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Every test and exam makes a student a little nervous in every circumstance. It also provides stress to the students and their parents. The action of stress makes us more nervous and put an impact on the result of our child. Hence, we need to step up with certain actions that can avoid the stress from your child’s mind during the exam period. Usually, the level of nervousness is based on the preparation of the examination. Therefore, we need to provide the top quality of school that provides them the best educational guidance to avoid exam stress. Providing cbse school admission in howrah would be the first choice for every parent because of its several academic qualities. In this blog, we will discuss certain techniques on How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind during the examination period to score more marks in the future.

How to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind

Being parents, we can see several symptoms of Child stress during exams:

Feeling tense, less talk, less sleep, worries, stomach pain, and headache, irritate, less enjoyable, etc.

Hence, to avoid such symptoms apply some best tips to reduce exam stress during the exam.

Your child must have proper sleep

A proper amount of sleep is very important in every activity. Proper sleep will provide energy for your work. It also helps in improving the focus and concentration on every activity.  Hence, the minimum amount of 7-hour sleep required for the students during the exam. It is very important to fix the routine and help them strictly according to the routine. There are several best school in howrah that instruct their parents to control their child during exam with such a method.

Your child must have proper food

A proper amount of food is also important and necessary to balance between work and health. Health is the most prior things in our life that help us to improve our life structure and career. Hence, the proper amount of food and food on time is required during the exam. Therefore, parents must look into such methods that bring energy to the student’s life.

Help them during the exam

Parent’s support is very much important during the exam. Your child always needs your help and support during the examination. Therefore, always try to be beside your child during the examination. Help them during exams like ask them questions, solve the tricky questions, help in remembering their notes. These are the ultimate steps and guidance provides by several cbse affiliated school in howrah.

Give them important tips relates to the exam

Being parents you are well experienced to understand the importance of exams, tips for exams, how to score more marks during the exam, etc. Hence, provide such tips to your child to score more marks during the examination.

Encourage them during the exam

Encouragement provides ultimate success to your child. The proper encouragement always brings the positivity among your child. They will find to score more marks during the examination. Hence, always appreciate and encourage your child during the examination. This also helps to balance their mind by having proper support of teachers and parents. The list of top cbse schools in howrah always encourage their students during the exam and also provide special focus to the child problem.

Hence, these are the special methods on how to reduce exam stress from your child’s mind. If we let our children follow these important methods during the examination, they will probably score more marks during that period.

Every student has its own favorite subjects but it is difficult to find all favorite of students. Hence, students find it difficult in most of the subjects except their favorite subject. As a matter of fact but we need to study all the subjects to score good marks in the school examination. In order to do that, we need to find the best techniques to deal with all the difficult subjects. Also, we need a good schooling background with experienced faculty members to provide the best guidance with all subjects. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that has the best learning ability and techniques to features your child’s education best in the future. In this blog, we will discuss the best five techniques to deal with difficult subjects.

Five techniques to deal with difficult subjects

Strong your basic

The first thing that you need to do to avoid the difficulty in your subjects is to learn the basics of every subject. Every subject has its own methods and theory but if we learn the basics of every subject properly then it becomes very easy for us to access that subject properly. Get the best basic learning school that can provide the ultimate basic techniques of every subject. There are several cbse school howrah carrying the best educators for providing the best basic formulae for all your subjects.

Fixed the time schedule for the most difficult subject

It is very difficult to study the most difficult subject during the study. Hence, we need to show some courage and techniques to avoid such difficulty. Fix a particular goal like study the particular topic of a subject for a minimum of 30 minutes. If possible try to make things interesting by applying several methods like Study book like a story reading, Fix to solve minimum 2-3 questions on a daily basis, etc. These are some techniques that will avoid the difficulty. The faculty member of the best cbse school howrah implements the process of solving difficult subjects for different students in a particular time zone.

Start practicing question paper/test series

Practice makes a man perfect is the ultimate truth of every successful story. If we need to be strong in a particular subject then we have to start practicing sample paper, test series, and previous year question paper. By practicing more you will get the maximum confidence for every particular subject. Hence, keep doing regular practice for every subject but more to the difficult subject.

