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Time management is the most crucial thing that comes in the stage of human life as a success. If we can be able to utilize the time management properly then we can see success in several ways. Therefore, we need to provide some valuable lessons and the best tips for time management properly for students. During the school-age, it is the responsibility of teachers to provide the best time schedule and parents to guide their child with a given time schedule. It is the best learning period for them therefore give them the best tips for learning. There are several cbse school in howrah district provide its proper management ship, disciplinary, culture, and other heritage to maintain the best education system among student. In this blog, we will discuss five steps to manage time management for students.

Five steps to manage time management for students

Create a master schedule

We all are aware of the fact that time management gives us success and therefore, we must keep things accurately to get our daily goals and objective in our life. Hence, the best way to manage time management is to create a master schedule for your student. A complete schedule will give you the proper structure of work. We can easily follow and complete our work according to the given schedule. Hence, always create a better schedule from experts like teachers and parents for daily life objectives and goals.

Set complete goals of the study

Being students we have so many subjects and a huge syllabus to complete. They also need to complete different subjects and syllabus to finish it off. Hence, it is our responsibility to set a proper goal with adhering time management and schedule to follow. There are several cbse school in howrah that provides complete goals of study on a daily basis.

Start early work

Early to bed and early to rise is one of the best successful mantras we can implement in our daily life. By daily early rising, we can find huge energy in our body and mind that help us to complete our work with full of energy. Hence, it is very important to wake up early and start early work for balance time management.

Set one work at a time

It is very important to set a work based on time. Meanwhile, if we complete one work at a time then we can see the improvement of the work. There are several benefits of working at a time. We can understand the work properly, we can clear the doubts of our work, we can also improve the concentration power, we can also motivate our work. Hence, the top 10 school in howrah always focus on one work at a time. The prime reason for such activities is to focus on the concentration scale of an individual.

Sleep Properly

Behind every success, we need the proper amount of food and sleep. If we have proper food and sleep then we will have enough amount of energy to complete our every work on a daily basis. Hence, get an amount of 7-8 hours of sleep for better balancing and life.

Hence, these are important five steps to manage time management for students. Therefore, follow these important steps on our child for better functioning and culture. Get these five important steps from the top school that provides the best guideline in the future. Provide cbse school admission in howrah that enhances complete time management and better structure in student life.

Plagiarism is one of the most unsophisticated and unprofessional things a person can steal in terms of word and action. We can see the plagiarism in several places such as School, College, Office, and many other places. There are numerous plagiarisms we can see worldwide. It put major impact on the persons who work hard for making their work unique but get plagiarism by the stealer. We can see several examples of plagiarism in the world of education. Such as steal the methods of solution, steal an idea or the project, topic, and stolen answer during an exam. Hence, we need the best cbse affiliated schools in howrah that can prevent the method of plagiarism among the students. In this blog, we will discuss how to prevent plagiarism during school age.

In a Simple concept, plagiarism means stealing the words or actions of others without its acknowledgment. However, Plagiarism is two types: Accidental plagiarism and Intentional Plagiarism.

How to prevent plagiarism during school age

Accidental Plagiarism

The plagiarism is a proper code of violation that creates the most unsatisfied terms for the people. Accidental plagiarism means when you are stealing the ideas and word of others with proper and sensational methods. In terms of accidental plagiarism, the writer mentions the name of the creditors and its ideas. This is one of the most gentle ways to honor the work of others. Sometimes we take permission in terms of accidental plagiarism.

Intentional Plagiarism

In terms of Intentional Plagiarism, it is a method of violating by stealing the work and ideas of others. In the case of intentional plagiarism, we can see the person intentionally stealing the ideas of other plagiarism without mention name and crediting them properly.

There are three different ways to prevent plagiarism for better growth and development of your child. Let’s check out the details on how to prevent plagiarism during school age.

Create your own work

It is important to create your own work to prevent plagiarism. There are several benefits of creating your own works. Such benefits are being regularly implements in the top cbse school in howrah. By the creation of their own work, a student will be more creative, accurate, knowledgeable, and experience in terms of completing their own work, study, and projects. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the teachers to provide a project within given deadlines and parents to guide them to prevent plagiarism for self-made creation. In terms of self-creation, you can also understand the fault of other people.

