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Summer vacation is the most awaited vacation child waited for a long year. It is the most enjoyable term that makes students doing countless activities. Such as watching TV, Playing Games, Visit park, Long tour, memorable journeys, and many more. Nowadays schools are also making an interesting summer vacation for child by assigning different interesting projects for them. Such projects will help students in reaching high-quality skills, method and goals.  There are various best cbse school howrah that assign the top qualities of projects for their child summer vacation. In this blog, we will understand the important steps to explore best summer vacation activities for child in their schooling life.

Steps to explore best summer vacation for child

On understanding the importance of summer projects for children, it is important to understand that one cannot take a complete break from studies as it can affect a child’s development. Also, relaxing and doing interesting activities during the summer vacations allows the kids to stay refreshed during the whole year.

Proper development of self-reliance

The basic importance of summer projects is that it allows students to develop their mind and skills for a certain topic in instant. Hence, it basically develop the self-reliance of students at different level. Such program and practice also help students in growing professionalism. Therefore, it is important to finish your projects under the guidance of the best and experienced member that can provide you the details knowledge of projects subjectively. The list of cbse school in howrah assigns the projects to their students under various mentorship. Hence, their entire projects run smoothly under the guidance of experts.

Get knowledge in multi-activities

During the time of summer vacation, various schools assign multi-tasking activities for their students for various purposes. The prime purpose behind the multi-tasking is to provide excellent knowledge in every field. During the summer, students usually get bored of sitting at home for a long time. Therefore, it is the best practice where students can train themselves in every field. Hence, we approach students to go for multi-activities and get knowledge of different activities.

Exploring new activities and ideas

Summer vacation is the best time when students can develop themselves in multi-skill activities. It is the best opportunity to grow the skills, creative ideas and other function for themselves. Therefore, a student must inbuilt themselves during summer vacation for exploring various activities that gives them best ideas. Usually, the school approach their student highly for being capable of making new activities and ideas. Hence, provide school admission in howrah for the creative development of your child.

Making new friends and meet new people: Apart from doing projects and assignments. It is good to do something unique and different from our study world.  It is good to be social and create some social welfare during the summer. Try to make new friends and meet new people, this will help in exploring the child ideas, opinion, and understanding regarding social life. There are several schools providing the best ideas to being good student and human in its life. Hence, picking up cbse school admission in howrah is the best ideas to grow child future. It also guide you with the best steps to explore best summer vacation for child in their schooling life.

There are so many things to know for your child apart from education. You will probably receive such things from non-fiction books. Therefore, try to provide non-fiction books to your child during free time. Non-fiction is completely based on factual and reports on true events. Histories, biographies, journalism, and essays are all considered under non-fiction. Usually, non-fiction books have a huge demand for its higher standard than fiction books. However, non-fiction depends on the techniques of fiction to make it more happening. Every howrah cbse school provides such books in the section of the Library to motive the students and approach them for higher education. There are various outcomes of Non-fiction books. Let’s find the details of such outcomes.

non-fiction books


Unlike other books, non-fiction books are inspirational to your child. These books are based on true events and this is the basic factor that inspires your child’s education mostly. It is a good source of inspirational books for your children with its inspirational biography, history, geography, and other knowledge. Therefore, it is the best way to motivate your child at an instant. There is various cbse school in howrah district provide such books to the students to increase the out-knowledge.

Improve vocabulary

Knowledge of vocabulary is very important and it improves the knowledge of English words. Compare to fiction books, the non-fiction books have various numbers of new words that could approach your child to learn. Apart from school books, the child finds very interesting reading non-fiction books. You can simply implement such words while you speak in English. You will get a positive impact and surely boost your confidence while speaking. Such interest could help your child learn vocabulary rapidly. The faculty members of english medium school in howrah have put various impacts to learn vocabulary.

Improve concentration power

Students need a lot of concentration power to complete their homework. Similarly, students need a similar level of concentration power to read a book. Later on, that power will convert into the productivity of knowledge and word. Therefore, provide non-fiction books to your child to improve the concentration level.

Improve communication

Communication is a very important term for improving personality and development. Communication also helps you in reaching your career successfully. Non-fiction book will help you in developing the communication level due to the excess number of new words. These new words will help them in improving vocabulary and that leads to make you a great spoke person with your vocabulary power.

Brighter your child world

The power of a non-fiction book will provide bright knowledge to your child in terms of career. It will also help them in making richer in your educational journey. The content of the books starting from history to business knowledge. It is one of the most favored books for making your child intelligent and well-rounded.

