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What is Bullying?

When a person or group of people deliberately tries to make fun, scared, ashamed of their actions, presence, and body language that is called bullying. Bullying is a negative term that affects the minds of the person facing a bully. It can cause real damage to the growth, skills, and development of the person. The action also impacts society and can cause the death of an individual. It usually happens in schools and colleges, and workplaces. However, the administration used to make some rules and regulations to prevent bullying in different places and organizations. Bullying is usually 4 types: Physical, Verbal, Psychological, and Cyber Bullying. We will discuss the kinds of bullying below. In this blog, we will discuss 5 powerful skills to face bullying with confidence for your child.

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The better prevention of bullying can begin with the guidance of a parent, mentor, and coach who can train the child to prevent the bullying and can let your child face the group of people who makes bullying to others. The bullying mainly happens in Schools and Colleges and therefore the administration of the Institutes takes proper actions to prevent the term. Several admins of the best school in Howrah will guide on facing the bullying with confidence.

Major types of Bullying

  • Physical Bullying: It mainly causes the physical damage of the person being bullied deliberately.
  • Verbal Bullying: This kind of bullying expresses tease and taunt people.
  • Psychological Bullying: The formation of psychological impacts the negative attitude by saying bad things about them to others.
  • Cyber Bullying: When a person harasses through online and technology in different media and platforms Such as Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and others.

Be alert, aware, calm, and respectful from others

Whenever you step up outside the home always be alert, aware, calm, and respectful to others and different situations. When you show positivity with your body language people will start to listen and follow you. Make sure to be alert with different situations so that you can easily deal with them. Do not get panic and always be calm with others. Try to respect every person outside the door that helps in a good relationship with others. These methods will surely prevent the function of bullying. The best CBSE school in Howrah implies the methods on the child to prevent bullying.

Raise your Voice

Bullying is almost a common term in every school and college. Hence, the administration and the majority of people should take necessary actions to prevent bullying. One must raise the voice against the bullying that is cultivating with them since the beginning. Sometimes raising the voice could afraid the person who is bullying. Hence, always be bold and louder and use the word “NO! STOP! LEAVE! GET OUT!”. This will surely bring out the confidence to fight and face power.

Always be Powerful and Motivated

When you can express and explore to be powerful and exploited with skills and confidence then people will come to follow you. Hence, be powerful with your appearances and body language that people think before bullying you. Be motivated and give the motivation to be good human beings and stop the term bullying. Come to the most powerful and best CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah that discipline your child to face bullying.

Set Boundaries for Unsafe People and Behavior

Boundaries are very important in order to prevent bullying and make a peaceful life. We need to make certain rules and regulations and stick to follow them. Always be in the limit with your presence. Make sure to maintain a healthy distance from unsafe and uncultured people who harass unnecessarily. Always behave properly with others and avoid those who doesn’t. The limitations will restrict the person to enter into your life.

Use Physical Self-Defense techniques as the last Resource

Getting physically involved with others can cause some damages. Hence, always maintain to be calm and aware of such actions and behavior. Physical defense is not an option to prevent bullying. However, this thing comes under the majority only when a person crosses the extreme line. Hence, get the knowledge of defense with Judo & Karate that can protect you from others.

Hence, these are 5 powerful skills to face bullying with confidence and help them to prevent it. We expect every parent and child to follow the above instructions that can make your Child stronger, brave, and louder to protect from being bullying. “SMIL” is one of the Howrah best CBSE School that makes your child stronger in terms of both Physically and Mentally.

Depression, Stress, and Pressure are the cause of anxieties. These are probably the most common words heard in the medical field. Therefore, we need to deal with these mental conditions that invent the cause of anxiety. There are several methods to deal with the anxieties. Today, we are going to discuss the best methods to deal with the anxiety of child explained by the top educators of the best CBSE school in Howrah. The understanding of anxiety is very important as it helps in reducing the fear and mental illness of the body. Let’s discuss:

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Understand the cause of anxieties

To find the solution to the anxieties, we need to find the root cause of the anxieties. Try to find the sources from the anxieties getting invent. This method will help you to find the causes of the anxieties. We can simply find the remedies by the root causes of anxiety. You can program the methods to bring you away from the anxiety and also be able to provide the energy to fight the anxiety of the child. Now the solution will help you to improve your confidence, make you stronger, and also improve the brainpower of the individual. The best part of the school is that it finds the problem of the child and helps them to solve the issues.