Understand paraphrasing and plagiarizing

Paraphrasing and plagiarizing are both different things with different prospects. Paraphrasing is a common term in the case of projects and research papers. We can take the ideas of different projects and content from others but too much paraphrased can be converted into plagiarism. Therefore, we need to provide better practice to understand the difference between paraphrase and plagiarism. In some of the list of cbse school in howrah, the faculty members are providing the unique learning method to prevent the plagiarism method in the future.

Introduce Oral explanation

It is also one of the major ways to prevent plagiarism that is oral explanation. To ensure the tactics of not plagiarize the given project and topics of others, a student needs to ensure giving an oral explanation. An oral explanation will ensure the students do the project by themselves. In the case of plagiarism, a student would not be able to explain properly. Hence, it would lead to the disqualification of the project. Therefore, feature oral explanation as it leads them to create their own projects and also feature their own explanation.

Hence, we discussed prime steps on how to prevent plagiarism during school age. We also need to understand that school is one of the most significant places to make your child innovative, skillful, and Intelligent. The best schools produce the unique and brilliant students with the help of top guidance of the experienced educators. Therefore, provide howrah best cbse school that can provide ultimate guidance to prevent plagiarism methods during school age.

School is the most important part of our child’s life. It gives valuable lessons to the child in terms of knowledge, growth, and development. The school provides knowledge for being social and interactive with different people. It also teaches students on how to become responsible as a citizen. Every parent is always being sensitive and worried in terms of choosing the best school for their child’s admission. Therefore, howrah cbse school would be the best choice to provide school education for your child. This school provides excellent knowledge, learning methods, culture, and discipline to the students for being a better responsive person in the future. In this blog, we will discuss some of the wide importance of school education for child development that gives excellent outcomes in the future.

Importance of school education for child development

Academic Importance

Academic knowledge is one of the most important things that improve the outer knowledge of the child. English and Math are some of the most important subjects that give children huge knowledge in terms of understanding. English is also considered as an official language and therefore it is important to get the knowledge of such languages to make your child smart and frequent. School is the only place that brings academic knowledge to the child in terms of growing knowledge and skills. There are several cbse school in howrah district that provide excellent learning method to upgrade the skills and development of the students.

Learning different subjects

To acquire knowledge, it is important to learn different subjects with different topics. The more you learn, the better you can focus on getting knowledge for your grades. Therefore, it is important to provide school education to the child because it provides different knowledge of the subjects. It also helps in achieving a huge score and improves grades for your child’s education. It also helps in providing practical knowledge to our children and makes them responsible.

Mental and Social development

The school education also helps in providing mental and social development to our child. Mental and social development is very necessary for terms of making your child mature and responsible. Mental development brings out the development of the human body and helps them in growing with the help of different languages.

The social development brings social development into the child by proper human interaction. The school education makes your child become a social responsibility in different ways. We can several students in the school from different castes, religions, and backgrounds. The importance of school education is to coed them all and brings the best social development together. Every top cbse schools in howrah brings the best outcome for mental and social development together. These two provide the best importance of school education for child development.

Confident level

The school education also brings a confident level into the child. The prime reason behind the improvement of the confidence level is that it brings various activities that bring major improvement and boost child development. The faculty members of schools also influence children and motivate them in developing by different methods.

Hence, these are some of the important steps that show the importance of school education for child development. These things help in improving the outcomes of the child by the different learning methods of school. Hence, it is very important to provide in the best school that can provide the best school education with top faculty members. Hence, get the list of cbse schools in howrah that can provide the best school education to your child for their all-round future development.

The rising and development of school-age children are very important as it provides lots of learning opportunities. During the time of school age, the children are surrounded by various activities. Therefore, it gives them the energy to read and think of any activities. During the school-age time, children are having lots of energy to learn as many activities as they can. Hence, parents find it very awesome in providing education to them. There are several cbse affiliated schools in howrah that provide excellent guidelines to their children from the beginning of the education. In this blog, we will discuss the rising and development of school-age children for the best benefits of their education.

The rising and development of school age children


Make fun learning process

During the school-age of children, their mind always generates with games, fun, and many more. Hence, we need to provide education in such a way that gives them enjoyment, relaxation, and fun. It is the prime responsibility of the teachers to provide the fun learning process to their children for having better growth and opportunities. During the fun learning process, children easily learn the topic and method of education. It also helps the teachers to teach them better prospects. Get the top faculty member from the best cbse school howrah that provides an excellent fun learning process for the children.

