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The contextual and integrated learning plays a significant role in developing the skill for the students. There are various schools that play a tremendous learning method to develop a student’s culture. These contextual and integrated learning enforced students to remember students what they are always learning. Both learning methods improvised the real-life learning system. Such a learning system also improves in becoming an innovative decision-maker in life. There are some of the best school in howrah that provides both contextual and integrated learning methods for students to develop environment, mental-emotional, technology, cultural, and social benefits.

Contextual and Integrated learning method for Students

Contextual Learning

Contextual learning is a system that provides complete knowledge about the environment, mental-emotional, technology, cultural, and social benefits. It is constructive learning that enables students to understand the real facts and figures that can be based on real-life situations. It is the most favored learning process because such a system gives the motivation to the students that connect between learning and application based on real-life situations. There are several cbse school in howrah district provides contextual learning method to describe the real-life situation of students.

The learning system provides several approaches to their students

  • The contextual learning makes you dealt with life situations and that to improve the sense and decision-making process.
  • It also makes a real connection between knowledge and original content that connects with real life.
  • When you provide contextual learning to your child, their present information system towards education and stimulation also improving at one stage.

Benefits of Contextual Learning

There are several benefits of Contextual learning based on real-life knowledge and education.

  • It highlights the problem-solving method of students.
  • Contextual learning also helps in understanding teaching and learning methods based on home, communities, and work-sites.
  • It also helps students to let control over their learning process and help them to become independent learners.
  • This learning process also motivates students to learn more correctly and deeply with a real-life situation.
  • It let students develop the confidence level under different complex situations to explore student’s talent and skills. Hence, get an opportunity to provide your child school admission in howrah for such incredible growth.

Integrated learning method

Integrated learning

Integrated learning is slightly different from contextual learning. In the case of integrated learning, it encourages students to read, write, speak, and listen to the content and present the information based on learning. It also helps students to gather knowledge and information in a comprehensive manner. Based on this learning process, the students also develop vocabulary knowledge. It is a kind of interdisciplinary study that develops the discipline among students and helps them get their goals.

Benefits of Integrated learning

  • The basic benefits of integrated learning are it develops the skills, content, and increases high-level thinking.
  • The power of reading, writing, listening will provide you a deeper understanding of content.
  • It also helps students encouraging based on real-life existence.
  • The integrated learning methods always develop the collaboration learning method that helps students in developing motivation and gathered information.

Hence, we understand the basic definition and benefits of both contextual and integrated learning methods for students. Also, we understand the basic method that implies over students to develop the skills and learning method in better prospects. It is also important to provide cbse school admission in howrah for the best learning method that helps students reach their goals.

Apart from good education, Children also need to learn discipline and stay calm during any misbehavior. We usually provide admission to several top schools in India but unfortunately, we overlooked the discipline and behavior parts. Hence, it must be the needy for the parents to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that provides good education, learn discipline and steps of getting calm. In this article, we will learn the process to make your child discipline and stay calm.

A process to make your child discipline and stay calm

Read your child’s mind

Sometimes you might find your child is getting anxiety, yelled, misbehave or short-tempered. Being parents, you need to find out the reason of being anxious and misbehaviors among your child. The best and most suitable way to find out the result is to read your child’s mind properly. Focusing on child sensation and emotional parts will increase the root cause development on your child.

Try to make your child stay calm during misbehavior and teach them how to respect humans (Both Elder or Younger). There might be many consequences but if you provide better learning and teach discipline, you will observe massive changes inside your child’s brain. You can also notice the positivity inside your child’s brain. Every top 10 cbse school in howrah provides the process to make your child discipline and stay calm. The parents who implement the method on their child found the best satisfaction.

Accept Challenges

When you find the reason for misbehaving and anxiety accept the challenges to change your child attitude. The initial steps to accept challenges by understanding what your child needs? Why did this trauma happen? Now, find out the solution to win challenges. Try not to misbehave with your child if you want to become their friends in well being, Always spend some quality time with your child, Play around with your child in free time, listen to their demand and desire. Always try to teach the valuation of life and desire. Fulfill their limited demand but not unlimited because in case of unlimited demand your child will start losing control and emotion over everything. Teach them what is best suitable for them.

