursive? But prefer to write in regular writing. Rest 25% of the population prefers to write in cursive writing. You might have come across a child who prefers to write in block letters, regular handwriting instead of cursive handwriting, all the time. While in those cases the top school in howrah gives the benefit of doubt to the cursive handwriting in the practical or written exam. Simple writing is very common across other students. Therefore, try to be more unique and innovative like this 25 %. Others might prefer to write a message in Regular letters for someone or something, but let your child prefer in cursive writing that makes them unique from others in personality.

Create a true personality

Now creating true personality is very tough to create. That might be difficult but not impossible to achieve. We can understand writing in regular letters is easy and fast. But at the same time doing something different can also be innovative. Parents must keep encouraging your child in practice in cursive writing. Initially, this could be slow to start but later this will be common as regular writing for the users.  Hence, the school in howrah does regular practice and hard work for their students. It will definitely pay off in the future. That will also indicate the born of true personality. When a child chooses to write in regular letters all the time, even knowing the cursive letters, this signifies inappropriate.

As we will aware “Addiction of something can destroy”. Similarly, writing in a cursive letter in every condition can cause negative. For e.g. Form fill-up and others. Therefore, use your cursive handwriting at places where it works effectively.       

Hence, we see the benefit of cursive handwriting and its uses. It is the role of both parents and schools to regulate their writing skills. In both cases, this will make your child bright and creative.  It is simply not easy to regulate unless we provide a better academy for our child. Therefore, school admission in howrah is the best option for parents who want to progress their child more in the future.

Handwriting reveals the body language of one student from the beginning, sometimes it also reflects the uniqueness of a child. If you’re trying to hide your skills by faking your handwriting in regular letters or handwriting that will definitely put you in trouble. Therefore, always focus on good handwriting that can benefit you all across.

Children are the most precious gift for us. It is the primary duty of parents to keep them safe from every instance. In order to keep them safe provide knowledge about every subject, they saw interesting. Make aware of good and bad is not only the responsibilities of parents but also schools play a significant role in it. Some of the best school in howrah took responsibility to implement this technique. Compare to the earlier days, taking care of a child is quite difficult. Earlier, they hung out around the neighbourhood with other boys or girls you were familiar with their parents too. These days all that has changed. With the innovation of new technologies and personal computers into almost every home and the advent of the high-speed, always-on internet connection that surrounds the danger zone. Therefore, follow these basic steps to keep your child safe on the internet.

Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Don’t Use A Computer Without An Adult With You

The children are always curious and excited about new things comes to their life. The children need some type of supervision while using a computer. Therefore, explain to them that the computer is much more different from other household and they need to have an adult present. Hence, it is the most important step to keep your child safe on the internet.

A Computer Is Not A Toy

The computer is a valuable asset to us. It is required for work and gathers knowledge from it. Some of the top school in howrah provide lessons to their child how the computer connection goes outside the house to anywhere where we don’t always know who a person is. A good analogy would be to explain how we don’t walk up to a stranger and have a conversation with them or go anywhere with someone we don’t know.

Create Their Own User Profile

The initial stage before let them access the computer is to create their own user profile. Finally, create a user profile on your PC without putting any password. Just use their first name and show them how to click on it to enter the profile. Be sure to lock this profile down and put some bookmarks to safe sites on their desktop.

Disable Unnecessary Application

Our children are not mature enough to handle email ID, Messenger or instant accounts so don’t set any of them at this age. It is quite unusual for them to handle at this stage and also put your child into the un-safest zone by entering into the social world at a premature age. It’s only asking for trouble, therefore, disabled it. This is the well-known steps to keep your child safe on the internet.

Take Lessons From School Lab

After home, school is the next safest place for the child. So it is the duty of schools to guide some major steps to keep the child safe on the internet. Every top cbse school in howrah has the smart computer lab to provide knowledge to heir child. Such schools also apply some safety measures to protect kids from the internet. The laboratory Installs a kids’ browser for them. Software such as MyKidsBrowser, KidZui, and BuddyBrowser are great for young children. They allow children to feel like they have the ability to click buttons and go wherever they like and look at all the cool graphics but in reality, they are very restrictive as to where they are allowed to browse. Many of these offer a free download.

Install Kid’s Search Engine Tools

Sometimes Google search engine boxes showing the inappropriate and adult results in certain keywords. Therefore, if you observe your child using google search engine boxes then you must install Kids’ search engine for them. This may only apply to an older child. Many online search providers have kids-based searches. Sites such as kids.yahoo.com, askkids.com, and gogooligans.com offer free child-safe searches. Every cbse school in howrah apply these search engine tools for them.

No one knows your child better than you. The best thing going for his or her safety is your educating him/her about proper computer use and threats that exist on the internet. Similarly, Schools have equal responsibilities to keep them safe from the danger zone. Hence, provide admission to cbse school in howrah that guides and protect your child from the internet. Teaching your children about the internet and computer safety can also translate into being safer offline as well.

