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We have seen several issues regarding children who struggling during reading passage or comprehension. Some children unable to decode the letters properly and some who read and express the reading properly but unable to figure out the meaning of the word. Therefore, reading proper vocabulary, understanding the meaning,  grammatical development, and proper oral expression is the sign of a good reader. If you want your child to develop their reading skill than provide newspapers, interesting facts books, storybooks to develop their reading skill. Also, try and practice 5 new words to remember on a daily basis. This type of practice is the best way to develop their reading skills.  Some of the english medium school in howrah provides unique steps to improve the reading skills of students during classes.

Steps to improve reading skills

Let’s find out different steps to improve reading skills of your child:

If you want to watch the best result on your child then it is good to practice from the beginning to improve their reading skill. By the time children get older, Their reading skills will be a lot better than before. This method of good reading skills will also improve the speech and speaking power of your child.

Here are the important strategies to try out with students who read fluently but struggle to comprehend what they’re reading.

Improve Overall English Language

It is a common matter to the child that they face during reading comprehension, The children unable to read and understand the vocabulary word of the English language. It is a common problem exist when children unable to practice at an early stage. Poor reading comprehension, worse spoken grammar and low knowledge of vocabulary is part of the problems. Therefore, to improve reading comprehension educators must approach the vocabulary, perception of word implementation and spoken language.

Knowledge of Vocabulary

Knowledge of vocabulary is very important to improve the reading skills of your child. The prime reason behind poor reading skills is less knowledge of vocabulary that they read and hear. Therefore, it is very important to provide the knowledge of vocabulary by learning 5 new words on a daily basis. The cbse school in howrah district initiates the process of learning vocabulary to improve reading skills.

Create reading strategies

It is very important to create reading strategies if you are able to improve your reading skill. Right strategies only implement by having depth knowledge of vocabulary. Sometimes students have proper knowledge of vocabulary but unable to implement during speaking. This is also one of the major barriers to reading skills in your mind. Therefore, teachers need to implement the proper thinking strategies on improving reading skills. Top 10 school in howrah have the following strategies includes: Discussing different reading activities, Developing the method of the question while reading, Improve imagination power during reading, Make the right prediction of the word while reading.

Hence, These are the important steps to improve reading skills on your child. Such skills and strategies listed above are used with the different schools. Therefore, get admission in CBSE school in howrah to let your child improve in the English language. The faculty members closely align with reading and speaking arts by selecting proper reading material, Speaking strategies by vocabulary knowledge.

There are several ways to improve reading strategies for students that really work such as composed reading in a group also known as choral reading and other is verbal reading also ear reading improves students’ English fluency, improves their vocabulary, and strongly built their confidence. There are several CBSE school in howrah district implement these methods to improve students reading strategies.

During the choral reading, it is a process of reading a book together. We will discuss the importance of Composed or choral reading below and verbal reading i.e. ear reading where students are able to read through audiobooks or other reading software. The main ideas behind the reading strategies to improve the accuracy of students reading and learning. Every english medium school in howrah provides reading strategies for students that really work to improve it.

Proper reading strategies for students

There are better alternatives to round-robin and popcorn reading: “Of the 30-odd studies and articles I’ve consumed on the subject,” says Todd Finley, a professor of English education, “only one graduate research paper claimed a benefit to round-robin reading or its variations.” It simply doesn’t benefit students to have poor fluency skills and pronunciation modeled, and asking students to take turns reading aloud in front of the whole class can stigmatize struggling readers.

Composed reading in group

Choral reading is an educational technique to improve the reading strategies of students. It is a composition of both teachers students read books together. The teachers initiate this method to improve the students reading ability, expand vocabulary and improve English fluency. The teachers and students read a textbook aloud together. Mainly, the teachers will identify the struggling part of students. The teachers will also influence and encourage the readers to take participate in a reading.

The idea of composed reading in a group mainly provides you a large number of students reading the textbook one by one. It means there are a large number of reading abilities are available together. The student reads the textbook louder and alternatively. Students can be able to catch the proper vocabulary and also at the time of reading they can also improve their fluency. At the time of listening, students will understand the method of reading also clear their doubts if any.

Verbal Reading

Verbal reading is also known as Ear reading. The process of reading audiobooks or similar reading software is known as Verbal reading. This method is coming under the modern education with the innovation of technology. This method also improves the listening power to a successful stage. Nowadays, under top 10 school in howrah provide these features to improve the reading strategies of students.  It is a great approach to improve reading skills and must implement at least periodically for all students.

The verbal reading has several benefits. According to research, it improving the dyslexia of students who listened to audiobooks. It also helps you improve reading accuracy, behavior, academic performance, speaking power. This method also motivate students and approach social involvement together.

Hence, we understand the reading strategies for students that really work and become a good reader and listener. These are the best strategies to support education broadly. It improves the problems like dyslexia of students. Therefore, it is very important to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that guides with all these necessary activities to improve students learning.

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