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Welcome to the 21st Century educational system. This is the new generation where education implies on technology. It becomes advanced day-by-day and the educational system is more depends on technology upgradation. The technology is a system that function according to the human desire. The technology system is attractive in nature that seizes the children’s attraction widely. They focus more over studies, Increase the time of the study, become a better learner, think creatively, innovative by nature and many more. These qualities lead them to the pillar of success in the future. This is the power of Technology. Nowadays, the schools are taking huge benefits of new technology system and you can find it in some best school in howrah.

Starting from the process of making an advanced classroom to the innovative faculty members, It makes education more advanced and great in nature. Modernize classroom including big LED technology, Laptop, tablet, I-pad, Hi-Tech computer System and advanced laboratory equipment gives an impression to the children towards their study. It looks and works very attractive and thus this method is used in different schools. The prime reason for the use of technology is to make people aware of education. The implementation of technology in the education system can play a major role. Let’s discuss a few important terms of technology that use in Education.

  1. Fun Learning Process: Technology is more advanced and attractive in nature. The power of technology creates a buzz in students and provides the learning process more fun and active. This is the best way to step up your children in the future of education.
  1. Prepare genius for the future: Interactive with technology is almost like you are surrounded by the robotic methods. As technology gives you the bulk of knowledge so that you could store it for future use. This technology believes to implies your education method more into practical life comparison to frictional life. They will let you teach how to fix your own problems and accordingly an individual will transform into genius for the future.
  1. Credibility for the teacher: Earlier the educational systems were different compared to the 21st century. There was fewer schools and classes. The number of students in the classes were huge and sometimes it’s unable to control the classes. The teacher used to be more fed-up while taking classes. These lead loss to the education system in India where teachers unable to handle the classes due to the excessive number of students and students unable to understand and solve the problem. But, nowadays school implement advanced technology for the betterment of education and decrease the number of students in every class. Therefore, teachers can focus on moreover students and think the innovative methods for them to develop education. Some of the listed top school in howrah implement this technique.
  1. Different learning Opportunities: Technology provides different types of learning opportunities that improve the learning method of students. Apart from self-study, there are so many learning processes that exist in a technical generation. Every classroom has LED TV and through which students can be able to get knowledge. Such information is huge and more structure in nature. You can use different education apps, YouTube educational channels, Tab, Laptop, Computer and many more. The top school in howrah features all these essential systems for advanced education.


“Sudhir Memorial InsituteLiluah” the top CBSE school in howrah has implanted these technologies to bring the advanced educational system for our future in India. The students or parents who are reading this article can go for this modern innovative school for the best experience. You can simply visit the Official Website and download the Admission form for a better change in the future.

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There are several events organized in school that encourage child to take participate. One of the biggest events that exist for child is Fancy Dress Competition events. Fancy dress competition is one of the happiest moment in child life. They love to wear new dresses and experiment on them. They love to costume in the form of cartoon character, favorite animal, fruits, foods and other character etc. Most of the school conduct this event to encourage children once in a year. This shows the imagination and power of choice for children at an early age. Children are very excited in such competition and dress-up accordingly. The parents also get excited for this event and sometime they wait for the next year competition to announce. Each and every parent thinks innovative and unique for such competition and explores the fancy dress competition in style. Most of the english medium school in Howrah conducts these events to make their students creative and active.

We are aware of the facts that most of the fancy dresses are unique and not available in our houses. Either we rented the dresses or go to shop, purchase online. This could be quite costly and most of us won’t be able to afford it. Therefore, we make the costume at home. It is economical and also looks goods. We features some of the ideas of such simple costume that you can create at home. Most of the cbse school in Howrah is providing information based on their most favorite costume.The ideas that make your child a winner in fancy dress competition are mentioned below.

  1. Cheese Burger:

The cheese burger is one of the most unique form of burger and very famous among fancy dress competition. This is easily made at home and the elements of costume is easily available at store.


How to make?

Take the felt in green, red, yellow and beige colors, brown oneness of your kid’s size, Sewing kit, Velcro. Cut the yellow felt portion into big square shape to cover your child’s body, next cut the green felt into uneven edges to cover all the four sides of the square, Now cut the red felt in a small semi-circles and stitch it all four sides of the square. Then, add Velcro to all the separate pieces and stick it on your child brown oneness. Last but not the least, Make sure to add the beige felt on the top. Finally, your Cheese burger costume is ready to hit the floor.