Give them applaud

Giving applaud and encouragement to your children will benefit them in the future. It is the best tips for good parenting that provides applaud, encouragement, and motivation to their children. The children always find their parents as role models to them and therefore they always try to become like their parents. Therefore, proper feedback, applaud, and encouragement makes your child happy and gives enthusiasm. Such applaud will also give them the energy to continue their learning for the better benefits in the future.

Engage in art activities

The school provides various learning methods to improve the knowledge of their child. The school has several processes of learning that give the proper growth and builds a structure for their children. Some of the best school in howrah engages their students with several art activities. The reasons behind the lessons of art activities are providing impacts on their student growth and knowledge. It also helps them to become more creative and also improve the decision-making process. Hence, it is also the responsibility of the parents to continue such education for a better impact on their child’s life.

Hence, these are some of the important methods of the rising and development of school-age children that enrich the benefits and the success of their education. There are several ways to improve our child by implement such methods and give them a unique fun learning process. If we provide a unique based learning process during school age, our child will catch them most faster and better. It is also to understand that school and its faculty members also play an important role in raising and developing the children with the different learning-based format. Therefore, before providing the admission it is important to make the list of cbse school in howrah that provides better education and fun learning methods for school-age children.

Developing the right mindset is very crucial for every child. It must be possibly initiated from the early school-age of their time. A proper mindset has its own benefits. It gives proper development, growth, skill improvement, and happy life to your child. Therefore, it is important to provide the best guideline to your child in order to receive the proper mindset. It can be possible in two ways. First, parents need to provide the best guidance, and second, you need a perfect school that provides a better mindset with their several curriculum methods and technique. Hence, cbse school admission in howrah would be the best option for your child development.  However, we will also find the best method of how the curriculum improves the mindset of the student. Let’s find out.

How curriculum improves the mindset of the student

Importance of Curriculum

Curriculum always plays an important role in the child’s mind. It provides mental support and attracts the student in various conditions. The curriculum method provides numerous experiences and techniques to learn. Hence, we can implement such experience and techniques in real life. Now we will understand how curriculum improves the mindset of the student in real life.

Praising effort

The praising effort gives huge energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement to the student. Being a student, it is very tough to handle so many different situations at one time. Such as attending school, joining coaching, Preparing for competitive exams, swimming classes, dance class, painting class, drama, and many more. Such pressure makes students get tired and exhausted and divert from their goal.  Therefore, it is important to make a small list and limit your child’s goal for the best finishing. Also, provide limitless praise and support to your child. Such praise makes your child happy and feels special. The praising efforts also make your child more creative and improve ideas in different situations. The list of best cbse school howrah makes listing methods for your child a better goal and achievement. The children will be able to learn better with less number of objectives.

Convert mistakes as an opportunity

It is quite common to commit mistakes as humans. Hence, committing a mistake is a part of our life but it is also important to learn a lesson from such mistakes. It is possible to convert mistakes as an opportunity. Therefore, we need to learn a valuable lesson from our mistakes and work on them properly. Sometimes a repeated number of mistakes could create frustration, anxiety, and mental pressure on your child. Hence, being a parent or teacher always support your child in such a condition. Help them in solving the problem and try to give them proper advise on solving such a problem. This is one of the best ways to guide your child in developing the right mindset.


It is a special treatment for the student’s great hard work and achievement. It is very tough to score high marks in the exam, topper in sports, drama, events, function, and in other curriculums. The new generation makes the student more vast, competitive, and limitless but somewhere it also makes them tired and expressionless. Hence, provide ultimate happiness on your child’s achievement. They may not be top at the list but provide special hugs and happiness for their next step in the future. Such support gives a huge impact on your child. List of the top cbse schools in howrah always provides special treatment to their student for more growth and development.

Hence, these are some of the important methods of how curriculum improves the mindset of the student. We wish a great future for all the children by implementing such methods. Also, provide the best cbse board school in howrah that has a great impact and different learning methods to improve the mindset of their student.