Join Group study

Group study is very important for making good knowledge in every subject. Group Study is an exchange of knowledge and understanding of each other favorite subjects. In the group study, we will find several benefits by having a proper discussion among school friends. It is a very easy method to solve and understand the difficult topic and question by the techniques.

Give time to understand your difficult subject

The reading of a difficult subject is very tough to summarize. Therefore, give proper time to understand the subject. If possible take a certain time break and then recall the subject again. This is the best way to balance your brain with a difficult subject.

Hence, these are the best five techniques to deal with difficult subjects. If we follow and apply these techniques in the education of our child then surely we can let our child avoid the difficulty of any subjects. It is also important to choose the top cbse school in howrah because of its top guidance. Such a school has the best faculty member to acknowledge the education for your child’s development.

Firing up curiosity is an important technique that describes the status and development of your child’s brain. therefore, it is important to develop the curiosity of every student from their schooling age. There are various components of improving student curiosity. Such as Engage them in their lovable activities, try to be curious always, Answer to their query, Laugh loud, and enjoy always. Hence, these are some of the important segments that improve student curiosity. It is also important to provide the best school that features the classes and learning method in the most joyful way. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah for your child’s curiosity development. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best tips to improve student curiosity at any place and any circumstances. Let’s discuss this.

Best tips to improve student curiosity

Be curious and happy yourself

Our child will automatically follow the footstep if we show ourselves curious in different activities. Hence, we need to make the surrounds an interesting and positive environment. Parents are the role model of different children. Hence, keep working on such pieces of stuff that your child could follow in the future to process. Such as read books, play outdoor games, show your personal hobbies, learn things professionally, and many more that could develop the child’s growth and skill. Several parents of our societies are encouraged by the learning method of the best school in howrah. Its approach and implies various methods to improve student curiosity.

Ask them for a solution

We face several problems in our daily life that could enable with its perfect solution. This is one of the best tips to improve student curiosity ideology. Hence, during the time of the problem ask them for a perfect solution. This is the best way to push the brain to work, develop, and improve. Also, we can play some indoor games like puzzles, doodles, crosswords, etc that improve brain curiosity.

Listen to a motivational speech

The motivational speech also improves the curiosity of the child for doing something. The delivery of the word hit the brain to function more efficiently to achieve a dedicated goal. It is one of the successful mantra followed by the top cbse schools in howrah that improves the child’s growth and skills of the child. Therefore, at the end of the classes, the faculties provide different audio and video motivational speeches for their student’s curiosity.

Appreciate your child

Your child might commit mistakes during the course of any activity. The reason for making mistakes is due to the beginning stage. Therefore, always try to cool and calm while providing lessons to your child. Do not get angry and understand that your child’s brain is not as mature as yours. Appreciate your child even if they commit mistakes. By proper appreciation, you can easily improve the curiosity of your child on particular activities.

Provide them a better learning school

At the end of every tips and strategy, we need to understand that school is the place that provides the best guidance to our child. It is the place and source to improve our child’s development, skills, growth, and curiosity at several stages. Hence, choose to pick the howrah best cbse school that provides the best tips to improve student curiosity from their schooling age.

Every day our students are dealing with different numbers of subjects. Every subject is important and has its own ability as per its knowledge. Those subjects are Math, Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), Life Science, History, Geography, Civics, Physical Education, and many more.  Among all, Mathematics is one of the most interesting subjects that express the abilities and intelligence of an individual. Mathematical subjects show confidence with proper growth and mindset, willingness to preserve, positive attitude, and self-reliance. However, there are several cbse board school in howrah that strong the learning abilities in other subjects by the study, practice, and hard work. In this blog, we will discuss on how to improve the math with the confidence of your children. Let’s discuss the details.

How to improve the math with the confidence of your children

Best determination

It is important to have a perfect goal and determination on a particular achievement. Hence, to make your child stronger in math provide them better challenges and approaches them on a daily basis. Provide them a different mathematical question and ask them to solve it because it can increase their confidence level in the future. always remember the key to success depend on its hard work and struggle. The faculty member of howrah cbse school provides the best determination level that can increase the confidence level of humans.

Children with mathematical confidence can persevere through challenging problems, trying and trying again until they figure them out. It is our job as teachers to help them gain this perseverance.