  1. Vampire:

The Vampire is the most thrilling costume to be made in fancy dress competition.


How to make?

Take a black coat and black pant. Use red vest for sophisticated look. Apply the red vest beside the sides of lips. Take an artificial sharp tooth apply gently inside your teeth. Now apply black liner beside your eyes to look more horrible. Finally, the Costume of vampire is ready to fear.


  1. Animals:

The costume of animal is very famous among kids and they love to become a tiger, rabbit, bunny, duck, elephant etc.


How to make?

This costume is bit difficult in compare to burger or vampire because you need an exact measurement for this costume. But, this is not difficult to create. All you need to be little expert in measurement of the cloth. Once the cloth is measured you can easily staple it. Now make some facial costume on your child face and apply the costume gently. Finally, the animal costume is ready.


  1. Maggie:

The Maggie is the most unique way of costume which looks very foodie in style. It also look very delicious.


How to make?

First you need a yellow sheet now paint it like a Maggie. Stick 8-10 packets of Maggie all over your front side of body. Finally the costume of Maggie is ready.


Fancy dress competition is unique and special for both child and parents. Therefore, Make your child dress unique and innovative to increase the confidence of your kid. Most of the time child would not like to wear costume at parent’s choice. In that Case, Tell your child short story about the character and make the character the favorite for your child.Now make them enough confident about the costume that will eliminate the stage fear of your child and boost their confidence of your child. He faculty member of Best cbse school in Howrah is very friendly and guide the kids every time and encourage them for their hard-work.

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Education is a way that brings its importance worldwide. The modern generation of education highly depends on the depth of knowledge. Therefore, it is very important to provide the best English medium school for a better environment. The Introduction of English medium from an early age would be highly appreciable. They will build the habit to learn education between them. Creating an atmosphere, provide a good teacher, and build comfortability is the significant things to follow on. The English medium school in howrah will deliver the benefit of English medium school with its Innovative learning technique, Smart and Active features, Quality Course Content, Well Discipline and Culture, Others benefits.

Benefits of English Medium School

Innovative Learning Technique:

One good English medium school is providing the best learning techniques. This technique helps them to become better learners in the future.

The priority of such a school is to provide the best practical experience, better listening method, and good observation. These features will make them brilliant students of all time. This an ultimate benefit of English medium school among the list of best cbse school in howrah.

Smart and Active Features:

Nowadays, the normal English medium school is just not enough to provide a good education and a better environment. Because the requirement of education is changing with the phase of time.

The generation is change with its high technology. Therefore, a smart and active classroom is highly required in good English medium schools. The benefit of smart classes is it update the education style and features the style of education more attractive. Therefore, students are become more engaged in learning and listening to education broadly.

Quality Course Content:

There are several English medium schools in howrah that feature education at its own terms and condition. Some of them focus on building infrastructure, enrich highly technology or focus on curriculum activities.

“Sudhir Memorial Insitute Liluah” is the only best cbse school in howrah where the priority of education is higher than its infrastructure, Hi-tech method, and other curriculum activities.
Although, SMIL provides all the features including best Infrastructure, Laboratory with advanced equipment etc. that makes it top school in howrah.

We primarily focus on education and the quality of course content. The more clear the quality of education, the more students will understand and solve the problems. SMIL provides the best quality of course and content that helps students in succeeding in the future.

Well Discipline and Culture:

The identification of one best school known by its discipline and culture. Discipline creates specialty inside the mind of students, this helps provide the value of education. It growing and increase sub-standard education. It also helps is resist the bad inhabitation among children. Hence, it is very important to provide good English medium school in howrah for best learning.

A good education is not just enough to make a student ideal in its life. It is a culture that plays a significant role in developing students and makes a better human in the future. Therefore, it is equally important to provide such a school for your child that is rich in both discipline and culture.

Other Benefits:

Apart from learning techniques, smart and high technology classes, best course content, discipline and culture there are so many other things that make one school a good English medium school. Such as Hi-tech Laborites, smart library facilities, Co-curriculum activities, self-motivation class and more. These are the important features that play a vital role in converting one school into a good English medium school.