By the growing competition and advanced study, the students are facing stress and anxiety. This is quite common to describe and express because education is carrying various challenges in common. Therefore, we need to understand and balance the situation that makes student stress and anxiety. There are several cbse board school in howrah that provides excellent guidance with the best positive environment. In this blog, we will discuss how to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts? Let discuss.

Nowadays, we explored the biology of stress within the context of global human migration. The focus was to experience the individual story of a migrant as well as the global scale of migration. The method of research is to diverse media in an art exhibition, in-person speeches by refugees, and documentaries about immigrant students, and then, to let students choose an example they connect with. Next stage is to proceed to research relying on primary stress and anxiety evidence from biology, humanities, and the arts.

How to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts

Learning Outcomes

There are several learning outcomes for the child that demonstrated the following rise of stress and anxiety from the following:

The physiology of the stress response under acute conditions (adaptation to anxiety) and chronic conditions (physical and mental dysfunction).

Applying a biological framework of stress to understand specific stories of human migration and including multiple disciplines in the analysis.

Engaging a global challenge with the mindset of a Researcher making connections between self and the world one lives in.

In reference to some of the cbse school in howrah faculties say:

“Because the majority of student groups that visit in our school, it is often difficult to see how they take what they experienced and make deeper connections with their classroom curriculum. This was not the case with the other students belongs to the best cbse school in howrah with top management, discipline, and proper culture, as I was blown away by the very timely and relevant correlations they made between the physiological effects of migration and mental health.”

National Geographic Education

Submitting the lesson plan about stress and human migration as a capstone project to the National Geographic Educator Certification program helped by providing additional criteria to assess learning, to describe the interdisciplinary nature of the project, and to refine based on feedback from educators. Some highlights include:

Measurement of Scales and Perspectives

As an example, the examination of anxiety and stress statistics is growing in the world and in terms of adults and adolescents indicated how national, global, and developmental scales can be used. The study of anxiety in terms of the biology of the stress response explored at three scales (organ, cellular, and subcellular). It can also provide a biological perspective while the use of immigrant documentaries and art exhibits to explore the individual nature of anxiety associated with human migration can provide an anthropological and artistic perspective.

Assessment and The National Geographic Learning Framework


An attitude is a sense of curiosity. The students searching for data from primary research literature about anxiety. Such as the journal, Biological Psychiatry. About environmental conditions such as human migration. Such as migration data portal, and about global initiatives of organizations such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization.


It is a perception of observation. The students analyzing data from primary research literature about anxiety (local and global distribution statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health; correlation with measurable effects on the human body from scientific journals such as Nature Neuroscience), and about environmental conditions such as human migration (statistics from the global human migration data portal and, effects of human migration on biological parameters). Several, top 10 school in howrah, features that growing skills can reduce mental stress. Therefore, it is important to provide proper knowledge and education to the student to avoid stress and anxiety.


Knowledge creates the journey of human and help in developing them. It is also the best way to deal with the stress and anxiety of students. The student examining primary research literature about how people from different cultures interact. Like interactions between African Americans and Caucasians.

Hence, we noted the important methods on how to deal with stress and anxiety from Biology, Humanities, and Arts?  According to the list of cbse school in howrah, if we provide good guidance to the student then reduction of stress and anxiety is also possible. Hence, the extent use of primary research literature, scales, and perspectives are used. It can also be adjusted to provide a differentiated learning environment.

A field trips in one of the most effective experiences that brings an opportunity to develop the idea, skills, and growth of the children. This is one of the interesting tour made by a group of students for observing of education, research, non-experimental subjects. It also helps in giving you some practical solutions in your life. Hence, it is important to have field trips in education for the best benefit. There are some of the top school that also provides you the best field trip experience. Therefore, best to provide cbse school admission in howrah that experiences the field trip for your child. Today we are going to discuss some of the best benefits of field trips in child education.

Benefits of field trips in child education

Benefits and example of field trips in child education

There are several advantages of field trips that are connected to our child’s future. The field trip is not only about a picnic or visiting the park. It has several things to do such as research, visit museum, and other experience. Below, some of the best benefits of field trips acknowledge by the member of the best cbse school howrah.

