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Every test and exam makes a student a little nervous in every circumstance. It also provides stress to the students and their parents. The action of stress makes us more nervous and put an impact on the result of our child. Hence, we need to step up with certain actions that can avoid the stress from your child’s mind during the exam period. Usually, the level of nervousness is based on the preparation of the examination. Therefore, we need to provide the top quality of school that provides them the best educational guidance to avoid exam stress. Providing cbse school admission in howrah would be the first choice for every parent because of its several academic qualities. In this blog, we will discuss certain techniques on How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind during the examination period to score more marks in the future.

How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind

Being parents, we can see several symptoms of Child stress during exams:

Feeling tense, less talk, less sleep, worries, stomach pain, and headache, irritate, less enjoyable, etc.

Hence, to avoid such symptoms apply some best tips to reduce exam stress during the exam.

Your child must have proper sleep

A proper amount of sleep is very important in every activity. Proper sleep will provide energy for your work. It also helps in improving the focus and concentration on every activity.  Hence, the minimum amount of 7-hour sleep required for the students during the exam. It is very important to fix the routine and help them strictly according to the routine. There are several best school in howrah that instruct their parents to control their child during exam with such a method.

Your child must have proper food

A proper amount of food is also important and necessary to balance between work and health. Health is the most prior things in our life that help us to improve our life structure and career. Hence, the proper amount of food and food on time is required during the exam. Therefore, parents must look into such methods that bring energy to the student’s life.

Help them during the exam

Parent’s support is very much important during the exam. Your child always needs your help and support during the examination. Therefore, always try to be beside your child during the examination. Help them during exams like ask them questions, solve the tricky questions, help in remembering their notes. These are the ultimate steps and guidance provides by several cbse affiliated school in howrah.

Give them important tips relates to the exam

Being parents you are well experienced to understand the importance of exams, tips for exams, how to score more marks during the exam, etc. Hence, provide such tips to your child to score more marks during the examination.

Encourage them during the exam

Encouragement provides ultimate success to your child. The proper encouragement always brings the positivity among your child. They will find to score more marks during the examination. Hence, always appreciate and encourage your child during the examination. This also helps to balance their mind by having proper support of teachers and parents. The list of top cbse schools in howrah always encourage their students during the exam and also provide special focus to the child problem.

Hence, these are the special methods on how to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind. If we let our children follow these important methods during the examination, they will probably score more marks during that period.

There are several consequences of reluctant learners. They complete themselves within the limited boundary. Such boundary could trouble their educational phase at a sudden stage. Reluctant learners are very shy in nature and not willing to express their problems and desire all of a sudden. They have a limited number of people in their list of discussions. It’s very common to find at least one reluctant child in every classroom not being attached to anyone. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the teachers to provide them enough spaces and motivate them to come into the zone of willingness. Therefore, provide cbse affiliated schools in howrah that have the best capability to motive reluctant children. In this article, we will discuss the best way to motivate the reluctant learner in the school.

Best way to motivate the reluctant learner in the school

Ask them for help

The best way to encourage reluctant learners is by asking them for help on miscellaneous activities. The prime reason behind the asking is to judge the capability of doing and willing to introduce the skill. Asking for help will also make them responsible to perform. This is the best way to get over from the reluctant nature i.e. being shy. It also makes them important and trusty. Hence, implement this method on the reluctant children for the best result in the future. The faculty member of cbse school in howrah district always implements these magical tricks to motivate the reluctant students. They always pick the reluctant child to come forward to help them in their work.

Give them a chance to show their skill

Every student has unique skills that recognize their ability. Similarly, being reluctant doesn’t mean the student is not efficient in anything.  But, the reluctant students are very talented and has different ability and skills that live inside their mind. Therefore, we need to motivate their skills and develop it in different versions.

Some of them could be able to show their talent in Music, Singing, Painting, Drama and many more. It is the responsibility of the different faculty members to recognize their talent and motivate them to express their talent to everyone. Every top school in howrah implements the same method to motivate the reluctant child. Such schools have also the best combination of providing arts and education to their child.

Read their interesting nature and character

The reluctant student has a different nature and character. Their silent attitude and shyness are resisting their nature and character to express. It is important to read them properly to understand their interesting nature and character. It is usually the responsibility of parents to understand their nature and provide interesting things that help them in growing.

Show their importance in the classroom

The reluctant learner feels alone and shows no expression during the ongoing classroom. These might drag them into the zone of depression. Therefore, try to show their importance in the classroom. Make the heart of the class so that they can feel special and happy. Such activities will also help them in growing as responsible people in the future.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to motivate reluctant learners in the school. It is also to remember that reluctant learner can only get developed by the special treatment that is unique from others. Such treatment can only become possible at top academic schools. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that has the expert educators provide the best treatment to the reluctant child with their nature and character.

