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Completing homework or school work would be difficult to tackle sometime. Therefore, It is important to schedule your routine for having the best study time. Making the best suitable time for the study will give you various benefits like Memorize study, a better learning approach, and a lot of fun while completing work. So whether its homework or school work proper schedule for study time is very necessary. The list of cbse school in howrah improvises the best study time and method of study to become a high achiever in the school. Such plans and methods are in several ways. We will discuss the best time to memorize study for children.

The best time to memorize study for children

Create the best time to study

There is nothing as such called the best time to study. Students can study at any time either its day or at night. It depends on the time and mood of the students. Basically, they need to adjust to their daily work as students. To become productive while study, you need to be energized with your body and mind. Sometimes students study wholly in the day time and sometimes at night. Some of the students composite both the day and night for the best study and learning process. Being a parent, it is the responsibility to schedule a proper routine for your child’s best study. A good teacher always approaches their children learning capacity and flexibility of study time. They never create a routine for them but gives the best advice for their learning habits. Hence, provide school admission in howrah with the guidance of such quality of faculty members.

Day time study benefits

As we discussed earlier, there is nothing called the best time to study. However, it totally depends on the time and mood of the students to pick the best time to memorize their study and have a better learning process. People have several benefits of day time study.

The students are having an adequate amount of sleep during day time. Their body and mind are full of a refresh and energize. Therefore, it helps in learning more better and memorizing things quickly. Also, natural light gives you more energy to study. Connect to some of the top school in howrah, their preference for the best study comes during the day time and it also makes students good at time management and discipline.

Night-time study benefits

A night-time study has also its own benefit. Many students also prefer to study at night due to several time schedules and causes. Sometimes students do not be able to concentrate on their studies due to the noise coming out from the public during day time. In such cases, they prefer to choose to study at night for low noise and better concentration in the study. Due to the peace and quiet environment, the method of memorizing is also improving. This will also help students in becoming a creative reader.

Hence, you can follow either Day time or Night time to study. Both the time are suitable for you to study and gives various benefits in its own way. Being parents all they able to see the best time to memorize study for children. Do not matter how you choose the time of study but in the end, all you just need to finish off your homework for future benefits. Choose the cbse school admission in howrah that improvises the method of study with its best time.

Emotional behaviour disorder is a symptom of brain damage, reduce confident level, less focus and health disorder. We often find such problem in our child. Therefore, we need to find out the problem and control the child’s emotional behaviour. There are several ways to control the emotional behaviour of our child. Such as parental support, social interaction, motivational speech, and positive environments. If we implement these activities than emotional behaviour might be to our child. The effect of emotional behaviour also depends on the types of school your child goes. Therefore, we need to find the school that has positive environment and support of faculty members all around for child. The cbse school in howrah district is one of the best school that guiding with the important steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder. Let’s discuss the important steps below.

Steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder

Keep your classroom rules calm and clear

A child loves to visit the school. School is the place where they socially interacting with various friends. They join the classes and playing together because it makes them happy and also keep away from emotional behaviour. Therefore, try to implies some clear and calm rules with better discipline over classroom so that child doesn’t fear about not attending or enjoying the classes at fullest. The top school in howrah has clear facts about the ruling school with better hope and development for the child.

Be friendly with your child

It is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to be always friendly with your child. If you do not become friendly then your child will never be able to discuss or share their problems. If you become friendly, they will always be a have faith and hope to chase the problem and solve it out with the help of parents and teachers. Being parents, always try to provide the best schools like cbse school admission in howrah that has the best friendly environment for your child happiness.

Always be ready to give solutions to your child

Generally, it the responsibility of parents to always support and provide solutions to their child problem. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the teachers also at certain limitation. Provide some better solution and guidance to the child those who face emotional mental disorder to solve the issues. Also, keep in mind that your child should solve the problem by itself. This is the best way to get into the life of paradise for your child.