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The significant of education and its benefit is to build a better environment and provide the various benefit for the best education. Here are the role of Education and its Benefit in Best CBSE English Medium School in Howrah.

Role of Education in English Medium School:

One of the most important role to play in Education is that, If you are well educated and have a complete resource of education then you can simply find a regular library at your home itself and you will be known as literate all across.

Improvised the various knowledge from various sources with the use of the Internet, Books, Magazine, Literature etc. Make good use of Education by having top English medium school, Best library, Best Laboratory technique for Science and Computer, Benefit of having Smart classes by using the LED technique, E-learning process with the help of Mobile Application, Availability of online Classes, sports, transport facilities.

Better education also provide good Co-curriculum activities and Social Responsibilities. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah”  determined and dedicated to developing social responsibilities of students through different curriculum activities likewise: Dancing, Singing, Music, Social Events, Sports etc.

English Medium School

These are the listed terms for having a quality of education in one child but these are incomplete without having a proper faculty member in one best academy. The faculty member is the only person who plays a significant role in student life. They provide good education and knowledge that we implement in future to become a successful person. We are always grateful for such guidance in our life.

One good CBSE Educational Institution will not only let you understand the role of education but also focus of all these social development programs remains a responsibility through education and helping nurturing principles, capabilities and values of our School.

Such analysis is the basic part of life which let you become a success, help you to become a great leader, good reader and listener and a better empower.

Education is not just limited to learning and measurable skills. Our past educational system was based on the “average” measurements and standardization of education. Children were prepared to be bookish and let them memorize some information before examinations take place. But, Modern education system is a way to develop with its latest learning method and techniques of teaching. Also, syllabus becomes compress and reliable in comparison to 10 years back. The Education Board subject to feature lots of Practical & Viva which lead a student to learn more easily.

Although the benefit of education in children implies in core subjects like mathematics, literature, or science, It is the responsibility of one Best CBSE English Medium School in Howrah and faculties to show how to learn core subjects, How children should be taught core subjects.

The supreme benefit of having a good education is one can become a good and responsible citizen in future. They can acquire the entire literature and knowledge to become a powerful and successful person in the World.

The biggest benefit of Education is too improvised mental development and it encourages the development of psychological, social and emotional growth.

An Overall education process gives motivation to children to learn about a subject and it’s usage in future. The benefit of Education is that depth which can lead children to learn naturally and creatively.

The Benefit of Education encourage your children to make connections between Real-Talk and Real-Problem based on subjects, They solved the queries using their creative skills and educational knowledge.

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Here are the lists of the top 7 reasons why you must go for CBSE English Medium School in Howrah.

The purpose of choosing the right schools is to get the right education and to build a better environment in future. The education provides various facilities to become a better society.

Learn Better English: The earlier you introduce English to your child; it will be easier for them to learn fast. If you admit your children in CBSE English Medium School in Howrah, they will have a strong basement of English language from childhood itself. The teachers of CBSE schools will guide your children to learn the best English, better communication skills, and correct grammar mistakes and guide the children to achieve the educational goals. Almost all people across the world knows better English. In spite of the traditional language, most of the people can speak English. A person can survive anywhere with the English language across the world. Almost most of the technologies and electronics material such as computers, mobiles etc., are made up of English only. Thus it’s high for your children to learn better English language from the best CBSE school otherwise, it can be a huge gap for them in the coming future.

cbse english medium school in howrah

Smart Class Facilities: One of the best features of comes from CBSE School is that they offer smart-class facilities, which is the innovation of the technology and update the education systems across India. Every Best CBSE Schools are Installed best LED or Projectors in order to make a smart class. These features increase the motive of Educations in across India.

Hi-Tech Laboratories: The reason you let your child in CBSE schools in Howrah has it provides the best lab with Hi-Tech equipment that to the safety for the students. The CBSE School facilitate experienced LAB assistant where student performed under heir guidance to ensure the lab safety regulations in the school. We have 3 basic lab sections: Physics / Chemistry / Biology.

Apart from Science Laboratories, the computers lab has its own importance and its demand is increasing rapidly. Students are learning computers at an alarming rate; their minds are open to the computer technologies hardware and software. CBSE English Medium School in Howrah has modern generations of computers with Internet connectivity. The computers have hi-graphics and unlimited features which make a Hi- technology Lab. These influence students to learn computers more and more.