Understand your abilities to fight with Anxieties

The abilities are the power to fight and stand in unity. The anxieties can break your mental strength and also reduce the level of confidence to improve. It can damage the career in different forms. Therefore, it is very important to understand the abilities of your child that can fight the anxieties. Every child is not the same and expert as others. Everyone has individual qualities and skills to fight anxiety. However, it is important to bring that power as soon as possible before the trouble arrived.

Make sure to provide confidence in Your Child

Confidence is the power that brings the best motive, energy, and thinking ability to your child. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure and raise the level of confidence in positive aspects. In such cases, make your child away from the unwanted situation, depression, and stress. Try to bring a positive environment all around. Make them fit and active with the daily food, diet, and exercise. The administration of the best school in Howrah features such services to bring positivity inside your child.

Avoid Negativity all around

The negativity always discovers the stress and depression. It is the root cause of being a failure. Hence, we need to keep an eye on our child’s regular activity and also need to present in a parent-teacher meeting. This meeting will play an essential role in resolving the negativity, stress, and mental illness of your child because they spend more timing with your child and understand deeply. They can also help you to provide some remedies to fight for your child. Hence, spread the positivity and remove the negativity from their life.

Other measure activities

These are some essential tips to reduce the stress of your child:

  • Find the proper therapist and psychiatrist for making your child’s health stronger.
  • Take the proper solutions and medicine to avoid the risk factors.
  • Make them mentally stronger and help them to face their fears. This will make them fearless.
  • Try to love your child and understand their problem. The friendly nature of parents will help them to reduce their anxieties.
  • Try to encourage and motivate your child’s strength in the best positive way.
  • Be patient with the actions or remedies. It also might take longer to solve but effective with time.

Hence, these are some of the important methods from the best school that describe how the best schools deal with the anxiety of the child. Therefore, it is very important to deal with the top school in Howrah that provides the best guidance to your child.

Anxiety is a disease that expresses by the natural response to stress. It expresses your fear and apprehension about what to come against. So the anxiety is a natural stress and it is very common to express. Anxiety is good sometimes and also plays a significant role in developing the person in the real life. It helps you to aware of the danger, motivates, and ready to take all the challenges in the future. It makes you mentally stronger and tough with your decision–making process. However, there are several tips and natural techniques to reduce anxiety in your life. To we will discuss 10 natural ways to deal with child anxiety.

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Stay Awake

The basic thing to deal with anxiety is to stay active. Therefore, you need to be fit, active and perform regular exercise. These activities will help everyone to be active and healthy. This will also help you to fight daily anxiety. However, we can’t be awake for a long time and therefore it is short term process. It is highly recommended to stay awake most of the time. Some of the best CBSE English medium school in Howrah guide their child to stay fit and active to eliminate the anxiety process.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol must be prohibited while dealing with anxiety. It plays a significant role in fighting anxieties. Therefore, always make sure to stop drinking to get aware of the anxiety. This is one of the most dangerous things that could reduce your motivation. In certain cases, alcohol increases the level of anxieties and reduces to treat the root problem of the cause.

Stop Smoking

Similar to drinking, smoking cigarette is not only injurious to health but it also provides an impact on the mind of the human. Smoking is one of the dangerous activities that increase the level of anxiety. In such cases, an individual would not be able to take the risk and lose confidence. Hence, the prohibition of smoking is very important and it also plays a significant role in improving growth and development.

Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food will give you the energy to perform, stay fit, and activities all the time. Healthy food will improve the physical and mental condition of an individual. Therefore, stop eating junk foods that harmful to your health. It also increases the low blood sugar level, dehydration, and high pressure. Hence, start eating healthy foods like green vegetables, dry fruits, Fruits, and protein.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga is very beneficial in reducing anxiety. It helps in improving mental ability, confidence, focus, motivation, and adherence to complete the goals. One of the best things about practicing yoga is that it reduces the chaotic thought from your mind and start filling positivity inside. Not every school ensures to feature yoga classes. Hence, get admission in CBSE School in Howrah that provides the best yoga classes to reduce anxiety.

