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Providing quality education to young children is one of the key factors we face in this generation. We all are aware of the fact is that education is the most important aspect that embraces the student’s career in the future. It also helps to build the real skills of the children in a proper way. Hence, education shouldn’t get disconnected. Education “A long-lasting legacy of our children” that hone the child knowledge and provide indemnity in the future. There are several ways we can encourage our child’s education, knowledge, and growth.

Education A Long lasting legacy of our children

Provide trained teacher

Providing a well-trained teacher is one of the most important things that provide knowledge and learning methods to our child. It also helps in staying the legacy of our child with its excellent method of learning. This method makes your child grow higher and score more marks in the examination. Regarding a well-trained teacher must visit the best CBSE school in Howrah that carries the experienced teacher to provide quality education to our child.

Accurate memorization

Memorization is one of the most interesting things that help in storing your knowledge and education in your brain. It also helps sharpen your knowledge of particular topics or subjects. Memorization is the neurological flexibility of the brain that refers to improve the overall memory itself. Hence, we need to provide our child best direction and techniques of memorization that could bring the best result to our child. We can see several schools provide methods of learning that provide new concepts of learning. Better memorization will also help in providing knowledge for a long-term purpose. Get these excellent learning methods in the best school in Howrah.

Give priorities to education

Education is the ultimate thing in our life. Therefore, we must give the maximum priority to education in an overall way. It is the best thing that gives every possible thing we want to achieve in our life. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best school that provides quality education, discipline, culture, and many more. Search top 10 school in Howrah that shows the quality of education and also make the student understand the priorities of education. We must remember one thing in our life that if we give priority to one thing then we will surely get back the result.

Learn from mistakes

Learning from mistakes is the symbol of bravery and excellence. This denotes the true dedication of your hard work and eagerness of achieving success. We, humans, commit mistakes and also learn from them. Therefore, we shall not be ashamed of accepting our mistakes and that’s how we will manage our child to learn. Learning from a mistake is one of the greatest ways of achieving success because it helps you to not repeat the mistake in the future.


Revision is a process of an overview of the subject in a proper method. The proper revision will help our child to improve the confidence level and also scoring more marks in the future. It is very helpful and mandatory before any exams. It tells the story of your preparation. Therefore, make revisions in every possible way to achieve more marks during exams.

Hence this is the real story of the Education “A long-lasting legacy of our children”. Every point we discussed above is crucial for our child to learn and accept in terms of sharpening the future. However, better parenting is also important in terms of making your child decent, disciplined, cultured, and social. Apart from education, these segments are also very important in making your child well responsible person. Also, a better school will provide the rhythm of learning, acquire knowledge, success, and energy to our child. Get an opportunity to provide admission in CBSE school in Howrah that brings excellent learning method with its top faculties.

The battle of homework is one of the biggest battles for parents. It is the biggest job and responsibility of the parents to complete their child homework. However, it is completely challenging terms for our parents to get their child to do their own homework. There are several things that usually distract the child from doing homework or study. Such as Mobile phone, Online Games, Social Media, Watching Video, Playing games, and many more. Therefore, in the battle of Homework we are providing 5 tips to get children to do own homework.  According to the research of some of the top 10 school in Howrah, Kids are more successful when parents take an initiative interest on their child education and Homework. Hence, being a good mother and father give them guidance on their education.

5 tips to get children to do own homework

Create Schedule for Homework

Starting from morning to evening, our child is usually being busy in their school, classes, private tuition, coaching, and other skills. Hence, it becomes very hectic for them to manage everything at a time. Therefore, create a proper schedule for everything so that they can focus on completing their own homework with certain terms and condition. Finishing Homework is one of the most important things that develop child knowledge, growth, skills, and development.

Let your child solve their own problem

If we keep helping and provide guidance to our child, then certain things will emerge for definitely. They will become dependent on their parents while solving any problem.  Facing difficulty while solving problems in the classes, Poor decision-making process, Less knowledge, low improvement, and many more. Therefore, let your child complete their own homework and also let them face their own problems. This will definitely help in growing your child and develop knowledge. It will also help in the decision-making process. Several CBSE board school in Howrah influence their student in solving their own problem. The prime reason behind the technique is to develop the growth of their student.