Emotional behaviour disorder is a symptom of brain damage, reduce confident level, less focus and health disorder. We often find such problem in our child. Therefore, we need to find out the problem and control the child’s emotional behaviour. There are several ways to control the emotional behaviour of our child. Such as parental support, social interaction, motivational speech, and positive environments. If we implement these activities than emotional behaviour might be to our child. The effect of emotional behaviour also depends on the types of school your child goes. Therefore, we need to find the school that has positive environment and support of faculty members all around for child. The cbse school in howrah district is one of the best school that guiding with the important steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder. Let’s discuss the important steps below.

Steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder

Keep your classroom rules calm and clear

A child loves to visit the school. School is the place where they socially interacting with various friends. They join the classes and playing together because it makes them happy and also keep away from emotional behaviour. Therefore, try to implies some clear and calm rules with better discipline over classroom so that child doesn’t fear about not attending or enjoying the classes at fullest. The top school in howrah has clear facts about the ruling school with better hope and development for the child.

Be friendly with your child

It is the responsibility of both teachers and parents to be always friendly with your child. If you do not become friendly then your child will never be able to discuss or share their problems. If you become friendly, they will always be a have faith and hope to chase the problem and solve it out with the help of parents and teachers. Being parents, always try to provide the best schools like cbse school admission in howrah that has the best friendly environment for your child happiness.

Always be ready to give solutions to your child

Generally, it the responsibility of parents to always support and provide solutions to their child problem. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the teachers also at certain limitation. Provide some better solution and guidance to the child those who face emotional mental disorder to solve the issues. Also, keep in mind that your child should solve the problem by itself. This is the best way to get into the life of paradise for your child.

Always appreciate and motivate your child

If you want to control your child emotion behaviour than always try to appreciate their works and trying to motivate them. It would be unfair if you do not appreciate their work. Always be humble and polite and cheers to their works like projects, assignments and school homework. Do not impulse them into pressure or else this could disorder their emotional behaviour.  Several list of cbse school in howrah always maintains the activity of appreciating their students. This is the best steps to steps to control child emotional behaviour disorder at the safest level.

We are undoubtedly in a pandemic situation where living is nothing but magic, bless, and wisdom. We surround with so many infected pollutions, material, and viruses that put this entire world into a threat zone. In such cases, COVID-19 puts the majority of the child into stress and depressed mode. Children are completely in a different zone and schedule that they are not aware of it. The children are bound to boycott outside places, junk foods, and many more. It makes them more inactive in certain stages. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents to look after their child in this pandemic situation. Parents can simply avoid by making their child busy in any activities that give them fun and knowledge.  There are several best school in howrah that provide online learning classes to the students to avoid the pandemic cause in the future.

COVID-19 A pandemic for Child

Therefore, it is also our responsibility to re-make this world into a zone of living and discuss the ideas of getting your children out of the stress zone.

Quality Conversation with your kids

During the age of 10-20 years, A child loves to do various activities that make them more energetic and enthusiastic towards his/her life. But, during the pandemic situation, our child is seating at home and keeps waiting for their days to get normal. In such case your child could become silent and get depressed. Therefore, it is our responsibility to have a valid conversation with your child on a regular basis. Try to get involved with your child at a certain time.  Such activities could make your child happier than before.

There are several activities you can do to make your child happy. Start asking “How was his day?” “What are their hobbies?” “What makes them happy the most?” “Watch carton with them” “Help in making their hobbies come true” “Play with your kids” and others. Well, these are some basic criteria you need to apply to avoid your child’s pandemic situation. There are several other better cbse school in howrah district that connects online with their parents and child to avoid any circumstances.

Indulge your child with various tools and activities

It is the best time when you can teach your child with various tools and activities. Such activities are very essential in their daily life and also it provides them various out knowledge. It is very important to have that knowledge apart from being just bookies. Books can give you various knowledge but it is also important to have some outer knowledge that will help in making your life more actives such as being hygienic, arrange their books, decorate their own room, help in cooking and many more.

There are several schools that provide co-curriculum activities and brings out knowledge to your child by having various experience. Therefore, provide school admission in howrah that creates such knowledge to your child.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is completely associates with your child and also with parents. During this COVID-19, A pandemic situation for the child, School authorities join the child and gives epidemic knowledge to more cautions and avoid pandemic situations. Therefore, It is one of the preferred schools for parents. Hence, provide cbse school admission in howrah for the better future of your child.