  • Field trips provide funds and relaxation to the child’s mind after having the burden of study and exam.
  • The benefit of field trips is that it also refresh the child’s mind for doing other activities.
  • Field trips provide huge practical experience and theoretical knowledge in different circumstances.
  • It helps in making good bonding with the classmates.
  • It also helps in improving the skills, growth, development, and communication process.
  • The field trip providing an opportunity to explore child ability, talent, and skills on different experiences.
  • The field trip involves different students of different caste, religious, and community. Hence, it also helps to dispute the religious issue and unites the child for better facts.

It is also an important activity for teachers as well. The teachers also get the ability to gather knowledge, experience the journey. It is always good to have a new resource for the best learning process. They gather knowledge and improve the knowledge of experience for the best benefits in the future. Every year the faculty members of the school in howrah get an opportunity to involve in the field trips for a better experience in the future.

Example of the best field trips

Visit Forest or National Zoo

Visiting forest or national Zoo park is one of the best experience can students have. They can be able to understand the lifestyle of people living in the forest. It helps them in understanding the importance of adjustment. Watch different animals in a different zone also give them some of the best experience.

Visit Museum

Visiting museums is one of the interesting things on the field trip. Students have been able to see the different ancient products, historical objects, and many more.

Visit Art galleries

Art galleries is one of the interesting things that give students one of their unique experience. It features various paintings, handmade arts, and many more.

Hence, these are some of the interesting field trips that we can do for the students for their best experience. The proper caring method is based on the culture and environment our school carries. Hence, provide cbse affiliated school in howrah that has the best way to dimension your child’s educational career in the future.

Summer vacation is the most awaited vacation child waited for a long year. It is the most enjoyable term that makes students doing countless activities. Such as watching TV, Playing Games, Visit park, Long tour, memorable journeys, and many more. Nowadays schools are also making an interesting summer vacation for child by assigning different interesting projects for them. Such projects will help students in reaching high-quality skills, method and goals.  There are various best cbse school howrah that assign the top qualities of projects for their child summer vacation. In this blog, we will understand the important steps to explore best summer vacation activities for child in their schooling life.

Steps to explore best summer vacation for child

On understanding the importance of summer projects for children, it is important to understand that one cannot take a complete break from studies as it can affect a child’s development. Also, relaxing and doing interesting activities during the summer vacations allows the kids to stay refreshed during the whole year.

Proper development of self-reliance

The basic importance of summer projects is that it allows students to develop their mind and skills for a certain topic in instant. Hence, it basically develop the self-reliance of students at different level. Such program and practice also help students in growing professionalism. Therefore, it is important to finish your projects under the guidance of the best and experienced member that can provide you the details knowledge of projects subjectively. The list of cbse school in howrah assigns the projects to their students under various mentorship. Hence, their entire projects run smoothly under the guidance of experts.

Get knowledge in multi-activities

During the time of summer vacation, various schools assign multi-tasking activities for their students for various purposes. The prime purpose behind the multi-tasking is to provide excellent knowledge in every field. During the summer, students usually get bored of sitting at home for a long time. Therefore, it is the best practice where students can train themselves in every field. Hence, we approach students to go for multi-activities and get knowledge of different activities.

Exploring new activities and ideas

Summer vacation is the best time when students can develop themselves in multi-skill activities. It is the best opportunity to grow the skills, creative ideas and other function for themselves. Therefore, a student must inbuilt themselves during summer vacation for exploring various activities that gives them best ideas. Usually, the school approach their student highly for being capable of making new activities and ideas. Hence, provide school admission in howrah for the creative development of your child.

Making new friends and meet new people: Apart from doing projects and assignments. It is good to do something unique and different from our study world.  It is good to be social and create some social welfare during the summer. Try to make new friends and meet new people, this will help in exploring the child ideas, opinion, and understanding regarding social life. There are several schools providing the best ideas to being good student and human in its life. Hence, picking up cbse school admission in howrah is the best ideas to grow child future. It also guide you with the best steps to explore best summer vacation for child in their schooling life.