Education is the most valuable aspect in terms of every parent and their child. Education become vast compares to earlier days. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to decide whether their children will receive a public or private education in howrah. This is the prime section to consider for every best cbse school in howrah. Public or Private school each offer children a well-rounded education, but there are unique advantages to each. Each educational institute has its own good and bad quality. It is also listed with the several advantages and disadvantages condition.  Therefore, We bring five things for parents might want to consider when making the decision between a public school and a private school for their children.

Choosing Public or Private School


Class Sizes

In the classroom, the ability for teachers to give each student personalized attention is expected and highly appreciates, particularly during early education. In a private academy, class sizes are typically substantially smaller than public institution class sizes. With small class sizes, teachers are better able to concentrate and discover any potential academic problems and quickly give personalized attention to the child before he or she falls with any problem. Apart from it, the size of the public classroom is big and therefore the students are huge. This leads to the problem of giving attention to every child in the classroom.


Perhaps the most important concern for parents in choosing whether to send their children to a Public or Private School is the academic environment available in each. State and local governments prescribe by the public school curriculum. Additionally, public schools must administer state-approved standardized tests. The results of these standardized tests are often available for public review, making the institution accountable to the public.

However, private academies are not subject to any mandatory state testing. Therefore, teachers have more freedom to teach using progressive teaching skills and other methods. Private sectors have great and disciplined teacher-guiding approaches. Moreover, Private schools never compromise with their quality of learning and education they provide. Therefore, Private academies properly analyse their teachers before selection. Every top cbse school in howrah follows this process to make education stable. Additionally, private institutions are not in a position that they lose funding for inadequate standardized test scores. However, when considering private establishments, parents should thoroughly evaluate the school’s curriculum to ensure it meets or exceeds minimum standards because private establishments are not subject to public oversight.


In private schools and institutions, discipline problems are lower than in the public school system. This usually happens because private academies do not have to accept or offer continuing enrolment to all students. As a result, those who have a discipline issue will not be allowed in any english medium school in howrah. Students that develop discipline difficulties after admission will not be offered a renewal of enrolment if the problems remain unresolved. Moreover, private institutions typically have no codes of conduct that approaches or worked against discipline issues. In public schools an outlines acceptable behavior for all students and specifies the consequences of not adhering to the codes.


The availability of sports and facilities in which to play them varies from place to place. Some private establishments in howrah offer the best sports facilities in the academy, and their sports programs are well established. Often, private academies also offer a diverse range of sports, such as swimming, horseback riding, lacrosse, and tennis. While most of the public school systems generally have well-established athletic programs, when budget cuts are made, it typically sports programs that suffer first. The management system of public school in howrah is not well organised and that impacts negatively on accounts. The number of students is such big that it finds difficulty in arranging sports equipment for them.


The parents are always familiar with economical condition. Therefore, they manage in such a way that they can provide education to their children. So it is necessary to analyze the schools that can fit under the budget and ensure the child’s best education. The private schools are little expensive as they provide better education and other curriculum activities. This makes your child well educated and responsive in the future, whereas the public school have low budgets and has a huge number of student that has no boundary or discipline. The students are not in the control of teachers. Therefore, It depends on parents and their decision either they choose Public or private school. However, the most expensive school does not necessarily mean it should be a good school for your child. Therefore, Provide such english medium school in howrah that approximately cover under your budget and good for education.

Global education has various concepts that bring changes in the educational system of India. It also approaches students to make differences in the society of India. Global education in India comes under various dimension, outlooks, and citizenship into everyday lives. Although, it has various aims in its surrounds. The ultimate aim of global education is to praise the knowledge, care and minds of one individual to become more responsible towards society. Some of the faculty members of the top cbse school in howrah apply this process to bring changes in the educational system. Therefore, let’s discuss the importance of global education and other roles below.

Importance of Global Education

Importance of Global Education

The importance of global education is extent everywhere and it formulates students to be open-minded, artistic, thinkers and responsible citizens. It connects the students with real-world challenges and helps them in finding its solution. It also brings an innovative method inside the students. Global education tries to develop their thought process and contexts that cross social and cultural boundaries among societies. Hence, It solves them with a better understanding of the world that they live in. Global education also provides an opportunity for the students to gain essential experience to interact with the real world.

Power of Technology in Education

Technology is the way of today’s generation. It comes under the mandatory selection in almost every domain. Similarly, it is also important in the field of education. Global education can be profitable more from the latest use of technology that also provides an opportunity for students to grow in the classrooms. It has a way to transform the teaching and studying method in class. Technology has the power to produce knowledge and transformative ways of learning that can shift mindsets and gives learning experiences. In global education, technology allows students to discover their personal opinions on several global issues. The best school in howrah allows young minds to get global knowledge and engage with a global citizen.