Libraries Facilities: To being a topper you need to go through a lot of books to get the knowledge. One of the most important areas of Howrah best CBSE schools is they provides the best library facilities what you cannot find on the website and online, you can simply find within the walls of a library. Such Impressive Books, Old theory books, Fiction & Non-fiction, newspaper, magazine, Comics, Literatures and many more. The number of books Inspired students in studying and make full use of libraries. English medium schools in Howrah have such library facilities. The more interesting books will increase the volume of students and love for books. The CBSE School always recruits a highly qualified person as a librarian who has depth knowledge of books. A library should look Hi-Tech in order to gain popularity among the students.

Co-curriculum activities: We believe in working co-curricular activities with our students to create them future global and responsible citizens who are not only well educated but also well-shaped and cultured. The focus of all these social development programs remains a responsibility through education and helping nurturing principles, capabilities and values of our School. A best CBSE school always Conducting and participating in school functions, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Acting and Performance, Protecting the environment, Slogan Rally for an Awareness, Social events, social and personal development and many more.

Self Motivate: Motivation always gives a positive enthusiasm to each and every person. One motivation speech can lead to success to one failure in coming times. The teachers and faculty members of CBSE always give a positive vibe to the students in order to get the ultimate goal of education.

Better Transport Facility: English medium schools in Howrah provide the best transport facilities. They have the widest range of transport facilities across Kolkata/Howrah and all over India. It provides door-to-door pick-up and drops facilities. Our transport has fully safe and well responsible towards

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A subject code is three or four letters/numbers that introduce the department of subjects for the course. Departments of the subject may have more than one subject code, this will be useful for the management system in India. The subject code for every department or program has been established by CBSE Department. The code of the subjects will be notified by the registrar office.

CBSE Registration LOC

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been notified to the CBSE schools to resist the error on subject code during the registration process for Class XI and filling list of Candidates for Class XII.

Filling incorrect subject code will misguiding the students during the date of examination. Hence, it is very important to prescribe the correct subject code for correct syllabus so that, correct subject code question paper(s) are provided to the candidates on the date of examination.

During the event, if any listed CBSE school has already submitted the registration list and List of Candidate (LOC), then correction to subject code required kindly contact the regional office for the correction in LOC and Registration list by 15th October 2019.

Hence, all schools are kindly requested to ensure the correct code for the subjects. Also, the Board of CBSE has provided the list of Subject Code for the following Subject / Department:

Class XI Session 2019-20

Class XII Session 2019-20

065 – Informatics Practice (NEW)

065- Informatics Practice (NEW)


265 – Informatics Practice (OLD)

083 – Computer Science (NEW)

083- Computer Science (NEW)


283 – Computer Science (OLD)


Being a responsible member of the central board of secondary education (CBSE) “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” is the best CBSE school in Howrah, agree with the advisory method with CBSE board and suppose to maintain the curriculum program for ensuring correct subject code during the registration process for class XI and LOC for class XII.

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We all know the examination is the most vital part of the student lives. Scoring good percentages is also one of the critical challenges for the students. The students have mixed reaction between excitement and nervousness during the exam. The maximum marks like 70%, 80%, 90%, 95% plus depend on the complete hard work of the students, with hard work some smart techniques of preparation are also needed. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” CBSE board school in Howrah guiding our students on how to scoring more marks in CBSE examination.

CBSE board school in Howrah

Compare yourself with the previous Percentage: Create two format. One with Past and Second with Present. Keep your past percentage and accordingly overtake the percentage in Present.

Make sure to overtake your present marks every time in comparison to past marks. This is how you can build the confidence of your study, knowledge and exam. If you will follow this strategy then by the time of Board exam you will be enough experience to crack the entire record of your own.


Stick to NCERT: We would like to suggest to the entire students of CBSE School to follow one Book and that is NCERT. This book has enough content to give the basic and depth knowledge of any topics or subjects. A student of CBSE can easily complete the entire syllabus of Boards exam through this book. If we follow a number of books we can drag into the confusing knowledge at any time. To obtain the best mark in the CBSE exam we suggest one book and one solution.