Good coordination between teachers and students

In several schools, we witness the increment of anxiety and adversity among students. There must be several cause behind these roots. Being the responsible faculty member of english medium school in howrah, teachers find out the reason for anxiety and adversity. They follow the traditional discipline methods that give the best result to the students. The traditional discipline contains different roots and observation. Therefore, it is very important to provide the traditional discipline among your child to get the best benefits.

In order to make your students discipline, maintain good coordination with students. Try to listen to their problems and become a good mentor to them. Co-regulation is the best process of helping students to overcome the frustrating situation. Therefore, maintain good coordination with your students for a better discipline. This is the best process to make your child discipline and stay calm in the society to become a responsible citizen.

There are several ways to improve reading strategies for students that really work such as composed reading in a group also known as choral reading and other is verbal reading also ear reading improves students’ English fluency, improves their vocabulary, and strongly built their confidence. There are several CBSE school in howrah district implement these methods to improve students reading strategies.

During the choral reading, it is a process of reading a book together. We will discuss the importance of Composed or choral reading below and verbal reading i.e. ear reading where students are able to read through audiobooks or other reading software. The main ideas behind the reading strategies to improve the accuracy of students reading and learning. Every english medium school in howrah provides reading strategies for students that really work to improve it.

Proper reading strategies for students

There are better alternatives to round-robin and popcorn reading: “Of the 30-odd studies and articles I’ve consumed on the subject,” says Todd Finley, a professor of English education, “only one graduate research paper claimed a benefit to round-robin reading or its variations.” It simply doesn’t benefit students to have poor fluency skills and pronunciation modeled, and asking students to take turns reading aloud in front of the whole class can stigmatize struggling readers.

Composed reading in group

Choral reading is an educational technique to improve the reading strategies of students. It is a composition of both teachers students read books together. The teachers initiate this method to improve the students reading ability, expand vocabulary and improve English fluency. The teachers and students read a textbook aloud together. Mainly, the teachers will identify the struggling part of students. The teachers will also influence and encourage the readers to take participate in a reading.

The idea of composed reading in a group mainly provides you a large number of students reading the textbook one by one. It means there are a large number of reading abilities are available together. The student reads the textbook louder and alternatively. Students can be able to catch the proper vocabulary and also at the time of reading they can also improve their fluency. At the time of listening, students will understand the method of reading also clear their doubts if any.

Verbal Reading

Verbal reading is also known as Ear reading. The process of reading audiobooks or similar reading software is known as Verbal reading. This method is coming under the modern education with the innovation of technology. This method also improves the listening power to a successful stage. Nowadays, under top 10 school in howrah provide these features to improve the reading strategies of students.  It is a great approach to improve reading skills and must implement at least periodically for all students.

The verbal reading has several benefits. According to research, it improving the dyslexia of students who listened to audiobooks. It also helps you improve reading accuracy, behavior, academic performance, speaking power. This method also motivate students and approach social involvement together.

Hence, we understand the reading strategies for students that really work and become a good reader and listener. These are the best strategies to support education broadly. It improves the problems like dyslexia of students. Therefore, it is very important to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that guides with all these necessary activities to improve students learning.

Ever wonder “Why do we study history?” The expected answer would be “To gather the information related to the past and not repeat the mistake again”. Gather information about the ethical, political, and social complexities is the work of history. It is like an event that helps us as a society to get together by following our arts and culture. History makes better decisions maker in the present by avoiding past mistakes. But how do we promote the importance of history as a subject in the classrooms?  There are various methods and observations used by some of the best english medium school in howrah to promote the history subject.

Importance of history as subject


As students of science class make observations of theories, practical and other theorems, the same way the students of history class can make an observation about the human world. The history teachers of best cbse school howrah engage students’ in the human world for better queries. Using a contemporary issue pulled from the headlines is a good starting point. School uses multiple pieces of equipment such as video clips or images to create an interesting environment for the subject’s history.

Faculties creates amazing activities to make history more interesting and informative to the students.  Give them opportunities to reads an article, ask students to write down questions and make observations to engage intellectual curiosity about the historical roots of a contemporary issue.

Listed top 10 school in howrah divides the research projects and organizing the research into groups. The group of students helps each other to begin the research process. The activity also makes students responsible and recognize that they need to collect evidence for each part of their historical question.