Good Sleep

A good amount of sleep is very important in developing thought. It helps in keeping you energetic, focus, and ensures to perform best in the day. Hence, a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is very important to make you active. It also refreshes the mind and helps in overcoming anxieties.

Prevent Caffeine

Anxiety is not a good friend of caffeine. It may cause you nervousness, jitters, and mental disorder. It can lead to life risk in some phases. Hence, prevent caffeine that attacks and improves anxiety.

Stay Positive

If you want to fight with anxiety then stay positive from all the side. Make your surroundings energetic proof and start reading motivational books, watch motivational videos, and listen to motivational speakers. This will surely impact anxiety.

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an activity to make your surroundings positive, beautiful, and healthy using the essential fragrant. This is one of the best ways that make you happy, relax, good mood, sleep, and may more positivity.

Drink Chamomile Tea

According to the research, a good amount of chamomile capsule can reduce a level of child anxiety in a day. Hence, a cup of chamomile tea will also make you stay energetic and promote sleep.

Today, we discuss 10 natural ways to deal with anxiety and also help in improving the life of an individual. If you want to inhabit these top 10 things in your child then make sure to admit into the top academic school. Hence, join the best CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah that bring the best guidance to your child.

School is one of the most innovative places for kids that bring various enjoyment and a lifetime experience. However, obtaining good grades is also one of the most important things in terms of growth and development. Scoring good marks will redirect you to a better place and a better opportunity that brings the best result in your career. Hence, get connected to the top school that provides the best guidance to your child’s education and knowledge. Therefore, the student who wants to get success may get a few tips from the top English medium school in Howrah. Let’s discuss the important steps to get good grades in High School.

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Make Proper Planning

Planning is a crucial thing that brings differences in the study and pattern. Every successful thing needs proper planning and implementation that create success in the future. Well-planned things will help you in achieving goals and achievement. It also gives you the right direction of the planning and also shows if the planning is effective or not. Hence, make sure to get connect with the teacher and parents to get the best result in high school.

There are several benefits of making a proper plan. It helps in making things properly organized. Try to divide your subject and study accordingly. Hence, prepare all your notes, preparation, and make better planning to set good grades in the future. There are several top CBSE school in Howrah that bring the best opportunity with different plans and strategies to the students to grow in the future.

Attend all the Classes

The proper attendance in the classroom will play a significant role in developing the score of an individual. Therefore, it is good to attend all the classes and make regular attendance for the best benefit. However, attending classes will not solve the steps of getting good grades. An individual needs to be attentive and bring the best attention to power in the classroom. Students need to focus on and improve concentration power while attending all the classes. Try to understand what knowledge and lessons teachers are providing. By attending the classes your relationship with teachers will also improve. Hence, this is one of the success mantras of getting huge marks in the future.

Practice More

Practicing is one of the key points that provide the success mantra in terms of getting higher marks in the high school future. The best benefit of practice is that it makes your child perfect and improves the confidence level of an individual. Hence, a student can do one important thing in terms of achieving success that is to make the best practice by reading and writing. Always try to make your preparation unique in such ways that help you in achieving success. The term reading and writing will give you better knowledge and help you in achieving higher marks in the future.

Hence, these are three important steps to get good grades in High School. Getting good grades is very important as it provides several opportunities to get connect in the School, College, and Organization in terms of achieving success. Good grades are the symbol of success therefore, get connect to the CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah that provide the best faculty, excellent learning, knowledge to get higher marks in the exam.

Education builds our knowledge, thought, creativity, and innovation. Therefore, it is very important to have a school that can be able to provide the best learning environment in the classroom. It is almost the responsibility of the faculty members to create the classroom best by providing the learning methods, unique tasks, and different activities to make students engage. The best classroom environment completely depends on the faculty member and its administrative management. There are several benefits of admission to the top schools. It provides the best environment, learning methods, co-curriculum activities, and many more. Such activity will influence and motivate your child to grow and develop their skill. Therefore, always research and analyze the school for the best growth and development of your child. Today, we will discuss how to create the best learning environment in the classroom for your child.