Collaboration of Active-Learning Method

The global education in Indian educational system provides better resources to interact with the different learning methods. It also allows them to be selective among right and wrong and therefore, it makes an intellectual development that enabling them to be a global citizen.  Global education inspires students to become flexible, creative, proactive with active learning methods. Therefore provide admission in cbse school in howrah where they can learn by doing on their own and taking an initiative to collaborate with students for work. Active-Learning impacts global citizenship by providing them with a sense of community. It let them explore humaneness and compassion and let them spark globally by their innovative skills and technology.

Best Learning Techniques

Global education provides the best learning techniques. It also gives various opportunities that let the students learn at their own method. It makes them think about being responsible global citizens by implementing several works and act on them. Best cbse school howrah practised it regularly. The faculty members of such schools play a significant role in interact with the nature of the students. Finally, All these process and techniques leading to the invention of an amazing and young global citizen.

Are you aware that there is a crisis in the educational arena today? That the children who are witnessed to live in the greatest digitalized country in the entire world are at the ending of the brightest education. Hence, children are not taking books seriously neither they focus on any books reading! In fact, the best school in howrah is trying out for help child to love reading books because the average freshman student does not have the reading comprehension to read an assignment, contribute to a class discussion and certainly not able to write a college term paper.

What can we do? Some of the top cbse school in howrah are trying to find out the solution. The educators in all grade levels are pointing away from the high tech gadgets that today’s child spends countless hours on and towards an old forgotten favourite; books. But some say that their children are not interested in reading, that they don’t enjoy nor like reading.  Therefore, here are 10 different tips to help your child to love reading books.

Get your child to love reading books

Show them Reading Interesting

Set the example for reading. Let also your child see you read an assortment of different items from the mail, to the newspaper to books. Be willing to share from your reading, is there a story in the paper that will also affect your community, a funny section from your book. The dinner table makes an excellent place for everyone to share something from what they are reading.

Read Louder

Let your child read loud every day. Get into the story, use different voices for the characters, be as silly as possible. Lower your voice in soft parts of the story and then grow loud at exciting times. Reading isn’t just for bedtime; make a tent in the living room and snuggle with blankets and pillows. Or enjoy a story outside on the back porch. That’s the beauty of books, they can go anywhere.

Journey to Library

The best cbse school howrah makes a weekly trip to the library. There is usually a story hour at the library and sharing a story with others is always fun. For older kids have them join a book club or start one if there isn’t one going.  Also, make sure to check out some books before you leave the library! Make some of the book’s fun and at age level also get some books that will challenge your child’s thinking and imagination. Different topics in different areas; stories, science, history. Open up different areas for your child to see and explore.

Taste Reading Knowledge

Ask questions when you are done the reading. What was your child’s favourite part of the story, which was their favourite character? And so many other IQ questions hat makes child love reading books.

Give Important Reading Topic

Let your child follow their interests in their reading material. Do they love horses; are they into World War 1? What a great way for them to learn and enjoy their favourite subject. And don’t worry; their interests usually shift before they run out of books on that topic. Especially, if new topics are available for them to glance at. This is the most effective tricks among all because it makes your child active all the time.

Gifting Books

Give books as gifts. This is the perfect time to invest money into nice hardbound books of a favourite author or series. To finish the series that the child knows or to introduce a new author, ask the child. What a perfect time to build a nicely stocked library in your home. A child can’t grab a book and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time if you don’t have books in your home.

Makes Reading Fun

Make time for reading. Turn off the TV, limit the computer. Have a “20-minute read-a-fun.” Have a fun reading contest; whoever reads the most pages in a set time wins a fun prize (maybe a trip to a bookstore!) There are reading contests through businesses where the child can earn a free prize. Pizza Hut offers a free personal pan pizza, Dairy Queen, a free ice cream cone. Ask your local businesses about the contests they run or just stick with creating your own.

Create Own Books

Have your child create their own book. Because it makes them creative. They can print the story, illustrate it. Have a write up about the author. Laminate it, make a special cover. Share the books at the dinner table for those who love reading books.

Respect Books

Teach your child to respect books. Books are our friends, we need to show the child not to mark on the pages nor tear them. Books aren’t meant to be thrown on the floor. Therefore, there is a correct way to put a book on the bookshelf. That way the book will last longer and be able to be read later by others.

Stress Breaker

After an afternoon of reading stories of long, long ago in far, far away lands with your child. Who couldn’t love an adventure that would take you away from the stress for both you and your child?

Finally, these are some important points that parents or school faculty must keep in mind. In order to circulate the function of love reading books provide admission in cbse school in howrah for better guidance and impact future.

The significant of education and its benefit is to build a better environment and provide the various benefit for the best education. Here are the role of Education and its benefit in the best cbse english medium school in howrah.