COVID-19 or Corona Virus is making the world so lean in Economics, Social, political, and Education sectors. The situation has become so dangerous that had declared as a pandemic in the entire world. Globally entire Schools, colleges, and corporate offices are shut down due to its effects. Due to the effects of COVID-19 people are start doing its designated work from home only. Similarly, students have also started their online classes from home. Some of the cbse school in howrah district has already initiated their online classes for students. Therefore, students start doing their self-study at home. This is the crucial time when students are preparing for any entrance exams or competitive exams that can utilize the benefit of self-study due to COVID-19.

Benefit of self-study due to COVID-19

During the pandemic situations, we provide some basic advantages of self-study that can provide you the success at your exam preparation.

Set a complete routine

Due to COVID-19 the authority of various schools has decided to provide online classes to the students. Therefore, the faculty members of school authority are starting to provide online classes to students on a daily basis. Like regular schools, it has also its own time for classes like morning or afternoon. Hence, students need to get prepare for their online classes and accordingly set a routine for their study. This is the best way you can complete your study.

Prepare for competitive examination

Due to the effect of COVID-19, there is a lockdown in the entire country. Therefore, all the ongoing activities are paused or shutdown. We expect it to resume or start ongoing activities once the lockdown unlocking. There are several competitive exams are also postponed due to its effect. So this is the best time for students to get prepare for competitive exams like IIT, NEET, Bank, SSC, WBCS, and other state-level exams. Visit the best website that provides complete guidance on government exams and analyze it properly. Some of the best school in howrah also guiding their aspirants for such competitive exams.

Strong Practice

Practice makes everyone perfect. This is the perfect time when a student does strong practice for their various competitive exams like IIT, NEET, Bank, SSC, and others. Also, this is the time when student resolves their most weak subjects and make it strong. You will get plenty of time to do practice for each subject completely that you can be the master of self-preparation. The faculty member of cbse affiliated school in howrah gives homework for best practices.


If you want to do the best utilization of COVID-19 then do self-motivation on a regular basis. Motivate yourself to become the best advisor for your own life. Try to be very positive in such an environment by doing some Yoga and exercises daily. This is the best way to get motivate yourself that gives a positive result to your career.

Hence, we discussed some of the important benefits of self-study due to COVID-19. Therefore, those who follow the step of self-study can put a major impact on their social life. Also, provide the best cbse school admission in howrah that guides your child in such a pandemic situation for his/her complete skills and knowledge.

The vocabulary is an important part of your child’s educational journey. It gives a better shape and volume to their knowledge. Therefore, parents must include some important steps on how to expand your child’s vocabulary. There is various way to expand their vocabulary such as expose your child vocabulary knowledge with different languages, Put the vocabulary on display and ask them to learn, Give focus to the English newspaper, make them reading habits on a daily basis, and read communication with your child. These are the best practices you can provide to your child to expand the vocabulary. At the same time, you need to provide a better school that can provide them ample knowledge to expand their vocabulary. Therefore, provide howrah cbse school for the best experience.

How to expand your child’s vocabulary

Create vocabulary notes

If you want to expand your child’s vocabulary then create word notes for your child. It would be better if your child creates their own notes on a daily basis. There are several benefits of creating own notes such as depth knowledge of words, easily be able to learn, and also writing habits. These are some important ways you can improve your child’s vocabulary.

Play learning games

It is important to have a fun learning process when you actually interact with your child’s education. The fun learning concept is the most important concept that your child’s catches during the study. Therefore, parents must interact happily during vocabulary class. You can experience a huge difference in their body and mind during such a learning method. Your child will learn new words very actively from an early age. It is one of the important concepts that the best school in howrah implies.

Talk in parentese

Now, what is talk in parantese? Usually, parents speak to their children high-pitched sing-song manner like Hi baby! How are you? Or I love you so much, baby! Therefore, the way these words express in your child’s brain that works incredibly well. The more you talk to your child, the more they will get into the words. It might happen your child will not respond to you at the beginning but their brain activity will provide some leading method and develop it into rich vocabulary once. Our school authority cbse school in howrah district provides complete guidance to their child to practice this method.

Read their mind

If you want to develop your child’s skills in vocabulary, read their mind deeply, and understand their concern. If you do understand their concern and able to read their interest then you can apply such topics to improve their vocabulary. Such as your child loves space then you can provide topics related to astronauts. This is one of the real and simplest ways to improve your child’s vocabulary without putting extra effort.

Hence, we go through different ways on how to expand your child’s vocabulary. We hope if you apply these steps to your child then you can see a major change and rich in vocabulary. Also, if you want your child to have the best knowledge, vocabulary, growth then you can provide cbse school admission in howrah for the best result.