Making hypothesis means when you are making a prediction in something that existed in the past. Generally, we use hypothesis in the Science Subjects but history has also a huge number of hypothesis based on the cases. Instead of reading a history lesson with a thesis, start a research activity with a historical hypothesis.

After starting research, create questions related to activities. One individual question will create the best hypothesis. These tasks makes students more responsible towards their research. This is the importance of history as a subject in the classrooms.


Once the observation is developed, students find history subject very quantitative and qualitative evidence. Quantitative evidence consists of numbers in the form of graphs, cases, and also charts to show historical patterns over time. Qualitative evidence includes descriptive words or visuals, such as written documents, images, maps, and video clips.

Hence, we understand the importance of history in the classroom to provide past information to the students for better future. Many researchers, also start researching the history and its historical hypothesis for innovative invention and to collect the information.

If you want your child to be the most informative from the beginning, then let them focus on the history from the best school that provides huge historical knowledge with their experience and innovative method.

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” SMIL  is the best educational school that contains most experienced educators for history subjects. Therefore, provide admission in cbse school in howrah, because our school gives the different modes of study in the classroom to make history more modern. Such as Video classes and image views.

Like most schools, college and institute students are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 situation. Students are spending a lot of hours at home finding an excess of time in their hands. It is quite difficult to regulate the timing without any study and preparation. Sometimes students are getting depressed while stuck at home.  Every English medium school in howrah advises their students to not get depressed, frustrate or confused at a certain stage. These schools have planned to provide the best online visual education to the aspirants depend on class and courses. Online visual learning is the best way to improvised knowledge. Due to the power of technology, the students find very easy to communicate and attend classes from home. Therefore, we are providing some best ways to spend time at home for students during the lockdown.

students during lockdown

Innovate your skill and talent

Due to the busy schedule of study and preparation, the students are unable to find their skill and talent. The innovation of talent requires lots of timing, effort, and dedication. Well, it is quite difficult to find it on regular days. Therefore, it is the best timing where you can innovate your talent and skill together. You have a choice to do singing, music, dance, drama, poetry, and painting. Let’s find your innovative talent and skill. Due to the situation of COVID-19, the cbse school in howrah district and other institutes are unable to provide the co-curriculum method to innovate their talent and skill. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to upgrade this section.

Read a book

Reading books is the most effective technique to spend your time. Reading books always gives you the power of knowledge. You can easily spend your time with it. When you will start reading books during free time you will be able to get the power of knowledge more deeply. Therefore, start reading books as much as you can to get the knowledge.

Organize your lifestyle

Due to the busy routine, we also forget to organize our life cycle. We do not organize our life perfectly. We also forget what next to do in our life. Therefore, it is the best timing where the students can organize their life, career, and travel. They can think about their career more broadly and deeply. One can also schedule their traveling and start planning where to visit next.

Get Inspired

One can get inspired by watching new videos of different motivational speech, different art and craft ideas, By learning slogans, quotes and etc. You can simply implement such motivational speech, arts and ideas to expand your personal growth at a time. It is also one of the best ways to spend time at home for students during the lockdown.

Online Internship

When you are stuck at home, this is the best time when you can apply for an online internship relates to your courses. You can also do some additional courses to upgrade your talent in the future. The courses generally relates to their class and courses or also relates to their talent and hobbies. These courses will be very useful in the future. This is the best way to improvise your talent and skill. Therefore, get admission in cbse school in howrah to get the unlimited knowledge and education to increase your knowledge level.

Hence, Being quarantine is no fun but the students get confused. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide you the best way to spend time at home. You can do the above activities to get rid of boringness.

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” SMIL is the top 10 school in howrah providing online educations to the students of Science, Arts, and Commerce to regulate their education.

Most children act aggressively and weirdly not knowing the fact either it’s good or not. All thou it is the responsibility of parents to provide them good protocol or behavior among children to begin. There are several ways to guide and get good behavior by setting various activities, knowledge, an example of your own as parents. These protocols should be implies at a very early age because once bad habits stable, it’s difficult to break. As parents, you must guide to get good protocol in your child from the time your child is born, they become their children’s role models. In such cases, there are some best cbse school in howrah that implement the proper behavior to their students.

