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Apart from good education, Children also need to learn discipline and stay calm during any misbehavior. We usually provide admission to several top schools in India but unfortunately, we overlooked the discipline and behavior parts. Hence, it must be the needy for the parents to provide admission in cbse school in howrah that provides good education, learn discipline and steps of getting calm. In this article, we will learn the process to make your child discipline and stay calm.

A process to make your child discipline and stay calm

Read your child’s mind

Sometimes you might find your child is getting anxiety, yelled, misbehave or short-tempered. Being parents, you need to find out the reason of being anxious and misbehaviors among your child. The best and most suitable way to find out the result is to read your child’s mind properly. Focusing on child sensation and emotional parts will increase the root cause development on your child.

Try to make your child stay calm during misbehavior and teach them how to respect humans (Both Elder or Younger). There might be many consequences but if you provide better learning and teach discipline, you will observe massive changes inside your child’s brain. You can also notice the positivity inside your child’s brain. Every top 10 cbse school in howrah provides the process to make your child discipline and stay calm. The parents who implement the method on their child found the best satisfaction.

Accept Challenges

When you find the reason for misbehaving and anxiety accept the challenges to change your child attitude. The initial steps to accept challenges by understanding what your child needs? Why did this trauma happen? Now, find out the solution to win challenges. Try not to misbehave with your child if you want to become their friends in well being, Always spend some quality time with your child, Play around with your child in free time, listen to their demand and desire. Always try to teach the valuation of life and desire. Fulfill their limited demand but not unlimited because in case of unlimited demand your child will start losing control and emotion over everything. Teach them what is best suitable for them.

Good coordination between teachers and students

In several schools, we witness the increment of anxiety and adversity among students. There must be several cause behind these roots. Being the responsible faculty member of english medium school in howrah, teachers find out the reason for anxiety and adversity. They follow the traditional discipline methods that give the best result to the students. The traditional discipline contains different roots and observation. Therefore, it is very important to provide the traditional discipline among your child to get the best benefits.

In order to make your students discipline, maintain good coordination with students. Try to listen to their problems and become a good mentor to them. Co-regulation is the best process of helping students to overcome the frustrating situation. Therefore, maintain good coordination with your students for a better discipline. This is the best process to make your child discipline and stay calm in the society to become a responsible citizen.

The life of the students is associated with various adventures. They required different skills, abilities, dedication, hard work and soft skills. Such skills are playing an important role in students life like in competitive exams, careers and in many more fields. These skills are also helpful in school, colleges, and professional careers.  There are different educational institutes focusing to develop soft skills part among students. The soft skill is an important type of skill which could develop the student in various field. Therefore, english medium school in howrah implement the process to develop the skills. Let’s find out some important use of soft skills that students need to develop.

Soft Skills that students need to develop

Before turn into the discussion let’s understand what is soft skills are all about?

Soft skill is a process of developing the ideas and convey that ideas for better implementation. It is a very serious activity to handle out in every serious situation. It is very important in today’s world as the management ship is developing rapidly. You need to have better soft skills to analyze the work and proper feedback. It helps to develop a powerful personality which might help students in school, colleges and in their professional career in the future.

Better Decision-maker

The soft skills develop the mind of a student. Proper development of soft skills will increase your brainpower.  The soft skill will make you a better decision-maker in the future. Therefore it is important to have such skill that can provide instant judgment in the spot. The best decision maker can develop their growth in school, college and especially in the office. The management or organization requires a better decision-maker that could beneficial to their company.  Hence, develop the soft skills in your child for having a better career in the future.


It is a part of the soft skills that let you learn how to be a good leader and why teamwork is necessary.

We know that “Unity is strength”. Therefore, the use of teamwork is a very essential skill in today’s stage. Working together is always providing an effective result and features lots of ideas. Therefore, it is important to learn the valuation of teamwork.

Develop personal skill

The soft skill will develop both inner and outer personal skills. The personal skill will help you to understand yourself, your emotion, thoughts, beliefs, opinion, and prospects. The skills will develop your thinking ability, decision-making process, and better ability. It also helps you to understand the thoughts, opinions of other people associated with your projects and work. This is one of the most valuable uses of soft skills that students need to develop in their careers. Every howrah best cbse school implement the method of developing personal skills.

Effective communication

Communication skill is very important in the development of personality. It can give you better results everywhere you implement. It is not just restricted to Schools or Colleges but it provides a huge impact on professional careers. Therefore, provide cbse school admission in howrah that provide a better communication level in students life.

Finally, we understand the importance and use of soft skills that students need to develop in their educational journey.  Always remember that an advance competitive world requires students to carry a unique soft-skills method that can develop their communication, personal development and make you a better leader in the future. Therefore, every top cbse school in howrah provides a soft skills method to develop their students.

Education and personality development both are important segments in a student’s life. Both have equal rights and also have their own importance in growing student minds, brains, and development.  Every child has its own specialty and has a unique personality. Its the responsibility of both parents, and teachers to influence and approach your child’s personality development from the beginning. The top cbse schools in howrah provide several functions of personality development for children that enrich maximum satisfaction.

Personality Development of Child

Every child has its own capacity of the brain and thinking power. Therefore, do not get panic for their growth rate. Raising children as strong and confident individuals can be quite a task and requires hard work from the parent’s side. As parents, you need to ensure that your child gets a positive environment both at home as well as at school— so that they can learn and understand the world around them.

All mental and physical development happens in the early stages of childhood and that’s why it’s important to start working on your child’s personality development.

What is personality development? 