Acknowledge their hard work

It is very important to acknowledge and appreciate the child work. Our child works very hard to prove their efficiency and therefore we must acknowledge their hard work. Such an act will boost our child properly and also help in motivating them. The appreciation will also encourage them to work hard and achieve goals. We can see different academic of Howrah best CBSE school that guide the parents on appreciating their child work.

Do your work during their work

Always try to do your “office work” during their study time or time for homework. Try to show the seriousness upon your work. Such an act will motivate your child to complete their own homework by self. This is one of the greatest act to approach your child for doing their own homework.

Keep the distraction item away from a child

During the generation of technology, there are several electronic gadgets that keep distracts the child from study and completing homework. Such as using mobile, playing games, PS games, and many more. However, it is also not possible to throw such items away and restrict using it. Therefore, try to be gentle and polite and set a time limitation on using such gadgets and items. If it goes beyond limitation then take strict action against it.

Hence, these are some of the 5 tips to get children to do their own homework. If we keep insisting on our child on doing such a thing then we can see the best future for them. In such cases, the school and their academic culture also play a significant role to promote our child growth and development. Therefore, it is always best to provide CBSE School admission in Howrah that can promote our child future with the guidance of the top faculty members.

Discipline is one of the important things a child must learn. It is a course of action and behaviour child must follow in their life. Apart from education, discipline is also a compulsory thing to learn in their life. Therefore, it comes under the responsibility of both teachers and parents to teach discipline to their child. However, a parent can also lead their child to join the best school in howrah that provides excellent discipline and other activities for the child’s growth and future. Today, we will discuss some of the 5 best ways to teach discipline to your kids for having a bright future in their life.

5 Best ways to teach discipline to your kids

Don’t yell at them

Most of the parents yell at their child and it becomes a regular habit for most of them. However, it is not a healthy way to grow your child happily. If you want to provide some good knowledge, skills, and discipline to your child then yelling is not a healthy option to implement. If you keep yelling at your child, they will start fearing from their parent instead of taking any lessons. Therefore, try to be friendly and do not yell at them unnecessarily to provide them with good guidance and discipline. Several cbse school in howrah district initiate the process of teaching discipline with the most unique methods.

Set a perfect rule

If you want to grow your child then set a perfect rule for them. Make sure your child must follow the set of rules creates by the teacher or parents for their several benefits. The benefit of a perfect rule will make them definite and punctual. It also teaches them the importance of timing. Finally, the set of perfect rules will help your child to achieve their objectives and goals. The clear rule will restrict them to the limit of actions always. Hence, it is one of the gentle ways to teach discipline to your kids.


One of the biggest ways to achieve success in your life is to get Self-Control over everything. Try to make sure that nothing is your unless you are not working hard to achieve it. Therefore, make self-control on some of the objects and clear your set and ideas for the biggest success. In the meantime, self-control will also make your child adjust in life. This is one of the greatest ways to achieve Growth, Success, and Discipline for your child. Self-Control is the ultimate practice a child must incur in their life to make a citizen responsible.

Stay focused

Try to make your child concentrate on one object and one achievement. Don’t let them divert into other paths. Make sure your child must focus on certain things that give them interesting to learn. This is how your child will improve their concentration power. Every top cbse school in howrah provide an excellent lesson to the child that helps them to stay focused and behave gently.

Establish consequences

It is very important to set a consequence for your child within a given time period. It helps in making your child efficient and also teaches the valuation of time. In case if your child failed to fulfil the work within given consequences then set a punishment for them.

Hence, these are the 5 best ways to teach discipline to your kids. If we try to be gentle and polite with them then we can assure the great success and best discipline inside your child’s mind. Therefore, provide the admission in cbse school in howrah that gives excellent guidance under top educators. The school is an absolute influence with a positive environment and discipline for your child’s growth.

One of the most difficult challenges our parents face nowadays is struggling with our uncooperative children. This is the most difficult thing every parent struggled at a certain stage. Hence, we need to find out the best way to deal with uncooperative children and bring some growth and development among them. The easiest way to deal with such a thing is to get admission to the school that carries the best discipline, culture, and other development. Therefore, it is important to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that gives excellent guidance to the students in all formation. Let’s discuss the different ways to deal with such an uncooperative children.

