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Every child is born with a special ability and skills to learn new things in their life. Each one learns according to their school learning process in different CBSE school. Every child has different skills gaining process, which is easy to learn for one but may not be for others. To balance such a process we should give some time to understand our child learning method. Some of them learn fast and some of them slow. Parents should inspire and guide them to get the best leaning process in types of learning.

Types of Learning

Visual Learning System: The process of visual learning system is coming under the uses of variant pictures and images. By the help of those visual images, your child can learn at its best. Likewise, your child may like to read the poem, textbooks, or diagrams, which is difficult to understand but with the help of those images they can learn easily. Visual learning is a prime learning system that used frequently in CBSE Board School in Howrah. If your child is best in visual learning, your child can draw or write what they are learning in details. This types of learning are very much entertaining.

Audio Learning System: The process of Audio learning system is coming under the uses of variant Audio sounds, listening Speeches, reading poems and many more. This is the most unique way of learning system by reading out in the best schools which opens the brain of students. The idea of reading and watching is the best combination of one leaning method. One can read and see the image that will build creativity.

Verbal Learning System: The process of Verbal learning system is coming under the uses of various curriculum activities. Writing or speaking and many more are comes under the verbal learning system. The proper reading and writing will lead to success in future. It will help your child by participating in many GD, quiz competition, anchoring function, and different curriculum activities. The verbal techniques are similar to audio learners. This technique will give your child a different learning system. As a part of parents, one should teach the lesson of your child or complete their homework by applying different learning system.

Physical Learning System: The process of physical learning system is coming under the uses of various curriculum activities, physical activities. By the help of the physical learning system, your child can learn can improve the body language for different activities under CBSE Board School in Howrah. Physical learning system comes under the uses of hands in delivering the speech, body function while reading, formulation of hands while talking, applying good sense. It develops the brains in a major way that formulate the productivity of success in future.

Social Learning System: The process of social learning system is coming under the uses of different Group activities like projects, discussion in different activities, group work. The social leaning system can grow your child brain more actively by the different study method like group studies. In research by the expert, it is to be said that group studies functions students brains and help them in understanding their problems more accurately in comparison to single studies.

Hence, we learn the different types of learning system which can build your child growth and help them in learning differently. Also, with the best learning method, it is important to provide one best CBSE board school for better educational guidance for your child.

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Do you recently get shifted to Howrah? Are you now days living in Howrah? Shifting from one place to another is tedious as you have to arrange each and every thing in place in Howrah. And if you are having kids then you do have to search for the best school in Howrah for your little ones.

We, parents often search the best fit for their kids that not only focuses on the academic development of the student but looks after the overall development of the little ones. Search from the pool in Howrah is not that easy task as some had some qualities whereas some do lack many.  There are so many schools in Howrah, but finding the best school for your children is a tough one. Every school claims that they are the best school and they have good infrastructure and provide all types of facilities to the students. Searching on the Google, a number of links can be found that contains lists of schools in Howrah.

schools in Howrah

Here are few links which consist the list of schools in Howrah.


But only searching on the Google or putting your son or daughter on the school that appears first on the list can be a wrong decision taken by you. Before considering any school to be best for your child, you need to look at the following points;

1) Feedbacks from Parents/Students

Who can be better than the former pass-outs or the existence parents/students to provide you with a feedback? The former pass-outs/ existing student can be the best source from where you can have detail knowledge about the school. They can provide you with information such as the infrastructure, teaching of the teachers, the facilities given and much more. Either you can look in your locality for such students or after choosing the schools (where you like to put your kid) you can go there (stand outside) and have a chat with the parents (who came to take their kids).

2) Smart & educated teachers

The main motive of school is to provide the education to the students so that they can get prepared for the future challenges of life. So, as responsible parents, we cannot miss that part too. You can have a talk with the teachers to look after the facilities provided by the school for the better understanding of the subject matter. Even the former pass-outs can provide you information on that.