Understand and accept mistakes

The mistake is part of the education life. If you start solving question mistakes is the common thing that will arise. Sometimes it becomes one of the greatest barriers as it resists students from overcoming the problem. The student fear of making mistakes that can question their ability. Therefore, we need to train and make-belief on our child that mistake is just a normal section that comes while solving math. In order to become the best mathematical learner, one needs to accept the mistakes and carry forward in the future for its best solution.

Taking Risks

To become a successful person, it is important to take the risk at the highest priority. Therefore, let your child have the risk for the best mathematician. The risk-taker always comes up with the new updated ideas that bring the best mathematical techniques. Therefore, encourage your child for taking risk in their life. There are several top cbse schools in howrah that encourage your child to take risks with better strategies and plans for a better future.

Give your efforts and create your own abilities

To become a master of something, you need to give your extra effort and put your own ability to prove the best. If you want to become the best math learner than provide extra methods, strategies for a better solution. Try to become a role model in school so that students come to you for the mathematical solution.

Hence, these are the best techniques on how to improve the math with the confidence of your children. If we apply these techniques to our child we will witness the best result in the future. there are several schools that also provide a better guideline to approach child development. Hence, provide cbse school admission in howrah that encourages, makes determine, increases confidence, and makes the best mathematical learner in the future.

We are aware of the importance of education in our society. Education is a path to success and development. The path of education began from the best academic school that has the complete formation of the discipline. It is important to provide the best cbse school admission in howrah that form the best education to the child with facing any barriers. However, children face various barriers to enrich the innovation of education. Hence, we need to rectify those barriers and find the best solution to overcome that problem.  In this article, we will discuss the types of barriers in education children faces and implement the best solution to overcome such barriers.

Types of barriers in education children faces

Busy Parents

The busy schedule of parents involving in work and making dual-income is creating huge barriers in child education. Due to the less involvement of parents, children are facing a huge problem in their daily education. They won’t feel very practical to discuss their education with anybody. Such habits will make your child reluctant in the future. Therefore, it is important to talk to your child and give them valuable lessons also solve their problem.

Economical problem

Due to the lack of funding, several students won’t be able to get their dream education. This is one of the biggest barriers parents are facing while approaching to the top school. Therefore, it is important to promote education for all types of parents that could be able to afford their child education. Education is the right to all of us. Hence, get the best cbse school howrah that makes education equal to all of us.

Untrained Educators

Little Knowledge is dangerous to all of us. Hence, if we imply this method in education then it could become worse. It is very difficult for a child to grow if they find untrained educators in their school. Their base of education will be very weak and it leads to face the difficulty in higher education. It is the top teachers and educators that have the responsibility to provide education to our child. Hence, provide admission to top cbse schools in howrah that has the top educators to acknowledge their ultimate education to the child.

Not having proper classroom

The education system is still under development in some of the major parts of India. Not having a proper classroom, not having good infrastructure, not having good sanitary, lack of security are the key point of barriers in education. This is one of the basic reasons girls are still uneducated in several places. Hence, to promote the right of education in both boys and girls the government must facilitate proper classroom, sanitary, security, and good infrastructure. These are the key elements for every school and these elements make a positive environment in the school.

Not having proper learning material

In education the learning material or study material is one of the important elements that broadcast the education properly. Hence, it is important to have a proper updated book for the right education and knowledge.

Hence, these are the types of barriers in education children faces and similarly, we provide the solution for these barriers. It is also to notice the importance of having the right school for the right education. Therefore, get the list of cbse school in howrah that has the ability to avoid the barriers between your child’s education.

There are several consequences of reluctant learners. They complete themselves within the limited boundary. Such boundary could trouble their educational phase at a sudden stage. Reluctant learners are very shy in nature and not willing to express their problems and desire all of a sudden. They have a limited number of people in their list of discussions. It’s very common to find at least one reluctant child in every classroom not being attached to anyone. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the teachers to provide them enough spaces and motivate them to come into the zone of willingness. Therefore, provide cbse affiliated schools in howrah that have the best capability to motive reluctant children. In this article, we will discuss the best way to motivate the reluctant learner in the school.

