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Covid-19 is properly known as Coronavirus. The World health organization (WHO) describes the COVID-19 as “CO-Corona”  “VI-Virus” “D-Disease” and “19- Year 2019”. The virus is first surfaced in Wuhan, China and later this dangerous monster spread all across the universe. The virus has following family extensive to cause as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), novel coronavirus (nCoV). The novel coronavirus (nCov) is newly preserve into the Human body system. Initially, such viruses used to spread around animals. This is the prime reason the virus makes it more dangerous and becomes the new nightmare of the town. Every best school in howrah has taken a very serious step by shutting down the school until the Covid-19 doesn’t exist.


The virus inputs major and major impact on the human body function and destroy it all over. This virus is so dangerous that it spread rapidly among the human body in the entire world. It mainly affects the old age and children of society. Therefore, the government of India has decided to lock down the entire nation for the next 21 days to prevent the COVID-19 from all of us.

Covid-19 is under the research process for Doctors and Scientists. So far there is no such official medicine that can prevent Covid-19 entirely. According to the WHO Soon or later, The vaccine is coming soon that can permanently solve the issues of Covid-19. It can take a few months or years to discover. Therefore, it is our responsibility to follow the instruction of the Government and WHO.

Global effects of COVID-19

Coronavirus has been confirmed to have spread in 196 countries, areas or territories with cases. The two major countries affected i.e. China and Italy where the situation is out of control. China with an alarming total of 81,767 cases of infection and a mortality rate is 3283 and Italy with 63927 cases of infection and a mortality rate of 6077. The graphs are still increasing and that has enough reason to become the new nightmare of the town. As the spread closes in on a pandemic, it has become more prudent than ever that we make a conscious effort in fighting ourselves against it.

What Makes COVID-19 Dangerous

The reason behind the Covid-19 become so dangerous is because it spread rapidly across the human body. The virus is the swing in the Air and can affect largely to the human body by its contacts. What makes it truly devious is that it is spread through the minimum interaction of human actions such as physical contact with the respiratory process. If an infected person is sneezing or coughing or touching a surface that has caught these infected droplets. It can spread the disease or virus to the other person by its simple touch.

Common Symptoms of the Virus

The common symptoms of the existence of Covid-19 is a person will having a cold, fever and sneeze at its early stages. The symptom is very much similar to the common cold. Later this virus will spread more inside the human body that could show shortness of breath, vomiting. Therefore, Every english medium school in howrah request everybody including parents and children to stay safe at your place. Do not go outside unless it comes under the emergency position.

Preventive Measures to Stay Safe

Maintain a Six-foot distance from people who cough. This is because the droplets carry the virus and could land in the mouth or noses of a passerby. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you don’t wash your hand, Wear a mask for all the time, Use a tissue while coughing and sneezing, wash your hand often regularly for at least 20 seconds, Use alcohol-based sanitizers. And lastly, stay lockdown at your home. The world is fighting with the Coronavirus and later we will defeat the new nightmare of the town.

It is a dynamic process of getting change and implies growth among students. Those who attend arts, music, drama, voice and visual arts bring some important messages in society. There are several educational boards are stepping up to bring these changes. The cbse schools are also taking initiative action by spreading wellness programs into physical wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, social wellness.

It has been proven again and again that the benefits of receiving a wellness culture are numerous. Students indulge in different methodologies, social functions, cultural programs, Co-curriculum activity, art activity. It also makes them more talented and responsible citizens in the future.  Such talented students are often recognized for academic achievement, find they are successful in getting elected to class office and are more likely to participate in a math or science fair. These same kids are also more likely to earn recognition for good attendance, to win an award for writing, and often become peer mentors to other students with similar interests. Hence, we bring some brief ideas about wellness programs that initiate in best cbse school howrah.