Always appreciate and motivate your child

If you want to control your child emotion behaviour than always try to appreciate their works and trying to motivate them. It would be unfair if you do not appreciate their work. Always be humble and polite and cheers to their works like projects, assignments and school homework. Do not impulse them into pressure or else this could disorder their emotional behaviour.  Several list of cbse school in howrah always maintains the activity of appreciating their students. This is the best steps to steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder at the safest level.

Every student has the dream and desire to become a successful student in their education journey. They want to score good marks to become top in the classroom. Some of the students live this dream and some of them failed to achieve this dream. What are the differences between the two?  The answer would be “Study pattern”. It is the mode of study and its pattern makes one student successful and another failure. Every student has the capability to score good marks in the exam but it’s only the hard work, dedication, potential, and capability that make it different. It’s all possible only when you make it as habits. Find the best habits to make student successful in the future. Schools also play a big role in making students habitual of these activities. The cbse school howrah is one of the schools that has the capability to makes students potential.

Habits to make student successful in the future

There are several habits to make student successful in the future. Let’s discuss such habits step by step:

Proper Planning

A successful student always makes proper planning before implement themselves in any situation. They believe in organizing things properly. This is also the best and easy method to avoid the burden from brain while studying. Every successful student makes proper planning before exams. They used arrange the notes, study material, and test series before examination. This practice will surely not giving you any mental pressure during exams. You have your types of equipment, now it’s time to operate.

Proper routine

After the planning, it’s time to create a proper routine for your study. The successful students always create a routine and strictly follow it properly. They used to divide the subjects with the day and time. Some of them do weekly routine and some daily routine. The students of top school in howrah maintain the culture of study in such pattern. Surely, they are getting their results.

Daily Revision and Practice

Nowadays, the educational journey has lot’s of competition. The students are even achieving 100% marks which was a dream in our era. Now you can easily imagine how competition are tough in today’s era. Therefore, the students not only need to follow the routine but also at the end of the day make daily revision and practice to give a tough fight to your competitors. Also, a school play a significant role in making students successful. Therefore, Provide cbse school admission in howrah that has the best ability to learning methods with its experienced faculty members.

Proper Sleep, food and exercise

Your planning, routine and practices will get dump if you do not have proper amount sleep, foods and exercise properly. If you think you can study long hours without sleeping and eating then you are completely wrong. Your brain will stop function after certain time and then neither you can be able to understand or remember the topics properly. Also, the brain function by having a proper amount of food. The exercise will keep you fresh and energetic all the time while you study. Hence, proper sleep, food, and exercise are very important for your success.

Hence, these are some important habits to make student successful in the future. If you do follow these habits then surely you will be in the list of successful students in the future. Also, make sure to get an opportunity to indulge yourself in the best school for your success.

Provide school admission in howrah with “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” your child will learn the best method of study, discipline and social activeness that would give them a key to success in the future.

There are so many things to know for your child apart from education. You will probably receive such things from non-fiction books. Therefore, try to provide non-fiction books to your child during free time. Non-fiction is completely based on factual and reports on true events. Histories, biographies, journalism, and essays are all considered under non-fiction. Usually, non-fiction books have a huge demand for its higher standard than fiction books. However, non-fiction depends on the techniques of fiction to make it more happening. Every howrah cbse school provides such books in the section of the Library to motive the students and approach them for higher education. There are various outcomes of Non-fiction books. Let’s find the details of such outcomes.

non-fiction books


Unlike other books, non-fiction books are inspirational to your child. These books are based on true events and this is the basic factor that inspires your child’s education mostly. It is a good source of inspirational books for your children with its inspirational biography, history, geography, and other knowledge. Therefore, it is the best way to motivate your child at an instant. There is various cbse school in howrah district provide such books to the students to increase the out-knowledge.