Best way to deal with uncooperative children

Set Goals

It is very important to set a proper goal for your child. A proper goal will mark them to achieve the objective and also help them to achieve the targeted goal. This is the best practice to understand the valuation of time. If we teach our child from the beginning of its age then we can expect warm and cooperative behavior with us. Hence, give expectations and goals to be the most responsible person in the future.

Teach how to behave?

It is the prime responsibility of the parents to give proper lessons of behavior. Teach them how to behave with any person (Either Elder or Younger). However, it is also the responsibility of the teachers at certain stages but we need to give them proper guidance to achieve that target. Behavior is one of the most important things that help in defining the valuation of the child. Hence, teach them proper lessons, guide them with good examples, make a loving and respectful approach in front of your child. This will surely teach them to behave well with everyone. There are several cbse board school in howrah that provide excellent guidance and discipline to the students for the growth and development.

Gives motivational lessons

Proper motivational lessons will always influence your child to develop. This will lead them to become respectful and responsible people. Therefore, provide this motivational method inside your child to get cooperative nature among them. There are several benefits to providing motivational knowledge. The student will be a more goal-oriented person. This will also help them to indulge positively. It is one of the best ways to get energetic to achieve something eagerly.

Treat them especially

This is one of the most important steps to make your child cooperative in nature. That is treating naturally and especially. Every child is involved with the proper set of skills and talent. Therefore, it is important to provide valuable support to your child in case of making them innovative. Try to treat them special and different in such a way that it looks different from others. This is the best way to make your child well behaved, cooperative, and cultural in the real time-zone. All these methods are applied by the top school in howrah for the proper success and behavior with parents and all others.

Hence, these are some of the best ways to deal with uncooperative children. In this blog, we discussed some of the important ways to make your child well behaved and cooperative by nature. To get the development, it is also important to provide the top cbse schools in howrah that provide an excellent structure of the discipline, culture, and other ways of being cooperative in nature.

Success is one of the toughest things one can earn in their life. We need to work hard and put our continuous effort to reach the goal of our life. Therefore, it is our responsibility to shade our child with a successful path to become successful in the high school. To become successful in nature we also need to provide the best cbse board school in howrah that gives the top quality guidance to your child. There are several techniques to become a success and therefore we need to enriched such techniques and implement them in our child. In this blog, we will discuss important 5 steps to become successful in high school.

5 steps to become successful in the high school

Set a goal

It is important to set a goal to become successful in high school. Therefore, set short term and long term goals to become successful in the future. If we can be able to set a goal then a huge number of changes can be seen in our child. The goals used to be a feature under a limited time period. Therefore, goals are very important to set success in the future. Goals are also important to increase the focus and enriched the concentration power in the future.

Balance your work

The student has so many works to do in high school with their various subjects. Hence, they need to complete their subjects and other works within a given time period. Therefore, it is good to balance your work with the best schedule. By proper balancing, we can easily reduce the pressure of the students and also rich the position of the successful.

However, there are other versions of balancing work to become successful in our daily life. Such balancing is a personal and professional balance. Balancing is an important part to become equal between personal and professional life. Such balancing helps you to become a responsible citizen in the future. Apart from education, we also need to be social with our society. It also provides us several lessons in our life. Hence, balance your work to become social in their life.

Encourage your child

It is also the responsibility of the parents and teachers to encourage your child at every step. These encouragements always play an important role in their life. It helps in motivating them to grow stronger in the future. Encouragement also helps in making a child a good decision-maker and also helps in becoming the problem solver. There are several cbse school howrah that encourage your child to take participate in several events that make them successful in the future.

Take participation

Taking participation is also one of the best ways to showcase your talent and skills towards a particular thing. There are several ways to enrich success and hence, participation in the school events and function is one of the best ways to show your successful life in high school.

Take good care of yourself

These are the 5 steps to become successful in high school. Taking good care of yourself with the establishment of goals and objectives. There are several ways we can achieve success but we cannot without having proper health and proper meal. It is the health that will strengthen our body and mind to continue in the future. Every top school in howrah encourage their parents to take good care of their child by having proper food, vitamin, and daily exercises. This is the best way to enrich the success in the school.