New Schools is always having a thrilling experience. Students get curious to join the new school but also worried about new people and new minds. Sometimes, It is quite difficult to adjust in a new school after admission. Some of the best school in howrah provide best advice before joining the new school. Like, Don’t assume that no news is good news. Specific probing statements and questions like, “Tell me about your teacher” or “What subject does one think you would possibly struggle the foremost with this year?” can help your child to open up. SMIL has some tips for helping your child navigate issues with friends, teachers, and homework and also the process to get interact in new school.

The process to get interact in new school

Interact with new people

One of the perks of going back to school is hanging out with new people. While these interactions may normally be positive, sometimes they will become stressful. If your kiddo seems to be having friend drama, try the following:

Try something innovative

If your child seems to be having trouble making friends or her current friends are (ahem) less than desirable, encourage her to join some extracurricular activities. New innovation will provide new acquaintances your child won’t otherwise run into.

Don’t get panic

Fairly often kids tend to figure this stuff out themselves. Unless your child seems to be more upset than normal, resist the urge to leap in too quickly.

Get good teachers

Every parent of school-age children knows the strain of waiting to get who their child’s teacher are going to be for the new academic year . Teachers also spend several hours every day with our youngsters and have a profound impact on their school experience. How should parents address issues with teachers? Experience the best faculty member with our howrah cbse school.


Have your child’s friends over to your house periodically. This way you can observe firsthand any personality conflicts and perhaps offer a bit of guidance when issues arise. This is one of the major process to get interact in new school.

Get to understand the Teacher

Don’t depend upon hearsay from other parents or your child’s interpretation of events when forming an opinion of their teacher. Make an effort to get to know the teacher yourself. Ask if there is any way you can help her over the course of the school year. The teacher will appreciate the help and you will be able to see how they interact with the children and get to know the atmosphere of the classroom. Eventually, you will be having this type of environment in our english medium school in howrah. The teachers are getting interact and come closer to solve their problem.

Use of Internet

Is there anything that strikes more fear into the heart of a parent than when he’s asked to assist his 3rd grader with math homework? (Did you recognize they don’t carry the one anymore when doing multiplication?!) Don’t despair! A quick perusal of the internet can give you the much-needed tutorial you need to be able to assist your kiddo with his homework.

Concern to the Teacher about child

If your kiddo is struggling with a particular subject, contact their teacher sooner rather than later. It is far better to urge on top of the matter directly than to attend until your child has fallen far behind. We recommend to provide utter solution regarding your child. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah district for the better benefit in the future. Most teachers are happy to provide parents with resources and ideas to help them get their kids back on track! You may also want to check the teacher’s web page. Many instructors provide helpful resources that are only a click away!

Don’t let the beginning of the year problems get you and your little one down. Most issues can be resolved with the process to get interact in new school like loving, involved parent. Here’s wishing your child a fantastic school year!

Reading skill is one of the most segments in educational life. It also helps them to reach an understanding of words and knowledge. The reading skill will also help you in improving vocabulary knowledge. In such practices, your child can implement such words in the right place while speaking. Many parents often worried about how to improve the reading skills of your child. The best way to improve by helping them in reading and of course get them admission to the best school like howrah cbse school. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important steps that parents can develop their children to become the best readers.  Now, help your child to become the best reader.

Help your child to become the best reader

Make reading regularly at home

The very first steps parents can do that try to make them read on a regular basis. Regular reading is the best practice to develop their reading skills. We know more you practice the better you can learn and implement. Therefore, let your child read the newspaper and some non-fiction books that attract children more than fiction books. The newspaper and non-fiction books are also carried various new words that can help your child strong vocabulary section by learning 5 new words. You can also set an alarm of 20-30min. reading habits for your child. When they find interest, it also increases the interest of reading.

Know their interest topic

Yes, it is the best way to improve the reading habit and can let your child become a super reader. Now what you need to do that have a quality conversation and ask your child what is their interesting zone to read. Like: Sports, comic, poem, science, history, politics, etc. Now provide topics related to their interesting section. The child always learns better, which makes them interesting. It is one of the easiest and clever ways to improve the reading skills of your child.  The students of the best school in howrah have several facilities where they can improve their reading skills.

Ask them a question

In order to improve the reading skill you also need to ask your child a certain question that they can answer verbally. When your child will start answering, their ideas, views, and opinion towards reading will rise automatically. Ask questions regarding stories or information that your child can explain better. This is the best way to improve the reading habit of your child. You can view these practices in some cbse school in howrah district.