Improve vocabulary

Knowledge of vocabulary is very important and it improves the knowledge of English words. Compare to fiction books, the non-fiction books have various numbers of new words that could approach your child to learn. Apart from school books, the child finds very interesting reading non-fiction books. You can simply implement such words while you speak in English. You will get a positive impact and surely boost your confidence while speaking. Such interest could help your child learn vocabulary rapidly. The faculty members of english medium school in howrah have put various impacts to learn vocabulary.

Improve concentration power

Students need a lot of concentration power to complete their homework. Similarly, students need a similar level of concentration power to read a book. Later on, that power will convert into the productivity of knowledge and word. Therefore, provide non-fiction books to your child to improve the concentration level.

Improve communication

Communication is a very important term for improving personality and development. Communication also helps you in reaching your career successfully. Non-fiction book will help you in developing the communication level due to the excess number of new words. These new words will help them in improving vocabulary and that leads to make you a great spoke person with your vocabulary power.

Brighter your child world

The power of a non-fiction book will provide bright knowledge to your child in terms of career. It will also help them in making richer in your educational journey. The content of the books starting from history to business knowledge. It is one of the most favored books for making your child intelligent and well-rounded.

Hence, these are the significant outcomes of Non-fiction books that provide benefits to your child. We are similar to the facts of fiction books and their importance in your child’s life. But, if you can make your child read non-fiction books thrice in a week that can impact the positive outcomes in your child’s brain. Also, schools play a major role in improving the outcomes of non-fictional books. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that gives importance to both fiction and non-fiction books to improve your child’s growth and brain.

Being parents, It is your biggest challenge to raise your child during the school year. We have several busy schedules that strike us from maintaining sanity for our child. Therefore, we need to be flexible and responsible with our schedule and duties. You need to more calm and steady while raising your child. There are several do’s and don’t need to apply with your child. Like: Do overwhelm with your child, Don’t yelled at your child, Do friend with your child, Don’t restrict your child unnecessarily. All though, several cbse school in howrah district discuss some major steps for maintaining sanity while raising your child.

Maintaining sanity while raising your child

Lower Your Cleanliness

This might sound very odd to you to maintain lower cleanliness. Children are not that mature compare to parents. Therefore, they do not focus on any cleanliness activities in their room. It is not their mistake but it is their innocence. Don’t yell at your child for these activities. Give them enough space and freedom for their activities. Always smile and approach your child. Yes, what you can do is asking them politely to clean their room. Also, Clean in front of them to make them understand the valuation of cleanliness. Such activities might prevent you from dirtiness. The best part of the top 10 school in howrah is that they provide students better discipline and guidance regarding cleanliness.

Control your Schedule

Parents might be happy to control their child’s schedule. But have you ever wonder that you and your child are circulating yourself inside the cage of schedule routine?  It is good to run a proper schedule but don’t let your schedule run over you. Sometimes this schedule can bring anxiety to your child while raising them properly. Hence, it is your responsibility to outdoor them from such a schedule. Give them surprises like visiting parks, play games, and do funny activities with them. This might bring some smiles and positivity to their faces. The faculty members of english medium school in howrah highly approach their parent’s to control their schedule.

Give proper food and sleep

Do you know proper food and sleep can make your day with a great smile ahead? This is the best method of maintaining sanity while raising your child. Therefore, it always provides a better amount and quality of food that give them high protein and calcium. Also, ensure a proper amount of sleep that divides up to 14 hours for 5-10 yrs. old kids, 10 hours for 11-15 yrs. old kids, and 7-8 hours for 16 above.

The proper amount of food and sleep will make your child stronger. This will also help your child concentrate on study.

Finally, we discussed some important steps for maintaining sanity while raising your child. Still, there are several ways you can maintain your sanity and also raise your child properly i.e. delegate the work for your child, re-evaluate the skills of your child, Always Interact with smiling, and many more. There are several schools that provide better guidance. It is also important to get admission in cbse school in howrah that provides better guidance for your child’s growth and maintenance.