How to Create the best learning environment in the Classroom

Give Unique Lessons in the Classroom

The unique lesson is something that helps your child to learn something different than others. It can be in various ways. Such as reading technique, learning technique, and writing technique. It is one of the most important things that make your child creative and also helps in improving skills. A unique classroom must be in such a way that it brings an interest in attending the classroom to your child. Hence, it is very important to bring something different such as fun, games, and important things that make you different from others. It is very important to provide the best school in Howrah to grow your child on different platforms. This educational institute also provides different learning approaches that help in getting the best lessons in the classroom.

Maintain Proper Discipline in the Classroom

Discipline is one of the important activities that every student must carry. Hence, the faculties of the best school always maintain strict rules against children. The basic and prime reason behind maintaining the discipline is to become an ideal child in the future. The proper discipline will also help your child in learning the value of respect, the importance of time, and other’s creativity. If we maintain the discipline from the beginning in the classroom then it will also help in making your child a responsible person in the future.

Always update your child in the Classroom

Always make your child update in the classroom for the best education and knowledge in the future. The prime reason for being update is to identify your child’s growth and development in the classroom. Therefore, always try to check the homework and classwork of the students on a daily basis. Join the best CBSE school in Howrah that provides maximum task and attention to your child education.

Be friendly in the Classroom

A proper classroom can only be the best when it is having a friendly nature and environment. However, everything must be processed under the limitation of the discipline. A classroom with the engagement of the fun and games will bring energy and positivity. However, a classroom also needs a proper friendly environment between teacher and students. Try to be calm and steady with your students for the best future.

Make Self-learning process in the Classroom

Do not try to be always present for your child in their every help. It might restrict them from growing, learning, and also in the decision-making process. Therefore, let them do mistakes and solve them by themselves. Such actions will also make them responsible and understand the course of actions for every activity. Hence, they can learn well and become a good decision-maker in the future.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to create the best learning environment in the classroom.
Join “Sudhir Memorial” that brings an opportunity to get school admission in Howrah. It is one of the top CBSE school in Howrah that feature the best learning environment, creativity, structure, and top faculties provide the best development for your child future.

Stress is one of the most common things for our kids. It is not limited to kids but it can happen to anyone at several stages. Most of our child facing stress due to the excess pressure of education, journey, and learning extra skills. These things make your child confuse and create lots of stress. Hence, it is very important to take great care of your child. However, we also need to search for the reason for stress and provide better solutions to relieve the stress from our kids. There are several schools having poor management skills and that creates huge stress and anxieties in our child’s educational life. Therefore, get associate with such school that having the best academic management and also reduce the stress of our child. Today, we will discuss how do we relieve stress for kids best future.

How do we relieve stress for kids

Motivate your child for achieving the goals

Motivation is one of the biggest methods that bring back all the energy for achieving the goals. Therefore, keep approaching your child towards the goals to achieve. Make sure to limit or short your goals because it is easy to achieve. However, the maximum number of goals could be confusing and the child will start losing his confidence by watching the number of goals to complete. Therefore, motivate your child by different motivational methods and encourage them for the best success and achievement. Some of the best CBSE board school in Howrah provide a huge contribution to leading the child at its best.

Support your child during their failure

It is quite common to be imperfect because we cannot be masters at every stage. Similarly, our child might be facing failure and being imperfect in certain stages. Therefore, support your child in that particular condition. Your child basically needed that support, especially from the parents. The faculty member would also provide support to the child in such condition and help them to become perfect. Join the most top CBSE schools in Howrah that has the best faculty background and excellent academic management that bring the best education for your child.

Let them live their life for a certain time

Starting from morning to evening, our child regularly focusing on their study, completing homework, learning extra skills like a computer, dance, drawing, singing, and many more. This would probably make their life miserable, bored, stressful, and create anxieties. Therefore, give them space in their life and also allow certain time of break after every class. Sometimes let them play their own games, hobbies, and many more. This would probably make them happy and relax from their daily routine.