There are so many things to know for your child apart from education. You will probably receive such things from non-fiction books. Therefore, try to provide non-fiction books to your child during free time. Non-fiction is completely based on factual and reports on true events. Histories, biographies, journalism, and essays are all considered under non-fiction. Usually, non-fiction books have a huge demand for its higher standard than fiction books. However, non-fiction depends on the techniques of fiction to make it more happening. Every howrah cbse school provides such books in the section of the Library to motive the students and approach them for higher education. There are various outcomes of Non-fiction books. Let’s find the details of such outcomes.

non-fiction books


Unlike other books, non-fiction books are inspirational to your child. These books are based on true events and this is the basic factor that inspires your child’s education mostly. It is a good source of inspirational books for your children with its inspirational biography, history, geography, and other knowledge. Therefore, it is the best way to motivate your child at an instant. There is various cbse school in howrah district provide such books to the students to increase the out-knowledge.

Improve vocabulary

Knowledge of vocabulary is very important and it improves the knowledge of English words. Compare to fiction books, the non-fiction books have various numbers of new words that could approach your child to learn. Apart from school books, the child finds very interesting reading non-fiction books. You can simply implement such words while you speak in English. You will get a positive impact and surely boost your confidence while speaking. Such interest could help your child learn vocabulary rapidly. The faculty members of english medium school in howrah have put various impacts to learn vocabulary.

Improve concentration power

Students need a lot of concentration power to complete their homework. Similarly, students need a similar level of concentration power to read a book. Later on, that power will convert into the productivity of knowledge and word. Therefore, provide non-fiction books to your child to improve the concentration level.

Improve communication

Communication is a very important term for improving personality and development. Communication also helps you in reaching your career successfully. Non-fiction book will help you in developing the communication level due to the excess number of new words. These new words will help them in improving vocabulary and that leads to make you a great spoke person with your vocabulary power.

Brighter your child world

The power of a non-fiction book will provide bright knowledge to your child in terms of career. It will also help them in making richer in your educational journey. The content of the books starting from history to business knowledge. It is one of the most favored books for making your child intelligent and well-rounded.

Hence, these are the significant outcomes of Non-fiction books that provide benefits to your child. We are similar to the facts of fiction books and their importance in your child’s life. But, if you can make your child read non-fiction books thrice in a week that can impact the positive outcomes in your child’s brain. Also, schools play a major role in improving the outcomes of non-fictional books. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that gives importance to both fiction and non-fiction books to improve your child’s growth and brain.

A proper way of reading defines the skill of a student. Also, we can say it is an introductory method of showing your talent and intelligence to others. Most of the kids are facing problem in reading books. It is quite obvious at the initial stage of education. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to approach them reading books from an early age. Parents also need to assist them while reading and find out the problems. Sometimes the reading can stand as boring for your child and they might start to divert their mind from reading. Therefore, always try to provide some funny topics initially. This would be the best way to keep your child attach to the reading process. Most of the cbse school in howrah district has found various step to improve child reading strategies.

improve child reading strategies

Revise reading

Revise reading is the best way to get the ultimate reading skills in your child. Once your child is done reading books ask them to follow the same books at least 1 times a day. The repetition of words will not only improve their reading skills but also help them in remembering every sentence. It is also the best way to improve their vocabulary that helps them in speaking English in the future. Also, if you read your books properly you will be easily able to provide theoretical answers during exams. Therefore, let your child revise the books to build reading skills.

Read louder

A louder reading is playing a vital role in improving reading skills. The more your child be louder, the more they can clear the words while reading. The louder voice always provides clearance to the words while reading. Do not shout or underestimate your child if they spell the wrong word. Always try to appreciate and speak politely with your child. The english medium school in howrah provides the composed reading strategies to build reading skills.

The idea of composed reading in a group mainly provides you a large number of students reading the textbook one by one. It means there are a large number of reading abilities are available together. The student reads the textbook louder and alternatively. Students can be able to catch the proper vocabulary and also at the time of reading they can also improve their fluency. At the time of listening, students will understand the method of reading also clear their doubts if any.

Best use of digital reading

Digital reading is similar to verbal reading that provides several reading opportunities to your child. Nowadays, digital reading is playing a significant role in every educational platform. Simply, you can use your computer, laptops, tabs, or smartphone to use this feature. You can find millions of reading topics through digital learning. Also, you can search for various e-books for reading, and also your child will find it very attractive. These reading formulae are mostly applying at the top 10 school in howrah to build the reading skills in your child.

Hence, We understand the importance of reading and also found some interesting step to improve child reading strategies. We hope you apply these methods in your child for a better result. However, it is also important to provide a better school that guides your child at every step. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that guide and improve your child reading strategies.

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