If the parents are patient and gentle with everyone, the children will be too and when the parents have good table manners the children will also learn table manners. The best way to teach them etiquette is to practice it in their presence and ensure they learn from you every day.

Guide to get good protocol in your child

How and where to start?

Guide to get good protocol in your child, you must start with the very basic. And yes, like everything else in life, it should start from your home. According to the consultant from english medium school in howrah, The right age to start basic behavior is between 3 and 4 years. It is the perfect age when your children will catch your lessons and activities fast. Start with the beginning and then slowly move to other protocols that sound good for your child. Make sure you don’t put pressure while initiating the protocol.

Add new protocol as the child gets older

Good behavior comes out from good lessons. Therefore, a child is purely based on parents protocol. The parents must input the habit that exists for the lifetime and child that follow these are seen with awe. When you think that your child is old enough to be given a new set of etiquette rules, let them know. Also, tell them how proud you are seeing them well behaved and well mannered all this while.

Here are some basic guidelines to get good protocol in your child that you can teach from the beginning. There’s no age limit and no time limit as to when you can teach your child. Our cbse affiliated schools in howrah has excellent faculty member that guides the child to accept the right protocol from the beginning.

Greet by name

The first step of conversation starts with the name. therefore, teach your child to always greet their friend or elder with proper identification or name. such as if it’s a friend you can call them by name and if it’s an elder call them by Uncle/Aunty. It is a sign of respect that is given to the person while interacting.

Always talk by looking in the eye

This is another important behavior you need to teach your child. Tell them to respect people at the time of interacting and talking. Also, to look into the eye of friends or adults. Do not get distracted while talking to anybody standing in front of you. Because sometimes distraction indicates the wrong signal to the person whom your child talking to. Looking into someone’s eye is the way to connect with the people.

Positive comments

It is important to teach positive gestures in your child. It is one of the basic and good protocols. When your child gestures happily like “Have a good day” “Good Morning” “Nice to meet you” “Thank you”. It is also showing how your child is well manner and discipline.

Listen to their opinion

Every top cbse school in howrah recommends their parents to listen to their children’s opinions. As this might help in growing their mind. During the adolescent period, your child starts learning a different protocols. Thus, your child starts developing their body and brain. As the capacity of the brain developing their thinking ability also growing. Therefore, Children start giving their opinion in the middle of any conversation. If you do not listen to their opinion and start ignoring them, it might hurt them. Hence, listen to their opinion always doesn’t matter if it’s working or not. Sometimes their opinion also work and become a wonderful opportunity to express their protocol.

It’s quite interesting to observe your child behaviours like dancing and singing suddenly to a new song. Also, other collecting stamps, currency or playing, etc. If we observe these hobbies and work into it for the future benefit, these can turn into a successful zone. While these hobbies are as basic as it can get, these are the ones that later turn into big hobbies. As we always wonder why hobbies are important in a child’s development? Because these hobbies could directly impact the study, learning habits and development of a child. Therefore, provide cbse affiliated schools in howrah because it works on such hobbies that could develop the child’s mind and brain in the future.

Why Hobbies are important

Hobby convert into Money-Making Career

What’s common to Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Late APJ Abdul Kalam, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, A.R Rahman, and many famous personalities. All these people turned their hobby into a multimillion-dollar business. Everyone step-up at least once in a life on the great Late Michael Jackson dance. He turned his passion for music and became the world’s most loved musician and Evergreen dancer. How about Christopher Nolan? This famous British-American filmmaker took his love for the camera into a passion. We sorted a few selective names in the list of successful names that convert their hobbies into a passion. All the listed people that have followed their interests and converted into a passion have earned well. These names are enough to describe how many hobbies could develop a child’s brain.

It’s not always study or courses that could give you success but sometime the hobbies will impact it much bigger. Yes, education is very important to make you literate and provide you with enough knowledge to understand the outside world for surviving. Therefore, no matter if you want to become an engineer, doctor or singer, dancers always follow your passion for success. The faculty members of the best cbse school howrah guide and implement the hobbies into a passion.