Best way to motivate the reluctant learner in the school

Ask them for help

The best way to encourage reluctant learners is by asking them for help on miscellaneous activities. The prime reason behind the asking is to judge the capability of doing and willing to introduce the skill. Asking for help will also make them responsible to perform. This is the best way to get over from the reluctant nature i.e. being shy. It also makes them important and trusty. Hence, implement this method on the reluctant children for the best result in the future. The faculty member of cbse school in howrah district always implements these magical tricks to motivate the reluctant students. They always pick the reluctant child to come forward to help them in their work.

Give them a chance to show their skill

Every student has unique skills that recognize their ability. Similarly, being reluctant doesn’t mean the student is not efficient in anything.  But, the reluctant students are very talented and has different ability and skills that live inside their mind. Therefore, we need to motivate their skills and develop it in different versions.

Some of them could be able to show their talent in Music, Singing, Painting, Drama and many more. It is the responsibility of the different faculty members to recognize their talent and motivate them to express their talent to everyone. Every top school in howrah implements the same method to motivate the reluctant child. Such schools have also the best combination of providing arts and education to their child.

Read their interesting nature and character

The reluctant student has a different nature and character. Their silent attitude and shyness are resisting their nature and character to express. It is important to read them properly to understand their interesting nature and character. It is usually the responsibility of parents to understand their nature and provide interesting things that help them in growing.

Show their importance in the classroom

The reluctant learner feels alone and shows no expression during the ongoing classroom. These might drag them into the zone of depression. Therefore, try to show their importance in the classroom. Make the heart of the class so that they can feel special and happy. Such activities will also help them in growing as responsible people in the future.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to motivate reluctant learners in the school. It is also to remember that reluctant learner can only get developed by the special treatment that is unique from others. Such treatment can only become possible at top academic schools. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that has the expert educators provide the best treatment to the reluctant child with their nature and character.

School is the place where your child could improve the growth and structure of their education. It plays a significant role in developing your child’s skills and knowledge. The school also helps in making your child socially aware and responsible. Therefore, joining the best school for better social and education is important to us. In such cases, providing cbse school admission in howrah is the best choice for parents because of its positive environment. In this blog, we will understand the important steps to motivate your child to do better in school.

Steps to motivate your child to do better in School

Keep your relationship stronger with your child

Being parents, it is very important to keep your relationship stronger with your kids. Try to be open and practical with your child. It is good to involve in a friendly nature with your child because it will help you in expressing and sharing their problems in the future. Different cbse school in howrah district discussed and shared their opinion to the parents like: Motivate your child, help in problem-solving method, talk to them, being friendly, and many more. Several students might feel anxiety, frustration, and de-motivated due to their surroundings. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to make the environment positive.

Make a rule for your child

In order to achieve the success of your child, you have to make a perfect rule for your child’s development. Such rules will be segregated into the different sections of the study, playing, watching TV, Visiting outside, and many more. If the parents could balance the activities properly among their child then this will help them in creating a better future. Time-management is one of the crucial things that will devote and allow them in different circumstances. The top school in howrah is dedicatedly focusing on time management and help in making a better schedule for your child’s education.

Allow them proper spaces

Sometimes it is mandatory to provide sufficient space to your child. The daily activities of attending schools, colleges, tuitions, assignments, projects, and other activities make them tired, anxious, and frustrate in daily life. Hence, it is important to provide them sufficient spaces with their own gadgets, sports equipment, Television, and other entertainment activities. This will help them in relaxing their mind for the time being and make things fresh and trash free. Such practices will also influence your child to become the best learner in the future.

Help them being socially active

Apart from just education, social interaction is very important for your child. An education will provide them knowledge but being social will make them mature and responsible in the future. Hence, it is the responsibility of parents to provide valuable social lessons to your child. Teach them How to respect the elders, How to respect the teachers, How to talk with outsiders, How to behave and help others. These are the important segments that will help your child understanding the environment of society and also teach them how to deal with the problems. Being social also helps them in making better decision-makers.

Hence, these are important steps to motivate your child to do better in school. We hope our parents will follow these significant steps that will help in doing better in school. Also, it is important to choose from one of the cbse affiliated schools in howrah that has the best disciplinary culture and orientation for their students.