Reward your child for the best achievement

You do not need to provide chocolate or cakes for every task. Sometimes your child needs your best supportive word that makes them proud of their hard work. Our child always wanted to get attention from the parents and also expect the best feedback from their parents or teachers. Therefore, encourage and reward them to do their best in the future. The list of the best school in Howrah provides huge contributions and support to improve your child’s growth, skills, and development.

Provide healthy food and good sleep

Due to daily excessive schedule, our child starts getting tired by the end of the day. Therefore, they start to feel sleepy and also affect their studies. Hence, to energize them properly make a healthy routine for your child that provide the best food, good sleep, and less amount of task on a daily basis. Such a schedule will also help your child to focus and learn effectively.

Hence, these are the best methods that show how do we relieve stress for the kids best future. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to provide good guidance for our child’s benefit. These methods will also help in relieving the stress of our child. However, we also need good faculties and the best academic culture for the best growth. Hence, provide school admission in Howrah that has the best ability to make your child the best future with its unique learning process.

Covid-19 is one of the biggest fear of 2020 that brings lots of stress, anxieties, and depression. This becomes a nightmare for almost every person existing in the World. All these lockdowns, rising cases of Covid, use of mask, sanitizers, social distancing are part of Covid-19. However, we manage to cross 2020 with several treatments, precautions, and safeties. The pandemic causes are slowly decreasing but still, we need to deal with Covid-19 and therefore, do not take things casually but take proper actions against it. Our children are still feeling unsafe due to pandemic causes and therefore, it is the responsibility of our parents to provide proper guidance on such cases. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss 5 ways to support your kids during the covid-19 outbreak for breaking the chain of fear.

5 ways to support your kids during Covid-19 outbreak

Create Proper Schedule

The Covid-19 pandemic brings lots of changes to the life of human beings. Hence, our mind got distracted, suffered, and critical due to the case of covid. Therefore, we can see several changes come to introduce in our daily life. Such as online education, Work from home, etc. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide a proper schedule to your child during such pandemic time. Your child might get bored sitting inside the home. Therefore, make a proper routine for them that makes them feel happy and continue their education.

Alert about their activities

We can observe that our children feel bored, frustrated, and curious about everything. The prime reason behind this habit is pandemic Covid-19 that locks them inside the home and doesn’t allow them to visit outside. In such cases, children might start doing several unusual activities that could harm them or anybody inside the home. Therefore, make sure to observe their activities and give the best guidance to make them calm.

Be friendly with your Child

Being friendly is one of the significant things we can do for our child. It makes our child happy, improves better relationships, growth, and development. Our child, always expect a better relationship with their parents. It makes them safe and relaxes. Therefore, during the pandemic cause try to be friendly with our children and do not shout at them unnecessarily. However, the faculty members of the best CBSE school in Howrah district provide special guidance and behave friendly with our child under certain spaces.

Spend quality time with your Child

This is prime time when we can spend some of the best moments and spend quality time with our family and child. However, this will make us close with each other and improve relations with friends and family. The quality time will bring energy and also motivate them to be innovative. This will also make them away from being freak out about anything. According to some of the best schools, Most of the child face safest under the shade of their parents and good teachers. Therefore, bring into the best CBSE school Howrah that provides several techniques to support your kids during pandemics.

Be Calm and Positive

The most important and crucial thing to do during pandemic Covid-19 is to stay calm and think positively. It is the best way to make yourself and your family stronger. Such action will bring motivation to the kids. Therefore, try to enjoy staying with your Family and Child that make all of us calm and positive. Most of the school in Howrah provide special guidance to both the parents and children to stay safe and not being panic. This would be the best opportunity for your child to grow.

Hence, these are some of the different 5 ways to support your kids during the covid-19 outbreak for breaking the chain of fear. This chain can only be broken during the presence of good parenting and the best support of school faculties. Therefore, get the best CBSE school admission in Howrah that provides special guidance to your child to outbreak the covid-19.

Anxiety and Stress is one of the most suffering things a human can ever face. It impacts the learning, growth, and development of the children. Hence, we need to diagnose our child from the coming situation of anxiety and stress. Most of the time, we need to understand the concept of the arising situations. Also, we have to find the best solution to overcome the situation of anxiety and stress. It is the prime responsibility of the parents and teachers to guide them properly and decently from dealing with anxiety and stress. There are several ways to control the anxiety and stress of a child by the proper implementation in the cbse affiliated schools in howrah. In this blog, we will discuss 5 ways to deal with anxiety and stress that provide proper development in the school.