Hence, these are important 5 steps to becoming successful in high school. If we apply the above 5 steps on our child we can find various changes that encourage our child to become successful. As we always mentioned above that school is one of the most important things that play an important role in terms of growing and acknowledging knowledge. Hence, provide admission in cbse school in howrah that provides the best guideline and extraordinary learning method to provide success to your child.

We are in a pandemic phase where the majority of the people are based on the Internet and online technology. Due to the pandemic condition of Covid-19, the entire phase of work, businesses, and education change. This is the biggest change we can ever see in the history of causes. Nowadays, people need to be very much aware of their work and social culture and hence social distancing is one of them. We are resuming our work with the help of online and social distancing. Therefore, the education system also initiates online learning classes all over the world. There is some of the list of cbse school in howrah, also initiated into the process of online classes while maintaining proper social distance. In this blog, we will discuss some of the important steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown phase.

Steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown

Important steps to build an online classroom

Create Classroom Culture

Before the creation of online classroom certain things we need to keep in our mind. Such as design your rooms like a proper classroom because it impacts students. Maintain proper culture and discipline so that students do not whisper and cheers during the classes. Try to maintain the flow of education with serious and relevant notes. It makes students concentrate on the classes and also encourages them to learn something new. A howrah cbse school that provides the best culture and heritage of providing education with the best faculty members of all the time.

Maintain a proper schedule of work

We understand that while at home we feel lazy to work and step up for certain activities. Therefore, we need to be very serious about our work culture. Hence, try to be proactive with your personal work. Maintain school time at your place. Try to create your environment in such a way as you followed it before. If we create our culture and environments like school and office then it will become habituate to all of us. Such steps also make our students active and learn the valuation of time properly.

Provide special guidance

Unlike regular classes online classes are different. The student might face various challenges while attempting online classes on a regular basis. Such as no internet access, slow networking, electricity problem, Technical issues with laptop or computer, and many more. Therefore, we need to provide special guidance or extra classes for the student who faced such problems and challenges during the online classes. Such a gesture from the teacher will help the student to become equal and balance with others. Also, teachers need to understand the problem of the student and help them accordingly. The faculty members of the cbse board school in howrah gives special attention to their child during the lockdown and online classes.

Hence, these are some of the important steps to build an online classroom culture during the lockdown phase. This is one of the major steps taken by the government to provide safe and secure to the child during Covid-19. Therefore, it is also our prime motto to make student Stay Safe and Stay Healthy during Covid-19. There are the top 10 schools in howrah that initiate the process of online classes with a great approach and responsibility to bring education to the student with proper growth and development.

During the modern education system, it is important for a teacher to provide modern skills and technology to the students. The prime reason for the implementation of such methods is also to improvise the education system. Such a method is also helpful in improving the skills, growth, and other development of the student. Therefore, teachers must train themselves to provide such education to the students. We can experience the formulae of such patterns in the best school in howrah, where faculties implement such methods to improvise child 4 C’s. Today, we will discuss the importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace.

Importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace

Types of 4 C’s Skill

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
Critical thinking

It is one of the most important skills to improve the brain of the student. Critical thinking helps in practicing to solve the problem. In addition, it also provides the best problem-solution methods out of the various problems. Hence, it not only developing the mind but also helps in discovering how to discover the facts and figure out a problem. The prime approach of critical thinking is to improve the concentration power of your child even in the most critical condition.


The best creativity is to thinking in the most unique way to submit the work. The creativity is a style to complete the work in the most exceptional finish ever a person can imagine. In the process of creativity, a student can find several processes to solve a particular problem. It allows the student to embrace their inner skills and strength for better planning and prospects. There are several cbse school in howrah district that encourage their students for being the best creative person in their educational career.


Collaboration teaches how to work in a group of people to complete a particular work. In the process of collaboration, people have a common specific goal to finish work. The process of collaboration teaches the importance of teamwork and unity. This is the best way a student knows how to learn and solve the problem.


Communication is one of the most important part in developing skills. Through the process of communication, a student learns how to communicate with person, how to interact with a person, how to be social with a person, and how to improve knowledge and problem-solving method for a person.

How do Four C‘s succeed students in the classroom and workplace?

In the above description, we understand the details of 4 C’s and its skill. Now, we will try to understand How the Four C’s succeed students in the classroom and workplace.