Drag out a weaker point: Every student has its strong sections and weakest section. To get into the deeper part of the success one must go through its weakest section and must work into it and fix the problem. You must create your note for your weaker subjects or topic. Make notes of every detail information and that’s in your word. The notes are very helpful when nearest to exams. You can simply look up and revise your weaker subjects before exams in a short period. Once you resolve your weaker section, you can drag yourself to the way of success with the rest of your strong knowledge.“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah CBSE board school in Howrah always look after the student’s weaker point and help to resolve it before board exam.


Audio & Video Lesson: This is one of the most unique ways of preparation. This kind of preparation is moving towards smart technology and advanced preparation. Audio and video mode of preparation are going to be trends in upcoming times. We can get millions of information and data through the audio and video process. Make good use of mobile phones and websites like Google, YouTube and educational apps. You can get a glance at data from such websites and apps. This techniques resolve your weaker sections if you have any. Thus follow this technique and get the highest marks in the exam.


Mock test: CBSE question papers or CBSE sample paper are the two most significant part that decides their result. This is the final stage where you will put your entire efforts after your hard work for CBSE Boards exam. Hence, It is important to give as much as tests as you can that increase your speed, knowledge and confidence for your exam.

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What is Project-based learning?

Project-based learning is a method of instruction that encourages students to learn innovatively and apply knowledge and skills through engaging in an experiment. It provides an opportunity for students to flow into a deeper experimental process. The project-based learning is important for the development of skills and career readiness. The best PBL learning process will be obtained from the best CBSE School.

Why do Project-based learning?

Project is a learning process that provides opportunities for students to deliver and express their learning method, following this process they learn to solve their problem with their skill, and it also helps to develop the method of judging and additional skills for their future resources, such as Time Management and Decision Making Process.

Project based learning

How does project-based learning motivate students?

The project-based learning enhances students to install the responsibilities for learning and create the best projects by their skills and development. PBL is a teaching method where students get more knowledge by working more on the period of projects. Key to authentic, complex, questions, problems, engaging and challenges motivate students wider.  Student can feel the connection between the projects and responsibility and that leads him/her to motivate more and things will happen very personally. They would enjoy the learning process with their responsibility.

What is the characteristic of Project-based learning?

There is a prime characteristic of PBL that leads students to the innovation of skills and development. The following characteristic is as follows:

High Inquiry: PBL is spreading the responsibilities in a wider method. Thus, It is the responsibility for the students to inquiry and gets best details regarding the whole project with their best efforts and as much as accurate. In between the projects, the students must find the best path and make a high inquiry to solve the problem. One should get the best information while inquiry regarding projects.

Student Concerned: In PBL, the role of the teacher is limited to provide the project, content and restrict to a mentor, who used to guide behind the project. Students are the centred and prime person of the project who takes responsibility and works independently through the PBL process, the teacher or mentors are support only when it required. Students are free to take the decision and to do their best and elaborate on their understanding.

What are some examples of project-based learning?

The list of some PBL process that approaches students in developing skills and creativity. Spacecraft projects, Art and craft, Designing, Constructing, student farm and cultural projects.

What SMIL does with Project-based learning method?

Based on each section above “Sudhir Memorial Institute LiluahCBSE board school in Howrah provides the wonderful features on the PBL process. The school give Preliminary importance to the projects in School and make compulsory for every student to complete their part of the projects with full responsibilities. The faculty members of SMIL give the best support and held to be the best mentors for them. The project gives some innovative ideas and skills to the students for creating some unique projects. Thus, it is one of the wider reason parents gives admission to get quality education from this CBSE School.

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School Health Check-up Camp is a comprehensive ‘Health Check-up Routine’ programs that organised for the maintenance and improvement of the health of students/parents, it also helps the school by storing students health record digitally and keep the health of the students updated. “Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” English medium school in Howrah is organising a Mega Health Check-up Camp. It has started from 24th September to 27th September in associated with ILS Hospital, Howrah. This campus is organised inside the school premises. The School organised the medical camp for the betterment of Healthy India and Fit India movement. We concrete the health camp to make unhealthy free School for students.

Health Check up Camp

SMIL organised such camp annually and it is still in the On-going process.

How and why we conduct the Annual Health Check-up Routine?