Gain Skills Useful in Professional Life

Hobby helps children learn skills and that skills can be useful in your professional world. These hobbies will be useful at all the stages of life- right from School life to professional life and everything in between, in dealing with everyday situations. For example, when children use art to draw and express with drawing, painting or writing that means the child is very creative and can use his/her skills at later stages. It is also to remember that success can be achieved only when you work hard for it. Therefore, to achieve the success you need to keep the practice on your hobbies.

Benefits for Social Skills

Hobbies are very crucial and beneficial to society. Hobby always play a great role in society and important for learning social skills. Your child will get mixed up with different other children and the deeper he gets into the hobby, these processes will increase social skills and development. Therefore, your child will not just be working alongside people with similar interests, but also with people from different backgrounds and cultures. The english medium school in howrah is guiding every student in such a way that achieves the best benefits for social skills.


Hence, we understand why hobbies are important in a child’s development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to focus and read your child’s brain and understand their hobbies. To make the hobbies successful start it from the initial stage of your children. Make a list of the hobbies out of sports, music, theatre, arts, drama, and others to see what special skills or talents he might have. You must also talk to your child about their interests. Once you identify your child hobbies provide them with the best cbse board school in howrah that provides better training, guidance under the most experienced faculty members.

Teenage periods can be a challenging time for both adolescents and adults (parents, teachers) in their lives. The act of teenagers is very typical at the time of adolescents. Their behavior, getting interaction with elders, impulsive method of risk-taking nature, addiction are quite awkward to accept socially. Sometime Teenagers themselves do not be able to understand why they behave the way they do. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to teach them every valuable lesson to be the most responsible citizen in the future. Let’s understand the teenage brain and effect of decoding from the best cbse school howrah.

Teenage Brain and Effect of Decoding

Decode your Child brain

Always try to get interact with your children and also invest some quality time with them. Try to understand and read their brain, follow their activities. In case of any mistakes, Guide them to not commit such mistakes again in the future. Such practice will provide you answers to your every question. We will provide you the list of english medium school in howrah that will help you better understand the teenage brain and effect of decoding. These resources will help you to decode your child’s brain properly because an adolescent brain is not as working as the brain of adults. We will inject the major changes in the brain of a teenagers and the actions of lobes will support and solve the problem of teenagers like the decision-making process, a problem-solving method, planning, Social behavior, emotional control, working memory, etc.

Help in risk-taking nature

Most of the teenagers are applying risk-taking methods in their life. This happens because they are not properly capable of any decision making process. They become part of inaccuracy due to the brain of the teenagers not functioning properly. They become stubborn to do irregular activities that parents or teachers could resist. Therefore, it is purely the responsibility of parents to help them in risk-taking nature. Follow their activities and in case you find some miserable, solve it properly. Also, they provide a better process of completing such tasks in the future. Well, it depends on tasks-to-tasks.

Be an Inspirational and good mentor to them

Parents are the most important person for their children. Even the child is completely dependable and faithful towards their parents. Therefore, try to be a great example for your child so that they could be inspired by your activities, nature, and behaviors. Similarly, they could follow your step in the future.

At the time of adolescence, the teenagers become shy and feel uncomfortable to share anything with their parents. They fear to share their activities, problems, and plans for their career. It results in the process of degradation. Therefore, do not try to put pressure on them, be very polite with their activities, love them most, find some quality time to spend with them, become a good friend and try to make them realize your friendly attitude. The faculty members of top cbse schools in howrah provide guidance for your child to become obedient.

Be understandable to them

Every best cbse affiliated schools in howrah inaugurate the parents meeting Monthly/Quarterly to discuss the growth and development of your child. The academics consider parents to be understandable and supportive of them.

The Parents/Guardians are the head of the family member. Their decision is supreme at the time of the decision-making process. But It’s good to be not over judgmental every time. Their activities might be unacceptable, childish, risky but try to be polite and be understandable to them.

Technology is the biggest need for today’s generation. It has a different role and various activities that function on a daily basis. Nowadays technology is accepted in School, Colleges, Hospital and in other public places.  It became an essential element for human being. However, the technology has two different faces one is good and another is bad. Kids become an active user in the world of Internet and also become victims and addicted to technology. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to look over the access of the Internet and restrict the limitation of internet. Some of the top cbse school in howrah maintain the formulae of using Internet among Kids and guide them while accessing the internet. Let’s find out the best guidance for technology over kids to find relevant success in the future.