3) School Infrastructure

Before choosing any school for your little ones, you need to go around on the infrastructure provided by the school to the kids. The infrastructure must consist of features like the ground play, fully covered play area, interactive boards, computer laboratory, library, laboratory, medical counseling and other amenities.

4) Co-Scholastic Activities

Co-scholastic activities are important in terms of the personality development of the students. As per the board instruction, it is been said that school must have one period per week for work education, art education, co-curricular activities, health and physical education.

5) Transportation

Transportation seems to be the major problem for the parents. Schools must have their own transportation facility that picks up and drops the kids at their location safely.

6) Online Ranking/Promotion

Today we are going towards digitalization and sitting in such a period how can you skip taking help from Google. Search on the web and you can get the list of the top school in Howrah. Rather it makes your searching easy.

7) Environment

At last, as the parents, it’s our responsibility to go to the school to know that whether the environment of the school is suitable for your baby or not. You can’t justify a school from out. It is needed to go in to know more about the school and its infrastructure.

Here are some Quara question & answer links provided that will guide you to the best school with good infrastructure for your child;


Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah is one of the best schools in Howrah that stands as per your expectation. Located in Howrah, they are following the CBSE syllabus and meet all of the above criteria.  The school has some of the best-qualified teachers who try hard and sole to provide all the required knowledge to the young ones. Apart from the academic development of the student, the school also focuses on the co-curricular activities of the students.


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Authorities at Sudhir Memorial Institute, one of the best schools in Howrah, believes that in today’s modern world, students should be imbibed in the ancient wisdom of India in order to succeed in today’s world of rat race. Hence, the following is some of that vast sea of wisdom that has been passed down by our ancestors-

In the Katha Upanishad it is mentioned that- One who is in possession of supreme knowledge through the process of concentration of mind, must have his senses under control, like the spirited steeds controlled by a charioteer. Starting from the Vedic age downwards through our history the central conception of Indian education system has been that of a source of illumination which gives us a correct lead in the life’s various spheres. According to one of the ancient sages knowledge is but the third eye of man, which guides him to gain insight into all affairs and in the process teaches him how to act. The classical Indian tradition clearly states that “Sa vidya ya vimuktaye” meaning that which liberates us is education. Now this is a wisdom that is definitely applicable irrespective of our age & place.

The configuration of all the ideals, practices, and conduct in this ancient tradition is called Dharma i.e. religion, virtue or duty. From the beginning ancient Indians came under the influence of their religious ideas, & started to conceive of their country as less of a geographical and material than a cultural or a spiritual possession. They identified the country with their culture. To put it simply-The Country was their Culture and the Culture their Country i.e. the true Country of the Spirit is not bounded within physical boundaries. Therefore one can say that India was the first country to rise out of the conception of an extra-territorial nationality and became the natural destination of different races with its own ethno-psychic endowment. They carried the social reality for Indians not geographical or ethnically, but in a cultural way. As ideals and ways of life receive acquiescence country & patriotism expands with it. Starting from the dawn of its history India- the Country of the Spirit has expanded in extending circles & known by different names- Brahmarshidesa, Brahmavarta, Aryavarta, Bharatvarsha, or Jambudvipa, Suvarnabhumi and even a Greater India which is beyond the natural geographical boundaries.

Learning in India throughout the ages were prized and pursued not for its own sake, but as the means of self-realization i.e. as means to the highest end of life- mukti or to put it simply emancipation. Ancient Indian education is actually the outcome of the Indian theory of knowledge, which is considered to be part of the corresponding scheme of life and values. It literally takes full account of the fact that Life includes Death with the two forming the entire truth in it. This sense of perspective and proportion of the material, the moral, the physical, the spiritual, the perishable and the permanent interests and values of life are completely explained with their difference. Due to this Indians are the most impressed and affected by the fact of death as a central fact of life. To put all of this in a single line-An individual’s supreme duty is thus to achieve his or her expansion into the Absolute with self-fulfilment, as he or she is a potential God with a spark of the Divine. Only education can aid in this process of self-fulfilment. Hence education is not in the mere acquisition of objective knowledge.

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