Provide them a better learning school

Everything is incomplete without this process. This should be the most priority for parents to improve their reading skills. Therefore, if you want to help your child to become the best reader, then provide admission to english medium school in howrah. The school is the only place where they will receive the best and innovative ideas to improve their reading skills. What actually Schools does that it improve the stronger section and help in solving the weaker section of your child. They will also get various tips, practices from the top faculty members to become a super reader.

Being a parents, it is always important to notice the body language of your child. It is your responsibility to make happy to your child. Therefore, notice if your child is worried about something or the grade of your child is getting low. These are the basic symptom your child struggling at school. There might be various reasons for it and try to find that reason by having a conference between parents and teachers. Now, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to resolve the matter. The faculty members of best school in howrah provide the complete guidance to avoid the child struggling at school. Here is the few signs to notice your child struggling at school.

child struggling at school

When your child misbehavior with others

The first thing you will probably notice that your child will do some irregular and abnormal activities. Such activities are not common in others. Like anxiety, misbehave, yelled etc. They will get disturbance from every activities, sound, or even from food. This might become a troublemaker for you in the future. It is also dangerous to send your child at school in such a position. To resolve the matter, try to have a silent conversation with your child and make them believe that you can probably solve the matter. You can take the help of school or private teachers to resolve the matter. Try to be their friend in such a crucial position and do not shout to make things more complicated.

When your child does not want to visit a school

When you observe your child is not ready to visit a school on a daily basis means they are struggling from a certain phase. Try to contact quickly with the teachers to put the concern by having a quality conversation. In some cases, the school teachers provide the best solution to resolve the issue and you can easily solve the issue. But, sometimes you might found your children are disturbing mentally means he/she might be the victim of molestation. In such cases, concern with faculty members immediately and find the solution. In such cases, the child feels very afraid of displaying any names. Therefore, try to be very polite and show trust to resolve. You can get connected to some cbse school in howrah district that provides complete discipline and guidance with their child behavior.

When your child not ready to complete homework

If you see your child is not doing their homework on time and completely avoiding the homework by different excuses means your child is disturbed. The reasons may be huge like overburden of studies, lack of protein food, compress between academic and co-curriculum activities. In such cases, try to understand your child cases broadly and reduce some stress just fell them refresh. There are so many english medium school in howrah that provide limited and stress-free education to your child. Such schools believe low burden and a high quality of education.

Hence, we read certain symptom your child struggling at school. To avoid such things try to provide admission in howrah cbse school that provides complete guidelines, friendly environments to study and the safest zone to get communicate with new friends.

When you going to start the educational journey of your child, you need to focus on their reading fluency. The reading fluency provides the depth knowledge of education with the proper definition. Sometimes the children failed to develop English fluency due to various reasons. Suppose they have had limited reading practice,  less vocabulary knowledge, etc. In order to get high success in English fluency, Provide the best english medium school in howrah. Such a school provides a highly educational experience with better learning methods to improve English fluency. Let us discuss this in detail.

Method to improve English fluency

Read storybooks and newspaper

Reading storybooks and newspapers is one of the best ways to improve your English fluency. There are several benefits of reading storybooks and newspapers. The storybooks will give you the interest of reading books more and more. Sometime you will find it very attractive because of several images contained in the books. This is the best way to increase your reading habit and improve English fluency.

There is another way to improve English fluency by reading the newspaper. Reading the English newspaper gives you the power of vocabulary. You will different kinds of new words on a daily basis. Therefore, read the newspaper and remember 5 words on a daily basis.

Speak in English

Speaking in English will also improve the English fluency broadly. It is the responsibility of parents to schedule a particular time for your child and speak in English. Speaking in English will help them rectifying the errors that come while speaking. It will also increase the speed of reading and speaking after sometime. Speaking will also give you the knowledge of putting the related English words at the right time and the right place. CBSE school in howrah district recommends every parent to speak in English at least for an hour.

Audio Recording

There are various apps of an audio recording that can test your child English fluency. All you need to play that English audio app and let your child listen to that properly. Your child will start catching the pace of the English words and able to apply it properly. Also, initiate the writing habit with audio recording.

Writing reveals the body language of the student from the beginning, sometimes it also reflects the quality and skill of a child. Therefore, develop your child writing habit to improve fluency. They keep trying to show their skills by practicing your child’s handwriting in regular letters or handwriting that will give you the best result. There are few howrah cbse school provides the English audio apps for their students to improve the English fluency.

Hence, we understand some important methods to improve the English fluency of your child. But at the same time, you need to understand that improvement partly depends on your child and proper school. The school will provide guidance to your child to enrich success in English. Therefore, get admission in cbse school in howrah to get the knowledge under the best English faculty member.

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