Hence, these are the significant outcomes of Non-fiction books that provide benefits to your child. We are similar to the facts of fiction books and their importance in your child’s life. But, if you can make your child read non-fiction books thrice in a week that can impact the positive outcomes in your child’s brain. Also, schools play a major role in improving the outcomes of non-fictional books. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that gives importance to both fiction and non-fiction books to improve your child’s growth and brain.

A proper way of reading defines the skill of a student. Also, we can say it is an introductory method of showing your talent and intelligence to others. Most of the kids are facing problem in reading books. It is quite obvious at the initial stage of education. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to approach them reading books from an early age. Parents also need to assist them while reading and find out the problems. Sometimes the reading can stand as boring for your child and they might start to divert their mind from reading. Therefore, always try to provide some funny topics initially. This would be the best way to keep your child attach to the reading process. Most of the cbse school in howrah district has found various step to improve child reading strategies.

improve child reading strategies

Revise reading

Revise reading is the best way to get the ultimate reading skills in your child. Once your child is done reading books ask them to follow the same books at least 1 times a day. The repetition of words will not only improve their reading skills but also help them in remembering every sentence. It is also the best way to improve their vocabulary that helps them in speaking English in the future. Also, if you read your books properly you will be easily able to provide theoretical answers during exams. Therefore, let your child revise the books to build reading skills.

Read louder

A louder reading is playing a vital role in improving reading skills. The more your child be louder, the more they can clear the words while reading. The louder voice always provides clearance to the words while reading. Do not shout or underestimate your child if they spell the wrong word. Always try to appreciate and speak politely with your child. The english medium school in howrah provides the composed reading strategies to build reading skills.

The idea of composed reading in a group mainly provides you a large number of students reading the textbook one by one. It means there are a large number of reading abilities are available together. The student reads the textbook louder and alternatively. Students can be able to catch the proper vocabulary and also at the time of reading they can also improve their fluency. At the time of listening, students will understand the method of reading also clear their doubts if any.

Best use of digital reading

Digital reading is similar to verbal reading that provides several reading opportunities to your child. Nowadays, digital reading is playing a significant role in every educational platform. Simply, you can use your computer, laptops, tabs, or smartphone to use this feature. You can find millions of reading topics through digital learning. Also, you can search for various e-books for reading, and also your child will find it very attractive. These reading formulae are mostly applying at the top 10 school in howrah to build the reading skills in your child.

Hence, We understand the importance of reading and also found some interesting step to improve child reading strategies. We hope you apply these methods in your child for a better result. However, it is also important to provide a better school that guides your child at every step. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that guide and improve your child reading strategies.

Bullying is the most inappropriate activity that can be performed to provide mental stress to the child at certain terms. Bullying can take place by friends and school mates at a certain level. Like cracking jokes, hide and seek, teasing and gossiping etc. But when it’s in a mutual and friendly way this looks safe and secure. But when the same activities crossing the limits and become hurtful, unkind and harass it become bullying. Some children are losing their freedom therefore we need to stop that part instantly. The best school in howrah are strictly against the bullying method and always get ready to investigate the matters. The faculty members of such schools provide strict guidelines to their students over this matter. Strict action can be taken place in case of bullying over any students. In this article, we will provide a guideline on how to deal with bullying.

A guideline on how to deal with bullying

There are so many parents in the societies are worries about their child innocency and therefore it is important to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that carries strict guideline and disciplinary segments to stop bullying any child.

Get a positive body language

It is important to create a positive body language to avoid or fight against bullying from others. Let’s understand how a positive body language can perform better in case of any bullying.

A positive body language will always give you positive confidence and a better personality. When your personalities grow it also leads you to become a strong guy. A person will never bully to the strongest guy. Therefore, it is important to improve body language to deal with the best possible bullying at any place.

React to bullying in the best possible way

It is always important to understand the bullying part and make them in control. When you see it crosses the line ask them to stop the activities. Sometimes you need to react to the bullying harder but in a mature way. Always try to understand How and When to react to bullying? The reaction can be taken place by only smiling, avoiding or let them understand how you feel. When you smile and avoid their bullying part, they will automatically stop teasing you after some time. Also,  If you could be able to let them understand how their activities hurt deeply, they might stop bullying you.  These three could be the best possible way to deal with bullying.

However, some english medium school in howrah are against these bullying parts and take very strict action against such students who are trying to make a negative impulsive inside the school environment.