Best guidance for technology over kidsTechnology has a different process. The use of technology totally depends on the guidance of parents and teachers. In such a scenario, we make some list to understand the best guidance for technology over kids.

Restrict the limitation of Internet

In order to resist the bad use of the internet, restrict the limitation of the internet for Your kids. Excessive use of any activity over the internet can harm their mental or physical organs like a heavy pressure on eyes and brain. Lockdown the Adults website and content that would not affect badly over your kids.

Appreciate physical interaction to develop the personal skills

Nowadays the generation has a different mindset. Earlier generation kids used to round-up over field, mud, ground. Such activities help them grow their interpersonal skills. Therefore, do not let your child always depends on Computer and technology. Encourage them going outside interact physically and develop the skills inside themselves. Some of the best cbse school in howrah continue the development of students by applying such a method.

Give importance to family over the computer and technology

The family must be an important priority for you. Therefore, restrict the use of phone, computer, laptop and other technology. Try to use such technologies in office. Let your child learn the same method in order to understand the valuation of Families. As a parent, it is our responsibilities to make the best use of technology over kids so that they can become the best person in the future.

Make a proper schedule

Always make the best schedule that suits your child majorly. Plans their day apart from schooling and tuitions. Helps them to engage more with friends and families. Give them valuable lessons about computer and technology. Gives the best ideas of using the internet and also provide knowledge about its bad effects and harmful content. Do not let your children always involve technologies. Fe among listed english medium school in howrah encourage the physical strength and play with kids for their morale boost.

The current generation is the biggest victims and addicts of technology. They are desperate to stay connected with phones, laptop and internet. Sometimes it becomes so harsh that a person can be majorly effected with their brains and nothing would be left out. Therefore, it is the responsibilities of parents to provide cbse school admission in howrah because such schools enrol the best guidance, discipline and importance of using technology in Schools or Home.


Education and schooling are getting the change with the modern era and culture. The educational pattern is getting modern from its traditional time. The child becomes so active and smart that the learning ability of children has also changed. Though the educational boards have a similar quality, the syllabus has improved to a great level. It is a difficult task for parents to choose which educational board they should prefer. Either its state board, CBSE or ICSE, the competition is extremely high for every board in the cbse school in howrah district. Each board has a good quality to convert one unique person as a topper. The quality of the board is aware when it converts the average student from good and best. Let’s get the details about why to change from WB to CBSE or ICSE to CBSE Board?

WB, ICSE to CBSE board

CBSE History and its Popularity

Comparison to all other boards CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is gaining more popularity due to its disciplinary, learning method and great faculties. The CBSE board founded in 1962 by the governing board of education. The parent’s organization of CBSE has come under the “Ministry of Human Development”. Its headquarter is in New Delhi. The CBSE has impacted its educational ethics differently, which has gained its international popularity.

As the name suggests, the CBSE syllabus is recognized all over India. Students not only migrate within the country but across the globe to attain the best education. Being in a CBSE school, it is easier for them to adapt themselves to any school in India that follows education. No other educational board has gained this status ever.

Unique Learning method

The methodology adopted by the CBSE schools is entirely different. The students transform into a whole new world of learning and discovering new things. Unlike the other educational boards, the students in the english medium school in howrah exposed to a broader spectrum of subjects. They are versatile. The students do not resist to learn from particular books and authors. They can choose their own appropriate books.

Provide training to school faculties for a better approach

The CBSE allotted training to the member of school faculties for a better approach. The purpose of the training is to make them master in the field of teachers. Later, they can also provide better learning facilities to the students in real-world based. The teachers are assigned with various key roles to perform during school. Such key elements are to motivate the children to perform at a higher level, Encourage them always in the classroom, Fix their weaker section with its best possibility. It is not all about the number of assignments but the quality of assignments that allows them to reach greater heights. This impact is highly appreciated in the best cbse school howrah.

Hence, We came to see the reason to change from WB to CBSE or ICSE to CBSE Board. CBSE offers the best education. There is some top listed best school in howrah that comes under the CBSE curriculum. It is also recorded that every year, thousands of students from different educational boards join this system. The CBSE school in India boasts of implementing the best education system in comparison to WB or ICSE board.

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