The process to complete school work and assignments is part of school life. Every student takes it as a responsibility to complete the work of school and assignments on a daily basis. It is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to look over the matters of classwork, homework, or any assignment. There are several cbse school in howrah district take responsibility to look over the matters of such work. There are several steps on how to complete school work and assignments given by the schools. Let’s get into the details.

School work & assignment

Get proper arrangement

It is the most initial process of completing schoolwork, assignments, or any work i.e. to get organized. Always organized your stuffs before starting your class or homework and also an assignment. If you do organize things properly then you can be easily able to complete your entire work along with some extra time in your hand. You can be easily able to complete things very quickly. There is another vital advantage of proper organization is your mind will steady and provide complete focus to your work. The schools of english medium school in howrah provide such guidance to ensure your child’s better education in the future

Stay focused

It is very important to stay focus and calm during any school work and assignment. One matter of error can cost you at an extreme level that either your assignment will not be accepted or you won’t be able to complete your school work properly.

Therefore, The remedies are to avoid the distraction that comes from any end. Always, try to stay alone during such vital work because most of the students prefer to stay alone and study at their own method. Hence, if you observe such activities on your child then do not poke them while study but it is also your responsibility to observe from the backend of the door.

You need to be very disciplined to stay focus on your work. “Sudhir Memorial Liluah” is coming under the top 10 schools in howrah that providing complete discipline and guidance to stay focus on student’s activities.

Tea Break

Long time work can make you feel tired or sleepy to work further. This might be the prime reason for distraction. Therefore, always take a short break like drinking tea, milk, or snacks. You can also stretch or move your body and walk around the study room. These activities will give you a boost and refreshment to complete your school work and assignments together. It is the best method of how to complete school work and assignments.

Hence, we go through some important steps of completing classwork and assignments of schools. Also, there are several schools that provide complete guidelines and steps on how to complete school work and assignments. Therefore, it is very important to provide the admission in cbse school in howrah because it lets your child carries the responsibilities in the future for more upper education. It also provides huge success to their career as well.

Bullying is the most inappropriate activity that can be performed to provide mental stress to the child at certain terms. Bullying can take place by friends and school mates at a certain level. Like cracking jokes, hide and seek, teasing and gossiping etc. But when it’s in a mutual and friendly way this looks safe and secure. But when the same activities crossing the limits and become hurtful, unkind and harass it become bullying. Some children are losing their freedom therefore we need to stop that part instantly. The best school in howrah are strictly against the bullying method and always get ready to investigate the matters. The faculty members of such schools provide strict guidelines to their students over this matter. Strict action can be taken place in case of bullying over any students. In this article, we will provide a guideline on how to deal with bullying.

A guideline on how to deal with bullying

There are so many parents in the societies are worries about their child innocency and therefore it is important to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that carries strict guideline and disciplinary segments to stop bullying any child.

Get a positive body language

It is important to create a positive body language to avoid or fight against bullying from others. Let’s understand how a positive body language can perform better in case of any bullying.

A positive body language will always give you positive confidence and a better personality. When your personalities grow it also leads you to become a strong guy. A person will never bully to the strongest guy. Therefore, it is important to improve body language to deal with the best possible bullying at any place.

React to bullying in the best possible way

It is always important to understand the bullying part and make them in control. When you see it crosses the line ask them to stop the activities. Sometimes you need to react to the bullying harder but in a mature way. Always try to understand How and When to react to bullying? The reaction can be taken place by only smiling, avoiding or let them understand how you feel. When you smile and avoid their bullying part, they will automatically stop teasing you after some time. Also,  If you could be able to let them understand how their activities hurt deeply, they might stop bullying you.  These three could be the best possible way to deal with bullying.

However, some english medium school in howrah are against these bullying parts and take very strict action against such students who are trying to make a negative impulsive inside the school environment.