Build inner confidence

It is the responsibility of parents to build the inner confidence inside your child’s mind from the very beginning. These methods will make them enough strong and confident that they can easily deal with any bullying with any friends inside or out of the school campus. Always ready to encourage your child in different curriculum activities, exercise and also belief in their positive approach. Ask them to hold their anger sections because this can result in danger.

Every top 10 school in howrah are approaching their parents to provide a guideline on how to deal with bullying. Such guidelines will make your students very decent, discipline and defensive in every aspect. It will also make you very strong. Parents can become role models for their child therefore, always behave politely in front of your child. These activities will neither let them create any bullying on other children nor they will victim of it.


COVID-19 has made a huge crisis in our human world. The entire world is in the pandemic situation due to coronavirus. Everything is locked and students are feeling a crisis for these dramatic changes. The teachers of best cbse school howrah recommend opting for supporting students during this crisis by different phenomenal activities.  As the children are inside their house, therefore it is the responsibility of their parents to ensure good guidance to their child. It is also their duty to make them energetic all the time. Give supports to their problems, Equation, vocabulary and many more. There are following steps to focus on child during pandemic the situation.

focus on child during the pandemic situation

Step of Communication

This is the most significant step to get your child over from their crisis situation. As children are inside their home and their ultimate job to do is to study and revise their syllabus. They might start feeling bored with having such activities for all the time. They could not join their school or campus friends for outdoor games thus television might be the solution but not the permanent solution to the standoff. Thus, this is the major cause when your child can feel anxiety due to the following crisis. During this condition your need to focus on your child schedule and ready to communicate them closely and properly. There are following top 10 school in howrah that interact with their parents to provide the best communication. Provide them an opportunity to interact socially, so that they can understand the social values.

Pretend as you have always time for them. Play video games and indoor games that make them smile. Join them during study and try to understand their readability and other topics of a segment. Ask their hobbies and help them during this objective. Traditional communication is the best way to interact with human-to-human. Modern technology can not fulfill this emotional requirement.

Create Schedule and Routine

Your child might be getting confused during this changing situation. They can feel depress due to such causes. Therefore, to make their life little cool and calm create a schedule and routine for them. Ask them to wake-up early and join Yoga or Exercises. Tell them to have a proper breakfast and strong their immunity system. This is the best time to focus on their weakest subject and solve the questions. Guide them on their study pattern. Ask them to join the online virtual classes from english medium school in howrah. This is the best way to spend their quality time during a study where they can resolve their queries and understand new topics.


This is the best time when your child can groom and care for their own body and mind. Usually, your child always gets dependable due to the crisis of busy schedule includes schools and tuition. This is the best time when you can train your child doing other activities at home. Such as clean their study room, Cook’s own breakfast, Do free-hand exercises and others. This is the best benefit for your child in the future when they will visit out of the town for their further education.

These are some important steps to focus on child during pandemic the situation. Several schools provide good guidance to their students in the above activities. These can make them tough and discipline people in the future. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that gives ultimate guidance to your child during online classes.

We have seen several issues regarding children who struggling during reading passage or comprehension. Some children unable to decode the letters properly and some who read and express the reading properly but unable to figure out the meaning of the word. Therefore, reading proper vocabulary, understanding the meaning,  grammatical development, and proper oral expression is the sign of a good reader. If you want your child to develop their reading skill than provide newspapers, interesting facts books, storybooks to develop their reading skill. Also, try and practice 5 new words to remember on a daily basis. This type of practice is the best way to develop their reading skills.  Some of the english medium school in howrah provides unique steps to improve the reading skills of students during classes.

Steps to improve reading skills

Let’s find out different steps to improve reading skills of your child:

If you want to watch the best result on your child then it is good to practice from the beginning to improve their reading skill. By the time children get older, Their reading skills will be a lot better than before. This method of good reading skills will also improve the speech and speaking power of your child.

Here are the important strategies to try out with students who read fluently but struggle to comprehend what they’re reading.

Improve Overall English Language

It is a common matter to the child that they face during reading comprehension, The children unable to read and understand the vocabulary word of the English language. It is a common problem exist when children unable to practice at an early stage. Poor reading comprehension, worse spoken grammar and low knowledge of vocabulary is part of the problems. Therefore, to improve reading comprehension educators must approach the vocabulary, perception of word implementation and spoken language.