Stress is a natural action that comes from the human mind due to the excess of tiredness of body and mind. We often see the stress in our child due to different causes. Some of them express and some of them do not express the stress. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to look after your child and talk to them on their daily activities. This will help them express their stress in every circumstance. There are several cbse affiliated schools in howrah that guided their students in the low-risk zone and keep students stress free. We will discuss the common causes of school stress for students generate in different ways.

Common Causes of School stress for Student

What are the types of stress?

There are four types of stress that come valiantly in the life of the students.

  • Personal Stress
  • Family Stress
  • Financial Stress
  • Future Stress
  • Academic Stress

Hence, these are the four prime types of stress that exist for the students. So we need to understand that these stress are common to come into the life of students. This stress will also make them stronger, better decision-makers, responsible, and mature in the future. It is also to accept that if your child needs your support in the middle of these stress then show them your strength, support towards your child.

Let’s understand these types of stress in short details:

Personal Stress

There are several personal stress that comes out in the educational journey of the students. They may not be as independent as in their home. They need to get mix-up with all types of children, they may not eat for an unlimited time, they need to finish their homework on time and many more. There are several best cbse school howrah that has do not provide personal stress to the child but rather provide them free spaces in terms of several problems.

Family Stress

Students are facing huge family stress in order to maintain social forms. Everyone joining the race to become first and put their child into the race zone. We need to understand that every child does not have the same ability to compete with other children. everyone has something special and unique inside them. Have faith and stop giving stress to your child.

Financial Stress

Financial stress is the root cause of no development. Many brilliant student do not be able to continue their study due to financial reasons. This stress also keeps running inside the child’s mind. Due to insufficient funds, A child does not be able to get the best school and best tutors. Hence, do not give any financial stress inside your child’s mind. Being parents you must keep working hard and follow your child’s dream.

Future stress

This is one of the biggest stress and dangerous stress. This stress also hampers the future. Therefore, do not go for future stress that could harm your destiny. Just create a normal goal and start working on a daily basis. Do not focus on the written goal but start showing actions.

Academic stress

Academic stress is very exhausting that could bring anxiety in your child. Attending classes, submitting projects, Note-making processes and many more are the reason for academic stress. Hence, provide the best school that could release the stress of your child. Choose to get top cbse school in howrah that has the best ability to provide the low academic stress to your child. Stress is good because it provides maturity, responsibility, and good decision-maker in the future but when it becomes excess it causes harm to their child.

Existence of student stress

  • Student’s stress is very large and tricky. If we have to understand the existence of student stress then we have to understand their daily work starting from Morning to Night.
  • Nowadays education is vast and has competed in the In order to be the best, we let our child do every study and non-study activity starting from Monday-Sunday. This daily work start making their stress grow inside the mind.
  • Getting to the new classes, teachers, friends, school routines, and environment creates stress inside their body and mind. Their heart starts beating faster as they are closer to their destiny. We can easily recognize the nervousness of our children by their faces. Therefore, to make them calm and easy to provide them the best cbse school admission in howrah that has the best academic function, top faculties guide and support child, great positive environment, best nature for new students. These functions also make a relaxing position to the parents.

Hence, these are the common causes of school stress for students. Therefore, we provide the types and existence of stress generally come to the life of students. We also provide the best remedies and we also request the parents and students to follow the article to avoid the stress from your life.

Reading is an important part of education. It provides us knowledge by understanding the depth of the word. Reading provides us various significance and therefore, it is important to be a good reader in school. Most of the children find reading is a boring thing and therefore they did not come closer to it. It is to understand that it slowly kills their reading skill and vocabulary knowledge. Therefore, try to implement things interesting that children find reading as an interesting thing to start. In several cbse affiliated schools in howrah, the method of reading is so different that it makes children proficient in reading. In this article, we will discuss the tips to help struggling readers with proper methods and implementation.

Tips to help struggling readers

There are several ways to improve the reading skill of a child:

Daily Reading

To improve the reading skill of a child, daily reading is an important part of it. Set a target of reading 2-3 pages of the book. By the habit of daily reading, the child can improve in understanding words and vocab. Therefore, try to make your child reading on a daily basis to become a dedicated reader. The cbse school howrah targeted to provide daily reading habits to every student for at least 2-3 minutes. These habits will help them from struggling in reading and improve their skill.