Build inner confidence

It is the responsibility of parents to build the inner confidence inside your child’s mind from the very beginning. These methods will make them enough strong and confident that they can easily deal with any bullying with any friends inside or out of the school campus. Always ready to encourage your child in different curriculum activities, exercise and also belief in their positive approach. Ask them to hold their anger sections because this can result in danger.

Every top 10 school in howrah are approaching their parents to provide a guideline on how to deal with bullying. Such guidelines will make your students very decent, discipline and defensive in every aspect. It will also make you very strong. Parents can become role models for their child therefore, always behave politely in front of your child. These activities will neither let them create any bullying on other children nor they will victim of it.


Apart from good education, Children also need to learn discipline and stay calm during any misbehavior. We usually provide admission to several top schools in India but unfortunately, we overlooked the discipline and behavior parts. Hence, it must be the needy for the parents to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that provides good education, learn discipline and steps of getting calm. In this article, we will learn the process to make your child discipline and stay calm.

A process to make your child discipline and stay calm

Read your child’s mind

Sometimes you might find your child is getting anxiety, yelled, misbehave or short-tempered. Being parents, you need to find out the reason of being anxious and misbehaviors among your child. The best and most suitable way to find out the result is to read your child’s mind properly. Focusing on child sensation and emotional parts will increase the root cause development on your child.

Try to make your child stay calm during misbehavior and teach them how to respect humans (Both Elder or Younger). There might be many consequences but if you provide better learning and teach discipline, you will observe massive changes inside your child’s brain. You can also notice the positivity inside your child’s brain. Every top 10 cbse school in howrah provides the process to make your child discipline and stay calm. The parents who implement the method on their child found the best satisfaction.

Accept Challenges

When you find the reason for misbehaving and anxiety accept the challenges to change your child attitude. The initial steps to accept challenges by understanding what your child needs? Why did this trauma happen? Now, find out the solution to win challenges. Try not to misbehave with your child if you want to become their friends in well being, Always spend some quality time with your child, Play around with your child in free time, listen to their demand and desire. Always try to teach the valuation of life and desire. Fulfill their limited demand but not unlimited because in case of unlimited demand your child will start losing control and emotion over everything. Teach them what is best suitable for them.

Good coordination between teachers and students

In several schools, we witness the increment of anxiety and adversity among students. There must be several cause behind these roots. Being the responsible faculty member of english medium school in howrah, teachers find out the reason for anxiety and adversity. They follow the traditional discipline methods that give the best result to the students. The traditional discipline contains different roots and observation. Therefore, it is very important to provide the traditional discipline among your child to get the best benefits.

In order to make your students discipline, maintain good coordination with students. Try to listen to their problems and become a good mentor to them. Co-regulation is the best process of helping students to overcome the frustrating situation. Therefore, maintain good coordination with your students for a better discipline. This is the best process to make your child discipline and stay calm in the society to become a responsible citizen.

Like most schools, college and institute students are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 situation. Students are spending a lot of hours at home finding an excess of time in their hands. It is quite difficult to regulate the timing without any study and preparation. Sometimes students are getting depressed while stuck at home.  Every English medium school in howrah advises their students to not get depressed, frustrate or confused at a certain stage. These schools have planned to provide the best online visual education to the aspirants depend on class and courses. Online visual learning is the best way to improvised knowledge. Due to the power of technology, the students find very easy to communicate and attend classes from home. Therefore, we are providing some best ways to spend time at home for students during the lockdown.

students during lockdown

Innovate your skill and talent

Due to the busy schedule of study and preparation, the students are unable to find their skill and talent. The innovation of talent requires lots of timing, effort, and dedication. Well, it is quite difficult to find it on regular days. Therefore, it is the best timing where you can innovate your talent and skill together. You have a choice to do singing, music, dance, drama, poetry, and painting. Let’s find your innovative talent and skill. Due to the situation of COVID-19, the cbse school in howrah district and other institutes are unable to provide the co-curriculum method to innovate their talent and skill. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to upgrade this section.