Knowledge of Vocabulary

Knowledge of vocabulary is very important to improve the reading skills of your child. The prime reason behind poor reading skills is less knowledge of vocabulary that they read and hear. Therefore, it is very important to provide the knowledge of vocabulary by learning 5 new words on a daily basis. The cbse school in howrah district initiates the process of learning vocabulary to improve reading skills.

Create reading strategies

It is very important to create reading strategies if you are able to improve your reading skill. Right strategies only implement by having depth knowledge of vocabulary. Sometimes students have proper knowledge of vocabulary but unable to implement during speaking. This is also one of the major barriers to reading skills in your mind. Therefore, teachers need to implement the proper thinking strategies on improving reading skills. Top 10 school in howrah have the following strategies includes: Discussing different reading activities, Developing the method of the question while reading, Improve imagination power during reading, Make the right prediction of the word while reading.

Hence, These are the important steps to improve reading skills on your child. Such skills and strategies listed above are used with the different schools. Therefore, get admission in CBSE school in howrah to let your child improve in the English language. The faculty members closely align with reading and speaking arts by selecting proper reading material, Speaking strategies by vocabulary knowledge.

Sleep is the biggest barrier when you have to study for long hours at night. This problem also occurs during exams and preparation that leads to effects on the result. Therefore, when you start to study then initiate it with a fresh morning. Morning Study always provides you energetic vibes and it also exists for a long period of time. It also helps you to grab things properly but during the afternoon or late night your body needs to get relaxation and that affects your study. It is the restless sleep during the night that cramps you while study. Therefore, it is important to have a sound sleep of 7-8 hours at night. Sleeping in classes is quite natural in the afternoon. Some of the english medium school in howrah engaging students with several activities to avoid sleep. Let’s find out the best tips to avoid sleep while studying.

tips to avoid sleep while studying

Keep your room lighted

It is important to keep your room light because it gives you positive energy. The darkroom always gives a negative influence and thus it affects your study. The lighted room will keep you away from sleeping and provide you a clear vision. Hence, get your room well lighted to avoid the sleep while study.

Use chair while study

Always use the chair while study because seating position impact a lot during the study. Your seating position plays a significant role to avoid sleep. Sometimes, students use bed while study and that distract them from deep study. Study on your bed can put you in lazy mode and that eventually put you in sleeping mode. Therefore, do not use a bed while study and always prefer a chair because the chair gives you the best position to study.

Avoid heavy meals

Heavy meals can put in drowsy feeling after study. It can put you in snoozing mode that no one can drag you from that worst situation. Therefore, try to avoid heavy meals during the study because it can become a massive distraction to your study. It is good to notice most of the cbse school in howrah district provide such a method to avoid sleep while study.

Drink water

Drinking water is the best mantra to avoid sleep while study. Drink a lot of water will keep you hydrate and makes your body and mind alert from falling sleep. Also, there are several activities you need to do likewise: Walk for a glass of water, Go to pee, etc. These methods will keep your body moving and puts you alert. Therefore, drink a lot of water while study.

Sleep Early

A good sleep playing a crucial role in your study and preparation. The sleep of 7-8 hours a day can give you extra energy to study more.  Follow the mantra of “Early to bed and early to rise”. Try to sleep early at night and rise early in the morning. Listed top 10 school in howrah suggested parents to give extra space to your child while sleeping.  By having a sound sleep, when you will start your study in the morning this will gives you huge benefits in the future.

Hence, these are some of the best tips to avoid sleep while studying. In fact, there are plenty of tips that can avoid you from sleeping like take a nap in the afternoon to study more in the night, read louder while study, do frequent exercise while study and many more. Being parents it is your responsibility to provide an admission in cbse school in howrah that can teach these methods.

Concentration is an important factor that determines the success of a person in any field. The great focus is the ultimate pillar of success. Such focus comes from the resource of the brain. It is the power of the brain that increase the concentration level of a human. Being parents and teachers, it is the responsibility to let your child or students focus on every subject and matter. Some of the best english medium school in howrah improvise the method of increasing the concentration level of the students. In this article, you will find the most powerful and proven method which will definitely increase your child’s concentration power.

childs concentration power

It is very important to understand the function of concentration. The prior function of concentration is to let you focus on one subject/topic and putting out all the trash mind and misunderstanding from your brain. Let’s read out the method of increasing the concentration level.

Spider Web Method

Hope, we all understand the function of the spider web method. This method plays a significant role in increasing your child’s concentration power. When you touch the Spider web with some objects the spider will look into their web by understanding what exactly is touching. If you will continue to it spider will understand it’s nothing but an object that is trying to distract them from hunting. Thus, Spiders do not focus on such terms.