By the implementation of 4 C’s, we understand that Critical thinking helps in improving the brain and also improves how to improve the problem-solving method. By the implementation of creativity, we can figure out the creativeness of a student to embrace the types of problem-solving methods. The collaboration will teach you the importance of unity and teamwork. It also helps in teaching how to work in a group of people for a big project. Proper communication teaches you the method of communicating from one person. It also helps in developing the skills and development. Some of the top schools in howrah implement these 4 C’s to develop their student.

Hence, we understand the importance of 4 C’s to succeed in the school and workplace.  If we provide these methods in our child then we can experience some of the biggest advantages in our child’s behavior. Therefore, we will also provide the best list of cbse school in howrah that has the unique ability to develop the student by the method of 4 C’s skills.

The development of education always carries its importance and needs special attention in society. Through the proper educational development, the students can be able to improve their knowledge and become more aware of the social and personal goals. It is good to know that our education system has developed its function and become more popular with its smart technology. Several cbse board school in howrah implement the method of technology to develop the education system of the students. In this blog, we will discuss the development of students based on their education system.

Development of students based on its education system

What is Educational Development?

Educational development is an activity to enriched the continuous growth and development of the aspirants, and the continuous evolution of teaching and learning methods. The education carries both theory and practical, the education provides you the discipline and a profession and both with clarity and uncertainty.

Educational development is a process to initiate and respond to change among students. It also allows your kids to take social responsibility for on boarding and mentoring new developments. The proper development methods also promote the faculty members to boost their learning performance at its best. Every best school in howrah provides the top educators to respond to the high quality of education. The school authority is also promoting the scholarship for students for better educational development.

What is the process to develop students?

There are several processes to develop students through the educational system.

Best faculty member

The faculty member always plays an important role in developing students through their educational system. The good faculty also provides excellent learning method that gives proper knowledge to the students. This is the best way to guide and direct your student through several approaches.

Smart classroom

Nowadays, several educational institutes also implies smart classroom through the implantation of several technologies. The technology is also developing students in several formats. It provides attraction with its different educational methods. It also encourages students to learn more and more. Some of the top cbse schools in howrah implies the smart classroom to motivate students.


Every bright student deserves a scholarship to lead their education more prominent with better accuracy. Therefore, every top school provides the scholarship facility so that students could improve and approach more towards the education to get special treatment from the school.


A student needs a good planner that can provide them a successful plan and supports towards their education. A good planner always provides and guide you for the best changes in your courses and career. Hence, parents always prefer to provide admission to such schools that provide the best guidelines and planners for their child benefits. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that provides excellent faculties with a good plan for the child.


Mentorship comes in forms of teachers to provide a successful path and motivate students to grow and develop their skills more. A good mentor also encourages and motivates students and reform energy. It develop other sources towards their educational development.

Hence, these are some of the information and important steps to the development of students based on its education system. If we can apply these steps on students we can also develop their growth and education.

Learning strategies are instruction that provides a guideline for student growth in education. It makes students innovative and skillful with their variant methods. Usually, students select appropriate learning strategies and implement them to accomplish their tasks and meet goals. It also helps teachers to broadcast their learning methods in front of students to make them independent in different conditions. We can witness the method of learning in some of the best cbse school in howrah district. However, schools always play an important role in developing students. Hence, in this blog, we will learn 3 effective learning strategies for student educational growth in different schools.

Effective learning strategies for student educational growth

Retrieve method

It is one of the important methods that keep the student’s mind active without the use of material. Students usually implement this practice to improve brainpower. It also helps in keeping memorize things more effectively. The retrieval method will improve only when we focus on the textbook, study material, and strengthen our basic. Suppose, if we study all the points of textbooks and study material then we don’t need to think much while attempting the question. Therefore, we can easily retrieve our revision by look out the title of the topic. In some of the cbse school howrah, faculty members enriched the method of retrieval methods for the best growth and development.

Explanation method

We can easily imagine how the explanation method could be important from the prospects of student growth. The proper explanation will lead you to the best understanding of the topic. Hence, a good faculty member is also very important in terms of the explanation method. Therefore, we need one of the top school in howrah that could give clear guidance and better explanation to the student doubts.

A proper method of elaboration help student open-minded describes ideas with many details.