5 ways to deal with anxiety and stress

Provide relaxation

Relaxation is one of the most important things that provide mental and physical relaxation to the human. Therefore, provide relaxation to your child for proper growth. Excess of work could terminate the brain thinking power of a child. There are several ways to provide relaxation to a child. By featuring the video game, movie, cartoon, indoor game, sleep, exercise, and food.

Get enough sleep and exercise

This is one of the natural facts that a good amount of sleep and exercise will provide the best mind and physical relaxation. It also provides a huge amount of physical and mental energy to work more smoothly and preciously. The proper amount of sleep and exercise will also make your child more creative by nature. It also helps in featuring the innovation of any work. Therefore, every best school in howrah suggesting the parents to provide the proper amount of sleep and exercise for their child.

Connect with friends and nature

Due to excess of study starting from morning to night makes your child clumsy and irritating by nature. Therefore, it is important to provide the proper rest and relaxation for a certain period of time. Somehow, it is also important to make your child socially active and connect with nature will provide them positivity from inside.  Therefore, connect them with a proper friend and nature. This practice will make your child happy and relax. It also helps in leading them to become socially active and get positive vibes by nature.

Listen to motivational speech

Motivational speech is one of the most dynamic things that can change the direction of your child’s life. Usually, it changes all types of people with their golden words and prominent activities. Therefore, show some motivational video and audio to your child that can change the perception of any work. It also helps in boosting the child and also improves the concentration of a person. The top cbse schools in howrah provide special classes for motivational speeches and many more that provide a positive approach inside their mind.

Watch favorite shows

Watching favorite movies, web series, videos, and audio music will give relaxation to your child. Nowadays, using the method of technology the relaxation becomes available very easily. We can see several videos, movies, web series through Netflix, amazon prime, and YouTube using mobile, desktop, and laptop. This method will surely give them huge relaxation compare to all other pieces of stuff but make sure this method wouldn’t get converted into an addiction.

Hence, these are the important 5 ways to deal with anxiety and stress that provide proper development in the school. The anxiety and stress are some of the most emotional terms that exist in the life of a human. We need to deal with such things with the guidance of experts. Therefore, we need to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that features ultimate guidance, learning method, development approach, growth, discipline, and best education.

When students misbehave in ways they harm others. Some of them generate their own rules and harm in serious ways. It usually damages the academic system, behavior, and discipline of the school. Therefore, we need to find out the reason and sources of misbehave students conduct inside the school premises. After finding the reason, we calculate the depth of punishment and school take strict action against such acts. Suspension, remove from class, a phone call to parents, detention are the part of the action. It is also the responsibility of both parents and teachers to look after your child’s behavior to avoid illegal acts. There are some of the best cbse affiliated schools in howrah that provides extreme discipline inside the classroom for the best academic report. Today, we will discuss some of the three vital steps to repair children’s harm initiate by the school management.

steps to repair children's harm

Identify the source of the problem

It is always important to understand the problem and path of the problem that comes from the students. Try to find out an appropriate reason for the problem that comes from the student. After finding the reason, time to overcome the situation and file an action against their act. We also overview the fact that when a student commits any mistake, it’s time to co-operate and have quality conversations with your students. Sometimes, by having a proper conversation the mind, prospects, and behavior of the students also get changes. Therefore, it is always the responsibility of the parents and teachers to look after your child’s behavior. Some of the best cbse school in howrah always co-operate with the students regarding.

Express your behavior with your child

We must provide a better guideline, discipline, and a positive atmosphere to our child. Therefore, it is important to express your best behavior to your child from the beginning. Don’t try to misbehave and scream in front of your child. It is usually the responsibility of both teachers and parents to provide emotional behavior to your child. There are several advantages of expressing the best behavior to your child. Your child will be able to understand and differentiate the value of good and bad behavior. Your child will be able to behave softly by learning your side. Hence, we can see several benefits of expression. The top 10 school in howrah always prior to the proper growth and discipline for your child’s behavior at the top of the situation.