Similarly, We need to focus as a spider method. When you start working on any topic you need to give certain time before starting the topic. Ignore all the distraction terms and focus on your work. If you notice the spider method in any cbse school in howrah district then it would be the best school that could motivate your child’s brain.

Sound Sleep/Short break/meditation

It is very important to have a sound sleep of around 7-8 hours a day. This method will refresh the child’s mind and increase the concentration level of a student. Therefore, it is very important to have a sound sleep in a day.

Always try to take 15-20 min. short break or nap. You will notice certain changes and relaxation in your mind and body. This is the most powerful and simple method to increase the concentration level of your child.

Doing Meditation or Yoga is the best practice to increase the level of concentration power. Therefore, every morning try to do 15-20 minutes. Yoga in your room/lobby/garden. This will increase your thinking ability and concentration to the next level of work.

Play focus games and activity

Do you know the games can increase the level of concentration power in your child?

Yes, games are very effective and play a huge role in increasing the power of concentration. But, make sure your child shouldn’t get addicted to it. Because this addiction can affect your child study.

Some of the best schools are engaging their students by giving some activities. The major objective behind the activities is to notice the power of concentration level in your child. Therefore, always try to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that increase the level of concentration in your child.

Hence, we read the method that increases your child’s concentration power. It is our responsibility to utilize these methods on your child in the best possible way. Also, it is the responsibility of students to follow the method to increase concentration power. Some of the top 10 school in howrah implies these methods to increase the concentration power of a person. It might be a slow process but it is very effective and powerful on a daily basis.

Most children act aggressively and weirdly not knowing the fact either it’s good or not. All thou it is the responsibility of parents to provide them good protocol or behavior among children to begin. There are several ways to guide and get good behavior by setting various activities, knowledge, an example of your own as parents. These protocols should be implies at a very early age because once bad habits stable, it’s difficult to break. As parents, you must guide to get good protocol in your child from the time your child is born, they become their children’s role models. In such cases, there are some best cbse school in howrah that implement the proper behavior to their students.

If the parents are patient and gentle with everyone, the children will be too and when the parents have good table manners the children will also learn table manners. The best way to teach them etiquette is to practice it in their presence and ensure they learn from you every day.

Guide to get good protocol in your child

How and where to start?

Guide to get good protocol in your child, you must start with the very basic. And yes, like everything else in life, it should start from your home. According to the consultant from english medium school in howrah, The right age to start basic behavior is between 3 and 4 years. It is the perfect age when your children will catch your lessons and activities fast. Start with the beginning and then slowly move to other protocols that sound good for your child. Make sure you don’t put pressure while initiating the protocol.

Add new protocol as the child gets older

Good behavior comes out from good lessons. Therefore, a child is purely based on parents protocol. The parents must input the habit that exists for the lifetime and child that follow these are seen with awe. When you think that your child is old enough to be given a new set of etiquette rules, let them know. Also, tell them how proud you are seeing them well behaved and well mannered all this while.

Here are some basic guidelines to get good protocol in your child that you can teach from the beginning. There’s no age limit and no time limit as to when you can teach your child. Our cbse affiliated schools in howrah has excellent faculty member that guides the child to accept the right protocol from the beginning.

Greet by name

The first step of conversation starts with the name. therefore, teach your child to always greet their friend or elder with proper identification or name. such as if it’s a friend you can call them by name and if it’s an elder call them by Uncle/Aunty. It is a sign of respect that is given to the person while interacting.

Always talk by looking in the eye

This is another important behavior you need to teach your child. Tell them to respect people at the time of interacting and talking. Also, to look into the eye of friends or adults. Do not get distracted while talking to anybody standing in front of you. Because sometimes distraction indicates the wrong signal to the person whom your child talking to. Looking into someone’s eye is the way to connect with the people.

Positive comments

It is important to teach positive gestures in your child. It is one of the basic and good protocols. When your child gestures happily like “Have a good day” “Good Morning” “Nice to meet you” “Thank you”. It is also showing how your child is well manner and discipline.

Listen to their opinion

Every top cbse school in howrah recommends their parents to listen to their children’s opinions. As this might help in growing their mind. During the adolescent period, your child starts learning a different protocols. Thus, your child starts developing their body and brain. As the capacity of the brain developing their thinking ability also growing. Therefore, Children start giving their opinion in the middle of any conversation. If you do not listen to their opinion and start ignoring them, it might hurt them. Hence, listen to their opinion always doesn’t matter if it’s working or not. Sometimes their opinion also work and become a wonderful opportunity to express their protocol.