Role of Education in English Medium School

One of the most important role to play in Education. If you are well educated and have a complete resource of education then you can simply find a regular library at your home itself and you will be known as literate all across.

Improvised the various knowledge from various sources with the use of the Internet, Books, Magazine, Literature etc. Make good use of Education by having top english medium school, Best library, Best Laboratory technique for Science and Computer. The benefit of having Smart classes by using the LED technique, E-learning process with the help of Mobile Application, Availability of online Classes, sports, transport facilities.

Co-curriculum Activities and Social Responsibilities

Better education also provide good Co-curriculum activities and Social Responsibilities. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”  determined and dedicated to developing social responsibilities of students through different curriculum activities likewise: Dancing, Singing, Music, Social Events, Sports etc.

English Medium School

These are the listed terms for having a quality of education in one child but these are incomplete without having a proper faculty member in one best academy. The faculty member is the only person who plays a significant role in student life. They provide good education and knowledge that we implement in future to become a successful person. We are always grateful for such guidance in our life.

One good cbse educational institution will not only let you understand the role of education. But also focus on all these social development programs remains a responsibility through education and helping nurturing principles, capabilities and values of our school.

Such analysis is the basic part of life which let you become a success, help you to become a great leader, good reader and listener and a better empower.

Measurements and Standardization of Education

Education is not just limited to learning and measurable skills. Our past educational system was based on the “average” measurements and standardization of education. Children were prepared to be bookish and let them memorize some information before examinations take place. But, Modern education system is a way to develop with its latest learning method and techniques of teaching. Also, syllabus becomes compress and reliable in comparison to 10 years back. The education board subject to feature lots of practical & viva which lead a student to learn more easily.

Although the benefit of education in children implies in core subjects like mathematics, literature, or science, It is the responsibility of one best cbse english medium school in howrah and faculties to show how to learn core subjects, How children should be taught core subjects.

The supreme benefit of having a good education is one can become a good and responsible citizen in future. They can acquire the entire literature and knowledge to become a powerful and successful person in the world.

The biggest benefit of education is too improvised mental development. And it encourages the development of psychological, social and emotional growth.

An Overall education process gives motivation to children to learn about a subject and it’s usage in future. The benefit of education is that depth which can lead children to learn naturally and creatively.

The benefit of education encourages your children to make connections between real-talk and real-problem based on subjects. They solved the queries using their creative skills and educational knowledge.

The educational system in the CBSE board is the most significant terms. It’s Education system consists of primary, secondary, and senior secondary grades. The proper education under CBSE board allows children to not just learn and prepare for the future but also lays the foundation for a great career ahead. Importance of cbse school howrah implies as its work hard and innovatively towards increasing the standard of education in our country. There are several schools in Howrah maintain its best performance in the field of Education, that makes it people best choices school in Howrah:

CBSE School in Howrah

Popular in Locality

CBSE is one of the most preferred boards in Howrah. It follows the curriculum activities along with its additional subject matter. The CBSE syllabus is well structured, Well demand and highly predictable. The board conducts two examinations: One with AISSE (CLASS-X) and AISSCE (CLASS-XII).

Maintain Regularity

CBSE schools are spread across all over India. The pattern of study, Syllabus and books are the same in every state. This is quite accessible for every Government employees who are having a transfer job. They could shift to any corner of the places and resume their studies from the middle.

Well Structure

CBSE is based on NCERT and the syllabus of CBSE is quite easier in comparison to other boards. It has a no. of subjects based on class 10th and 12th. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Biology based on Science. History, Geography and Civics are based on Social Science. Other General Subjects are English, Hindi, Sanskrit (Optional).

Build Confidence

CBSE helps in building confidence in each and every aspirant with its studies and Co-curriculum activities. The number of co-curriculum activities boost confidence and help in developing personality. Importance of cbse school in howrah is that it’s giving an opportunity to every student to innovate their skills and build confidence accordingly.

Social Activities

CBSE school in howrah always give importance to social activities. Some of the school in Howrah inspire by putting a lot of efforts into Co-curriculum activities or Co-Scholastic activities and finally, they tried to put some valuable message or Conclusion across the city. This social work is very much appreciable across people that made it’s one of the school in howrah like “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”. They organised various Social activities like Awareness of Population, Road Safety, Clean Movement, Pollution Control Activities and many more. This activity gives valuable messages across the city.


CBSE spread all across the country and maintain its chain system while it’s education, curriculum activities, events, annual functions. Every activity is as important as they could be. These activities play a major role in every student of CBSE. It helps them in growing gradually, increase confidence, make them a better person, better career-maker, Bright students. CBSE made its every activity in a united way. It always believes in Team Work. The teamwork plays an important role in all these activities, Without having better teamwork one cannot compete with its role.

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