We conduct the health check-up by our most experienced doctors inside school premises. We also provide the communication of one-to-one consultation with the doctors and students/parents after the medical check-up. Our experienced doctors and assistant make full body check-up for students/parents. We provide the best physician for the check-up and provide the complete Health Check-up Camp under screening and clinical exams. Our Health Check-up Camp plan is conducted inside school premises. The health camp applies from Toddlers to Class VIII. To keep your child germs free, give admission to English medium school in Howrah.

After the completion of the entire check-up Lab assistant will hand over the reports to each student along with their parents. Thus parents need to stay till the final reports of the health check-up. Every student must present on the health campus as it is a school-affiliated programme. We update the health of the students periodically.

What is the Significant of School Health Report?

“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” English medium school in Howrah provides the detailed health report of students after complete Health Check-up Camp. This report elaborates the overall performance of health including a list of students suffering various disease or deformity, it also provides the details of the serious disease and proper guidance that caught under the examination process.

How to maintain the record of students? Why is to so Important?

Our school keep the track of important medical records from Health Check-up Camp Routine; with our Institute health record software schools/students/parents can get student’s health information and update it accordingly in one place. We have a special branch for doing this service & maintain this 24×7 from their data. We keep the records manually through the data-entry process from health check-up camp. By the help of the software, our students and parents can access the web 24X7 by account ID and password provided to them.

India, with about 430 million children has the world’s largest child population and thus it is our responsibilities towards every child to make them healthy. Once the great man “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ” Sir Said – “Let us sacrifice our present so that our children can have a better future.” Meanwhile, it is the responsibilities of the parents also to give the child a good lesson of health and keep them healthy and clean.



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CBSE is one of the most preferred boards for parents all over India. It follows the curriculum activities along with its additional subject matter. The CBSE syllabus is well shape, high demand and highly predictable. CBSE school Admission is spread across all over India. The board conducts two examinations: One with AISSE (CLASS-X) and AISSCE (CLASS-XII). The most preferable thing about CBSE is its mode of study, syllabus and books are same in every corner of the state. This is quite accessible for every Government / semi-government employees who are having a job from one state to another state. They could shift to any corner of the places and resume their studies from the middle.

CBSE Sample Papers 2020

This is to notify to the Parents, students of the CBSE School that the pattern of CBSE Exams for 10th and 12th will be changed. The format of the exams will be different than the previous year. The marking scheme of CBSE 2020 also changes.

The students can visit the official website of CBSE for more details. The board has also released the sample paper for AISSE (CLASS-X) and AISSCE (CLASS-XII) 2020. The purpose of the board is to let understand the students about new exam pattern and marking scheme for class 10th and 12th 2020 exam.

The board exam is nearer and about to start from March 2020. The information about the changes will also give an idea of changes to the students of CBSE. CBSE sample paper is very important aspects for every student. The more one can practise the sample paper more the clearance will come in a cause. The speed and depth analyzation of exam will come before March 2020.

The CBSE sample paper contains all the Important and most relevant questions with detail solutions. The number of questions is so important that having a high chance relevant to board exams. Before the final examination, one should simply go through the Sample Questions and practise as much as one can.

Here, the subject-wise list of Sample Paper for Class X and Class XII.


List of Subjects/Sample Paper/ Marking Scheme for Class X.

Subject CBSE Sample Papers 2020 Marking Scheme
Science Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Elements of Book Keeping and Accountancy Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Elements of Business Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
English (Language & Literature) Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Hindi A Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Hindi B Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Home Science Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Computer Application Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Mathematics (Basic) Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Mathematics (Standard) Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Social Science Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Bengali Sample Question paper Marking Scheme
Sanskrit Sample Question paper Marking Scheme


List of Subjects/Sample Paper/ Marking Scheme for Class XII.

Subject CBSE Sample Papers 2020 Marking Scheme
Accountancy Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Bengali Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Biology Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Biotechnology Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Business Studies Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Chemistry Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Computer Science – New Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Computer Science – Old Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Economics Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Engg. Graphic Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
French Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Geography Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Hindi Aichhik Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Hindi Adhaar Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
History Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Home Science Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Informatics Practices – New Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Informatics Practices – Old Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Mathematics Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Physical Education Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Physics Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Pol. Science Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
English Core Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
English Elective Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Sanskrit Core Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme
Sanskrit Elective Sample Question Paper Marking Scheme


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