Importance of Wellness Programs

Physical Wellness

Being physical fitness is the ultimate happiness for every human being. Physical wellness means to take proper care of your body for better functioning and balance. Overall, It encourages to do the physical activity, take healthy nutrition and proper diet of a human being. It makes the mind stronger and sharper and that makes a person “Healthy Body and Healthy Mind”. It plays a crucial role in making your success from all prospects. A physically fit body helps you keeps your muscles stronger, reducing the risk of diseases and gives more energy to work and fulfil your activity. Therefore, cbse schools promote physical wellness in order to make students more stronger and sharper.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness makes students very responsible. This is one of the significant things every best school in howrah implement. Emotional wellness means to do self-care, stress-free, relaxation and development of inner-self. It has two feelings positive feelings and negative feelings. Therefore, It gives you an ability to understand those feelings and judge accordingly. This will help you in gaining experience and social in all formats. It let you treat well with others and makes you flexible, calm mind and happiness. Emotional wellness makes you a better decision-maker irrespective of your problem.

Environmental Wellness

This inspires you to lead a better lifestyle in a better environment and surrounds. Environmental wellness also inspires you to protect the earth from different hazard situations. This gives a very important message to all of us on how to protect your earth overall. The wellness culture comes from the top cbse school in howrah. The school inspires students to improve environmental wellness simple and results in a more balanced lifestyle. An environmentally aware will let you realize how your daily habits affect the environment positively.

In addition, a solid wellness program will get supporters of howrah city schools even more involved with what the schools are trying to do. Therefore, participate in a special grant program funded by the “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”, best school in howrah all set to improve their wellness programs that enhances their Lifestyle. Since there is really no other way for a large school system to purchase all they need in regards to receiving this grant is a boon for the society.

Aiming towards a green future is a dream for all of us. Nowadays the experience comes with the recent environment are absolutely different compared to 20 years back. As a result, it affects a green environment that impacts to global warming system. In recent news, Delhi becomes the most polluted city in the world. It affects because of the huge number of the vehicle, chemical industries, less number of trees, etc. The earth is in a danger zone therefore we must protect it by planting trees periodically apart from plantation day. We are sowing seeds for tomorrow at the local places of kolkata & howrah. Every child must recognize their key role because it’s time to convert the future generation into “Green India”. CBSE school howrah celebrated plantation day today with their students in love for nature.

The top cbse school in howrah joining the hands together to renovate a change towards the critical environment. Let’s find out the method that implements towards green environment.

Steps to Protect Environment by CBSE School Howrah

Planting Trees

It connects children with nature and shows that their hard work and care can make a difference in the world. It also inspires them to discover the natural world and nurture it. Along with guiding them on actions that they can take to help protect and preserve the environment.

Knowledge of Plantation

The day began with a message on plant food, trees, berries, and edible flowers. The children of cbse school howrah are excited to know about the different fruits and nuts that they eat, that come from the trees. They also appreciate the taste, beauty and healthy living. As a result, they understand the different uses of trees and their importance in the ecosystem. How it affects the climate and provides shelter to wildlife in the region.

Planting trees is a special event to protect the environment that celebrates around the globe. It’s an activity that also helps us remember that our gardens are beautiful and delicious. Hence, it reminds us of the arrival of spring and to start thinking about gardening and growing healthy and nutritious food.

Initiative Action to Protect the Environment

The faculty members of best cbse school howrah have played a significant role in guided the students. The active role that they can play in creating a green environment for their schools by teaming with their teachers, administrators to plant trees on their school property. This was followed by the donation of 150 fruit saplings with a variety of fruits. Guava (Psidium guajava), elephant apple (Dillenia Indica), Hilika (Terminalia Chebula), Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica), Indian Olive (Elaeocarpus serratus) to schools.

Positive Effects on Action

The children were explained how trees in a schoolyard improve air quality. It can also reduce temperatures in warm climates by 10°F. They provide shade in hot temperatures and new signs of life. It can change the entire environment that played against global warming. It is a small investment for the environment that will pay its dividends in the upcoming future.

Make your children more active and responsible towards the society by taking admission in cbse school in howrah. The plantation drive is an opportunity that “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” provides to children. Therefore, connect your child with nature in a fun and practical way to learn about trees and their role to play.  We are looking forward to planting more trees and keep our area clean and green.