Use of specific example

Do you know an example can clearly set the best ideas of any subject, topic and make it stronger than before? The real reason behind it because of its specific example. Therefore, always provide the most relevant and effective example for the students. It is the responsibility of the teachers to provide examples based on the problem and ability to understand among students. Every student is not as sharp as other students standing next to you. Therefore, we need to elaborate it in such a condition that it makes students easy to understand.

Hence, these are 3 effective learning strategies for student educational growth in different schools. If we imply these 3 learning strategies in students then we can surely see some changes in their skills, growth, body language, and other development. We also need to keep in mind that these learning strategies are useless without proper implementation. Therefore, we need to find the school and academic culture that could provide excellent guidance to their student for better shape in the future. Hence, choose to provide cbse school admission in howrah that gives the best learning strategies under the top guidance of educators. However, it is also the responsibility of the parents to look after your child proper implementation of learning strategies.

Letter knowledge is a recognition of letter names and letter sounds. It is a capacity to understand the meaning of a particular word. The knowledge of the letter generates understanding and imagines the words. Hence, it is very important to provide letter knowledge to the child from their schooling age. The cbse board school in howrah has a great impact on providing the knowledge of letters to their students in a unique way. The prime reason behind the uniqueness is their focus on vocabulary. The power of vocabulary could create a great impact on the child’s knowledge. It also increases the letter knowledge of children in various ways. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of letter knowledge for children in their educational life. Let’s discuss this.

Importance of letter knowledge for child

Certain real facts about Letter Knowledge

  • There are 26 alphabets in the letter.
  • Each letter has Uppercase and Lowercase for each word, which is 52 different shapes.
  • A child must remember the shape of different 52 letters of both (Upper and lowercase).
  • The letter has two different formations: Vowel (A, E, I, O, U) and Consonant (B, C, D), etc.
  • Each word has different sounds based on its starting word.

All these facts are real challenges for your child but it is not impossible to remember. Hence, you need to provide proper guidance and schooling background for your child’s knowledge development. Get the top cbse schools in howrah that has the best ability to provide knowledge to your child.

How to develop letter knowledge on your child?

There are several ways to develop knowledge of the child. You can let your child learn in fun ways, interesting ways, and educational ways. Let’s also discuss how to develop the letter knowledge.

Get creative Alphabet books

Get the most creative and fun learning books for your child. The books must contain some interesting images that can attract your child to get knowledge and enjoy reading books.

Sing alphabets with your child

During the child learning process, it is important to make things in a fun and positive manner. It is the best way to keep energize your child during letter knowledge. Hence, interesting activities to sing alphabets song could naturally increase the knowledge of your child. It is one of the most important steps at the best cbse school howrah that provide knowledge to our child.

Make fashion of alphabets

It is one of the most interesting ways to improve your child’s letter knowledge. Put them alphabets dress, banners, etc that has the word knowledge. Such fashion will also give your child a knowledge in the most unique and stylish way.

Associate word with their favorite letter

We can easily assume our child favorite activities. Like playing, watching cartoons, eating pizza, etc. Therefore, during the study, we can associates such favorite activities of our child into words. This method usually gives a quick response in the understanding to our child.

Hence, these are some of the importance of letter knowledge for the child in their educational life. By the implementation of such steps on a daily basis could also improve the letter knowledge in our child. However, we need the best schooling guidance that provides the best knowledge to our child. Hence, pick the best cbse school admission in howrah for your child development.

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SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE liluah announces its Admission open for the session 2021-22, providing opportunity to the Students in Howrah for studying in one of the best CBSE School . Get CBSE School Admission in Howrah and connect with the most unique smart classrooms. We at SMIL believe that Academic excellence is desirable but teaching good values is the essence of education. We not only take the task of raising career conscious students but also making them socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education essential for complete growth and development . We also emphasize on co curricular and Extracurricular activities as only formal education is not enough in this present world.

The Admission is only open for limited number of seats as per availability. The selection will be purely merit based and will be done on the basis of written test followed by Personal Interview.

We announce the admission open for the Session 2021-22, from October 2020. The admission is open from Toddlers to Class VIII. The process of admission has been explained below. Parents/ Guardian are requested to follow the given procedure.
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