Create the best plan to repair the damage

The school authorities create the best plan to repair the damages done by their students. The plan of repair is always based on the depth of the act of children’s harm. Usually, the repair is done by simple apology or also sometimes the repair is done by proper suspension, detention, parents-teachers meeting. Most of the students do not want to go against school rules due to the fear of punishment and bad track records.

Hence, these are the three vital steps to repair children’s harm initiate by the school management. If we let our child follow these three simple steps then we can simply control our child’s bad behavior and also able to convert some good behavior. It is also important to know the valuation of a good academic school. By providing in the best school we can control and restrict our child’s behavior from several bad approaches. Therefore, providing cbse school admission in howrah would be the best option for your child’s behavior.

Every test and exam makes a student a little nervous in every circumstance. It also provides stress to the students and their parents. The action of stress makes us more nervous and put an impact on the result of our child. Hence, we need to step up with certain actions that can avoid the stress from your child’s mind during the exam period. Usually, the level of nervousness is based on the preparation of the examination. Therefore, we need to provide the top quality of school that provides them the best educational guidance to avoid exam stress. Providing cbse school admission in howrah would be the first choice for every parent because of its several academic qualities. In this blog, we will discuss certain techniques on How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind during the examination period to score more marks in the future.

How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind

Being parents, we can see several symptoms of Child stress during exams:

Feeling tense, less talk, less sleep, worries, stomach pain, and headache, irritate, less enjoyable, etc.

Hence, to avoid such symptoms apply some best tips to reduce exam stress during the exam.

Your child must have proper sleep

A proper amount of sleep is very important in every activity. Proper sleep will provide energy for your work. It also helps in improving the focus and concentration on every activity.  Hence, the minimum amount of 7-hour sleep required for the students during the exam. It is very important to fix the routine and help them strictly according to the routine. There are several best school in howrah that instruct their parents to control their child during exam with such a method.

Your child must have proper food

A proper amount of food is also important and necessary to balance between work and health. Health is the most prior things in our life that help us to improve our life structure and career. Hence, the proper amount of food and food on time is required during the exam. Therefore, parents must look into such methods that bring energy to the student’s life.

Help them during the exam

Parent’s support is very much important during the exam. Your child always needs your help and support during the examination. Therefore, always try to be beside your child during the examination. Help them during exams like ask them questions, solve the tricky questions, help in remembering their notes. These are the ultimate steps and guidance provides by several cbse affiliated school in howrah.

Give them important tips relates to the exam

Being parents you are well experienced to understand the importance of exams, tips for exams, how to score more marks during the exam, etc. Hence, provide such tips to your child to score more marks during the examination.

Encourage them during the exam

Encouragement provides ultimate success to your child. The proper encouragement always brings the positivity among your child. They will find to score more marks during the examination. Hence, always appreciate and encourage your child during the examination. This also helps to balance their mind by having proper support of teachers and parents. The list of top cbse schools in howrah always encourage their students during the exam and also provide special focus to the child problem.

Hence, these are the special methods on how to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind. If we let our children follow these important methods during the examination, they will probably score more marks during that period.

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Admission open for the Session 2022-23

SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE liluah announces its Admission open for the session 2022-23, providing opportunity to the Students in Howrah for studying in one of the best CBSE School . Get CBSE School Admission in Howrah and connect with the most unique smart classrooms. We at SMIL believe that Academic excellence is desirable but teaching good values is the essence of education. We not only take the task of raising career conscious students but also making them socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education essential for complete growth and development . We also emphasize on co curricular and Extracurricular activities as only formal education is not enough in this present world.

The Admission is only open for limited number of seats as per availability. The selection will be purely merit based and will be done on the basis of written test followed by Personal Interview.

We announce the admission open for the Session 2022-23, from October 2021. The admission is open from Toddlers to Class VIII. The process of admission has been explained below. Parents/ Guardian are requested to follow the given procedure.
Admission in Toddlers to Class-VIII is only for the numbers of seats available and will be strictly based on the merit of the child. Admission will remain open and Forms will be issued for a limited period of time.
“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has some criteria for admission. To take admission in cbse school in howrah please click on Read More.

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