The growth and development of our child in future depend a lot on what we build today and that includes the development of students and best guidance by parents social responsibilities for career, Also Choosing a right career is not only a role of Parents but a school also plays a vital role as well. Hence, it’s very important for parents to give admission to top school in howrah which provides better guidance to choose the right career for a child. Let’s find out how you being a parent help your child in choosing the right career for them.

choose a career


From the first day of school, encourage your child to build self strengths, and not focus on any weakness for the best career. One of the leading Educational Institute is the best for admission in school, “Sudhir Memorial Institutes Liluah”, which provide the best encouragement in one individual child.

Better Bonding

Always trust your child in choosing a field of his own choice, so that he can build his natural abilities and passion without being bored.


To make a better structure of life we must create the best routine. Good job and a good career need a good education. In order to get these, Parents must focus on their daily lives so that they could get a good university or colleges to graduate with good marks. Hence, it is important to give a top school in howrah which provide the best education for a bright career.

Enhance Discipline Life

To maintain a good academic record you have to build good habits and Discipline. Hence it is essential that from the Childhood period, you must maintain a fixed routine for your child. A good Routine helps in setting discipline and create the best academic result. It also helps to choose the right career in future.

Life Skills

We believe in building the best life skills so that we would be prepared for any challenges and changes in the coming future for a career. Hence the Lifeskills we need to develop in our children are, Better resilience, Ability to do group work, Problem-solving attitude, Better Communication, Good Leadership, Ability to adapt, Will power, Creative thinking, Creative mind, Ability to stay calm, Ability to wait for right turn, Enthusiasm, Best Time management skills, Decision-making ability.

Be Supportive

Always support your child to maintain a strong positive self-image, and build self-confidence. Which is very important to choose the right career in future. Supportive and having an open conversation with your child can build their career better and brighter being employer and entrepreneurship.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activity is a key root of any social development. By focusing on improving these scenarios through education larger objectives can be achieved. In order to provide the best career guidance to your child “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is the top school in Howrah which Encourage your children in co-curricular activities for the best result in future.

Any habits, learned in the childhood from Top School Howrah, stays implanted in the mind. Cleanliness is one of them. It is not a work that needs to be done forcefully. Being clean and tidy is a good habit to lead a healthy life.

Certain habits like washing hands before meals, bathing, brushing teeth and cutting nails should be practiced from early age. These are considered as personal habits. Apart from these all, we have to be careful about our surroundings too. Since we live in a society, it’s our duty to take care of our environment.

Cleanliness should be maintained at every places related to our daily life. Naming some of them would be schools, colleges, offices, hospitals and many more. We spend our maximum time of a day in these places. Such places need to be cleaned in order to maintain a healthy life style.

Tidiness must be the first and foremost responsibility of everyone. We have to be sincere about following certain manners and etiquette strongly related to hygiene. Acts as littering in public places or spitting on the road should be strictly prohibited.

Childhood is the best time to know and practice about the importance of cleanliness & also maintain these habits. Being unhygienic can cause several skin diseases or stomach problems.  So it’s very important to be aware about the necessity of neatness in our life. Teachers must teach the students important rules and manners regarding cleaning their surroundings. In schools and colleges students have to do projects on various topics based on cleanliness and hygiene.

Students need to be aware about the hygiene of their classrooms, playgrounds, toilets, canteens and other places of the school. They should dispose garbage in the dustbins instead of throwing it anywhere. Such etiquette are meant to be acquired by one. Teachers can only guide or teach but the students have to be willing to follow the instructions.

Concentrating on these issues, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a “clean India” campaign. Every student must be aware of this cleaning campaign run by the government of India.

Narendra Modi has launched this operation named “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” to clean all the backward statutory towns. Launching sanitary programs to the rural areas, this project includes the cleaning of latrines, streets, roads and rural areas. This campaign was launched on the 145th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, on 2nd October, 2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi (pyre of Mahatma Gandhi). The campaign is aimed to be fulfilled within 2019.

As Indian citizen, we must take part in this campaign inspired by patriotism. It is our responsibility to make this mission successful by taking immediate initiatives.  Concentrating on these facts, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah CBSE english medium school in Howrah has opted for a cleaning campaign. This CBSE english medium school in Howrah has been organizing many events and activities for the welfare and betterment of the society since the beginning. They have launched an operation based on the mottos of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. It will be really beneficial for the students as they will realize the importance of cleanliness to lead a healthy life.

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