Read Newspaper

A newspaper is the ultimate way to improve the reading of a child. A newspaper gives you the power of a word that helps in improving reading skills. Daily reading will give your child the utmost new word that improves the vocabulary. The practice of daily reading will also improve the speaking power and fluency of English. Therefore, let your child read the newspaper and ask them to write 5 new unique words from the headline or article.

Let them read their favorite book

Sometimes your child finds boring in reading a study book and therefore their reading skills stop improving. In such cases, get your child their favorite books like Comics, Sport Magazine, Funny books, Storybooks, and others. It is not harmful to read those books sometimes and also remember that your ultimate aim is to improve the reading skill of your child. These books also make things easier to improve reading skills because it mostly attracts the child. A school in Howrah approach their students to improve their reading skill by providing such types of an interesting book. Therefore, get cbse school admission in howrah to improve the reading skill of your child.

Provide gifts and rewards

A small gift and rewards could possibly put a smile on the face of your child. This is the best method to improve reading skills. Give your child a valuable offer of chocolate, burger, gifts, etc. in case of improvement. This would definitely encourage your child to read more and more to get more gifts and special treatment.

Hence, these are some important tips to help struggling readers of the child. It is also important to understand a good teacher and school could possibly change the structure of your child’s growth. It helps in improving skills, personality development, knowledge, and intelligence. Therefore, choose to pick the top cbse school in howrah that improves the reading habit of your child.

An anxiety of a child gives learning disorder in the classroom and majorly it affects the education, knowledge, and skills of a student. Anxiety could be formed in various ways such as depression, upset, stomach pain, health issue, new school, and many more. There are multiple symptoms and remedies of school anxiety. We will discuss the best ways to support your child during school anxiety. However, there are several top cbse school in howrah that has maximum child support to stay away from anxiety. Let’s discuss the terms in detail.

Best ways to support your child during school anxiety

School Anxiety

It comes to the child when they are completely getting disorder while going to the new school. It is very hard for the child to accept the new place, environment, teachers, and school mates. It makes them nervous most of the time. Being parents, it is the responsibility for them to support their kids and get out of the fear and anxiety from your child. Parent’s support is very crucial in order to sustain their brains. There are several schools that start opening their session slowly and the rest of them will open soon. Therefore, it is the best time to provide cbse school admission in howrah because this school provides the best method of education, knowledge, and many more.

Symptoms of School Anxiety

The child at their school-age will shows the various reasons for school anxiety but the parents need to determine the real and fake reason between it.

Unnatural Behavior

The first and basic symptom is the unnatural behavior of your child. Your child will be rude, yelling at small causes, unsatisfied in everything. These are the natural symptoms of your child.

Avoid study

Another symptom arises that your child starts avoiding study, homework, absent, and many more. This would impact their study and gives negative results to their study. It would also stop its development in the study.

Health disorder

It is quite natural to have health disorders due to the sufficient amount of anxiety running in their mind. The child would stop eating food, eating at an unusual time, and many more. This would simply cause them major health issues.

Remedies of School Anxiety

We understand the symptom and the root cause of school anxiety. Now, it is high time to solve the school anxiety from your child to live with its best solution.

Talk to your child

When you see the various symptom of your child’s anxiety than it is the high time to talk to them. Your child needs your support to get over from the anxiety and therefore they want to discuss their problem. Therefore, talk to your child and give you precious time for relaxation. Try to read their mind and understand their problem. If necessary find the top 10 school in howrah that suits your child future securely.

Make Plan

Planning is a part of success. If you can make the correct plan and implement it properly then it will provide you the best result in the future. Hence, make effective planning for your child to get over from school-anxiety. Make plans with them. Visit their favorite spot, play, and eat with them and give them mind relaxation.

Hence, these are the best ways to support your child during school-anxiety. It is also to understand that it arises from the problems of school to your child. Therefore, always try to provide them cbse affiliated schools in howrah that has the excellent educators guiding the child and support them with their natural behavior.

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