Education and personality development both are important segments in a student’s life. Both have equal rights and also have their own importance in growing student minds, brains, and development.  Every child has its own specialty and has a unique personality. Its the responsibility of both parents, and teachers to influence and approach your child’s personality development from the beginning. The top cbse schools in howrah provide several functions of personality development for children that enrich maximum satisfaction.

Personality Development of Child

Every child has its own capacity of the brain and thinking power. Therefore, do not get panic for their growth rate. Raising children as strong and confident individuals can be quite a task and requires hard work from the parent’s side. As parents, you need to ensure that your child gets a positive environment both at home as well as at school— so that they can learn and understand the world around them.

All mental and physical development happens in the early stages of childhood and that’s why it’s important to start working on your child’s personality development.

What is personality development? 

There are several characters to a child’s including the confidence, courage, and respect they give and get from others.   A child’s personality undergoes several changes from the time they start understanding the world around them and this includes meeting different kinds of people. Most of the time, children learn a lot from their parents, including their behaviour.

How to improve your child with personality development

Personality development doesn’t just come by providing do’s and don’ts to students but in actual terms, you need to provide them practical knowledge by doing some act in front of them. Theoretical knowledge can only provide you the basic knowledge but if you really wanted your child’s personality to improve then practical knowledge is the best experience. Every english medium school in howrah is providing a maximum approach for personality development. Let’s read out the function of personality development for children.

Listen carefully

Listen to your child very carefully when they speak. Do not ignore or overlooked their words. If you don’t listen to them properly it will make them more un-comfort while talking. Rather, they will feel more insecure while talking for the next time. However, Children love attention and as they grow old their expression will also develop while talking. Therefore, listen to your child carefully.

Don’t compare

It is not good to compare your child with anybody. Neither with your neighbour, Schoolmates, Friends, Relatives or with their own Brother/Sister. Because if you start comparing your child with anyone it can directly input the negative impact on them. Thus, the result might disappoint you in the future. Obviously, physical growth but also mental growth will affect them deeply. When you compare your child to someone else, it confuses them and they start feeling that they are not good enough. Give them the freedom to explore and come up with innovative thinking.

Don’t speak the wrong word in front of them

Speaking wrong or abusive word can provide the wrong impact on your child’s mind. Children at an early age are very active and their working quickly in terms of grabbing any new words. In such cases, if anyone speaks wrong or abusive words in front of them, they will catch them very fast. This will definitely provide them wrong impression and also it is not good for personality development. Not at all! Some of the listed cbse affiliated schools in howrah is purely based on discipline and instruct their parent to be supportive and well behaviour towards their child.

Speak right, behave right

Children learn from their parents and so in order to ensure that your child speaks and behaves right, you need to speak and behave right at home and that will leave a lasting impression in their lives. Your child will grow watching you from all beginning. Therefore be kind and humble to them.

Allow them to play 

Today’s generation has lost its touch with sports due to several reasons. Sports are the best activities for children to develop personality development. Enrol them to as many sports as possible—time permitting so that they can effectively balance education and sports training. Additionally, you can also enrol them to learn music. Music has the power to calm and by learning music, they will get several skills that will improve their personality.

Strict their mobile/TV time

Handling mobile devices, TV, and electronic devices are the biggest reasons why children have difficulty in developing their personalities. According to several studies, spending too much time in front of electronic devices would impact children’s intellectual and social development. Therefore, make a schedule and restrict their limitation of using any electronic devices for the particular time being.

Give them space

Handholding a child up to some extent is okay but poking on their all activities can harm their personality development. Also, your child will be very much dependable upon you and he/she will not be able to produce any decision-making process. Therefore, give your children a bit of space to choose what they want to do at a particular hour or day, how they arrange books in their school bags, or how they want to study or do their homework or any other activity. You have to be caring toward your child but it’s also important to teach them how to manage their responsibilities.

Personality isn’t all about looking good or wearing good clothes. It’s certainly also not about eating the right food or staying healthy. While these are important, they should be in the second or third order or priority. Personality development should be first. Teaching your child personal development will change their outlook toward knowledge, social skills, life, interpersonal skills, and others.

To improve personality development among any child, one can provide in cbse school admission in howrah, It teaching our students about the function of personality development for children. It is one of our major activity as we believe that this is important for the comprehensive development of the children.

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