Positive Mindset in School

We live in a fast-paced country where we face a lot of challenges and criticisms in our everyday lives. Whether it’s at work, school, home, and elsewhere, we are constantly under pressure virtually by everyone. Similarly, We have the same level of pressure in the classroom while study. Therefore, it is the responsibility of faculty… Continue reading Positive Mindset in School

Tips To Solve Math Problems

Mathematics is the most interesting and fun-loving subjects comes under the educational system. It demands logic, analytical skills and critical thinking from students. It also tries to solve problems in any branch of math. According to some top cbse school in howrah students have a focused mind in approaching math problems, they don’t get baffled… Continue reading Tips To Solve Math Problems

Importance of Global Education in Indian Educational System

Global education has various concepts that bring changes in the educational system of India. It also approaches students to make differences in the society of India. Global education in India comes under various dimension, outlooks, and citizenship into everyday lives. Although, it has various aims in its surrounds. The ultimate aim of global education is… Continue reading Importance of Global Education in Indian Educational System

Importance of Wellness Programs

It is a dynamic process of getting change and implies growth among students. Those who attend arts, music, drama, voice and visual arts bring some important messages in society. There are several educational boards are stepping up to bring these changes. The cbse schools are also taking initiative action by spreading wellness programs into physical… Continue reading Importance of Wellness Programs

Best Interactive Teaching Technique for CBSE School

Teaching is an art that produces knowledge to the students. Students acquire the knowledge to shine their skills for the future. The best teaching technique is the only way to encourage students toward a positive approach. The best interactive teaching technique is to instruct students for the best learning process. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is… Continue reading Best Interactive Teaching Technique for CBSE School

The Methods of Motivating Students

One of the most difficult roles of becoming a teacher is learning how to Inspire or motivating students in every aspect of life. It is also one of the most important responsibilities of a teacher apart from just teaching. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” (SMIL) one of the best howrah CBSE school plays an important role in motivating… Continue reading The Methods of Motivating Students

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