Read a book

Reading books is the most effective technique to spend your time. Reading books always gives you the power of knowledge. You can easily spend your time with it. When you will start reading books during free time you will be able to get the power of knowledge more deeply. Therefore, start reading books as much as you can to get the knowledge.

Organize your lifestyle

Due to the busy routine, we also forget to organize our life cycle. We do not organize our life perfectly. We also forget what next to do in our life. Therefore, it is the best timing where the students can organize their life, career, and travel. They can think about their career more broadly and deeply. One can also schedule their traveling and start planning where to visit next.

Get Inspired

One can get inspired by watching new videos of different motivational speech, different art and craft ideas, By learning slogans, quotes and etc. You can simply implement such motivational speech, arts and ideas to expand your personal growth at a time. It is also one of the best ways to spend time at home for students during the lockdown.

Online Internship

When you are stuck at home, this is the best time when you can apply for an online internship relates to your courses. You can also do some additional courses to upgrade your talent in the future. The courses generally relates to their class and courses or also relates to their talent and hobbies. These courses will be very useful in the future. This is the best way to improvise your talent and skill. Therefore, get admission in cbse school in howrah to get the unlimited knowledge and education to increase your knowledge level.

Hence, Being quarantine is no fun but the students get confused. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide you the best way to spend time at home. You can do the above activities to get rid of boringness.

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” SMIL is the top 10 school in howrah providing online educations to the students of Science, Arts, and Commerce to regulate their education.

Concentration is an important factor that determines the success of a person in any field. The great focus is the ultimate pillar of success. Such focus comes from the resource of the brain. It is the power of the brain that increase the concentration level of a human. Being parents and teachers, it is the responsibility to let your child or students focus on every subject and matter. Some of the best english medium school in howrah improvise the method of increasing the concentration level of the students. In this article, you will find the most powerful and proven method which will definitely increase your child’s concentration power.

childs concentration power

It is very important to understand the function of concentration. The prior function of concentration is to let you focus on one subject/topic and putting out all the trash mind and misunderstanding from your brain. Let’s read out the method of increasing the concentration level.

Spider Web Method

Hope, we all understand the function of the spider web method. This method plays a significant role in increasing your child’s concentration power. When you touch the Spider web with some objects the spider will look into their web by understanding what exactly is touching. If you will continue to it spider will understand it’s nothing but an object that is trying to distract them from hunting. Thus, Spiders do not focus on such terms.

Similarly, We need to focus as a spider method. When you start working on any topic you need to give certain time before starting the topic. Ignore all the distraction terms and focus on your work. If you notice the spider method in any cbse school in howrah district then it would be the best school that could motivate your child’s brain.

Sound Sleep/Short break/meditation

It is very important to have a sound sleep of around 7-8 hours a day. This method will refresh the child’s mind and increase the concentration level of a student. Therefore, it is very important to have a sound sleep in a day.

Always try to take 15-20 min. short break or nap. You will notice certain changes and relaxation in your mind and body. This is the most powerful and simple method to increase the concentration level of your child.

Doing Meditation or Yoga is the best practice to increase the level of concentration power. Therefore, every morning try to do 15-20 minutes. Yoga in your room/lobby/garden. This will increase your thinking ability and concentration to the next level of work.

Play focus games and activity

Do you know the games can increase the level of concentration power in your child?

Yes, games are very effective and play a huge role in increasing the power of concentration. But, make sure your child shouldn’t get addicted to it. Because this addiction can affect your child study.

Some of the best schools are engaging their students by giving some activities. The major objective behind the activities is to notice the power of concentration level in your child. Therefore, always try to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that increase the level of concentration in your child.

Hence, we read the method that increases your child’s concentration power. It is our responsibility to utilize these methods on your child in the best possible way. Also, it is the responsibility of students to follow the method to increase concentration power. Some of the top 10 school in howrah implies these methods to increase the concentration power of a person. It might be a slow process but it is very effective and powerful on a daily basis.

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