There are several characters to a child’s including the confidence, courage, and respect they give and get from others.   A child’s personality undergoes several changes from the time they start understanding the world around them and this includes meeting different kinds of people. Most of the time, children learn a lot from their parents, including their behaviour.

How to improve your child with personality development

Personality development doesn’t just come by providing do’s and don’ts to students but in actual terms, you need to provide them practical knowledge by doing some act in front of them. Theoretical knowledge can only provide you the basic knowledge but if you really wanted your child’s personality to improve then practical knowledge is the best experience. Every english medium school in howrah is providing a maximum approach for personality development. Let’s read out the function of personality development for children.

Listen carefully

Listen to your child very carefully when they speak. Do not ignore or overlooked their words. If you don’t listen to them properly it will make them more un-comfort while talking. Rather, they will feel more insecure while talking for the next time. However, Children love attention and as they grow old their expression will also develop while talking. Therefore, listen to your child carefully.

Don’t compare

It is not good to compare your child with anybody. Neither with your neighbour, Schoolmates, Friends, Relatives or with their own Brother/Sister. Because if you start comparing your child with anyone it can directly input the negative impact on them. Thus, the result might disappoint you in the future. Obviously, physical growth but also mental growth will affect them deeply. When you compare your child to someone else, it confuses them and they start feeling that they are not good enough. Give them the freedom to explore and come up with innovative thinking.

Don’t speak the wrong word in front of them

Speaking wrong or abusive word can provide the wrong impact on your child’s mind. Children at an early age are very active and their working quickly in terms of grabbing any new words. In such cases, if anyone speaks wrong or abusive words in front of them, they will catch them very fast. This will definitely provide them wrong impression and also it is not good for personality development. Not at all! Some of the listed cbse affiliated schools in howrah is purely based on discipline and instruct their parent to be supportive and well behaviour towards their child.

Speak right, behave right

Children learn from their parents and so in order to ensure that your child speaks and behaves right, you need to speak and behave right at home and that will leave a lasting impression in their lives. Your child will grow watching you from all beginning. Therefore be kind and humble to them.

Allow them to play 

Today’s generation has lost its touch with sports due to several reasons. Sports are the best activities for children to develop personality development. Enrol them to as many sports as possible—time permitting so that they can effectively balance education and sports training. Additionally, you can also enrol them to learn music. Music has the power to calm and by learning music, they will get several skills that will improve their personality.

Strict their mobile/TV time

Handling mobile devices, TV, and electronic devices are the biggest reasons why children have difficulty in developing their personalities. According to several studies, spending too much time in front of electronic devices would impact children’s intellectual and social development. Therefore, make a schedule and restrict their limitation of using any electronic devices for the particular time being.

Give them space

Handholding a child up to some extent is okay but poking on their all activities can harm their personality development. Also, your child will be very much dependable upon you and he/she will not be able to produce any decision-making process. Therefore, give your children a bit of space to choose what they want to do at a particular hour or day, how they arrange books in their school bags, or how they want to study or do their homework or any other activity. You have to be caring toward your child but it’s also important to teach them how to manage their responsibilities.

Personality isn’t all about looking good or wearing good clothes. It’s certainly also not about eating the right food or staying healthy. While these are important, they should be in the second or third order or priority. Personality development should be first. Teaching your child personal development will change their outlook toward knowledge, social skills, life, interpersonal skills, and others.

To improve personality development among any child, one can provide in cbse school admission in howrah, It teaching our students about the function of personality development for children. It is one of our major activity as we believe that this is important for the comprehensive development of the children.

Almost all children have at least one bad habits that annoying their parents. Such habits like head rolling, thumb or finger sucking, nail-biting, breath-holding, teeth grinding, nose picking, hair twirling, hair pulling, and headbanging are so common among young children that we tend to ignore these mostly. We can find various children bad habits and remedies to solve with them under the best observation. However, when you want to change these bad behaviours in your child, you should first try to recognize why your child is doing it on a regular basis. Children usually do these things either to grab attention or when they are either stressed or unhappy, frustrated. Children find these habits calming and soothing. Sometimes it happens when you are not providing them with the most suitable school for them. Therefore, provide them with the best english medium school in howrah with its great environment strategy.

Children Bad habits and remedies to solve with them

None of these habits is life-threatening or indicative of any serious health problem. But it looks bad and undisciplined socially. Most children forget these when they grow and these habits are no longer part of their adult lives. However, managing the ‘bad’ behaviours can be difficult.

Here are the tips that you can follow to use your children bad habits and remedies.

Ignore their activities

The first rule is to ignore whatever your child is doing. Remember these are not permanent and things will terminate in the future.

Praise Your Child

All of us feel good when we are praised for something good we did. Similarly, you must praise your child for good behaviour. For example, when you notice your child is engaged in activities other than the ones mentioned above, praise him/her. You can say something like, “I noticed you did not suck your thumb today. That’s good.” Or you also say, “What a good day it has been today. You did not roll your head like other days.” Every best cbse school howrah must maintain this activity and appraise them frequently.

Have Patience

Making your child quit bad habits is not a matter of joke. They once make it as a hobby is very difficult to remove. It is always impossible unless you use a harsh method to solve it. You need to have patience and wait for the child to realize that he/she may be doing wrong by biting nails or sucking fingers or picking the nose. It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers cbse board school in howrah to take care of such an instance. For instance, if your child sucks thumb all day and you have no way to get him out of the habit, tell him it’s gross and others will hesitate to shake hands with him. Over time, he will realize his folly and will give it up completely.

Do Not Give Attention

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes it is not just a habit but some children do these stuff just to grab attention into them. Therefore, the best thing is to ignore their habits at certain times. Giving them any attention, even if it’s negative, may actually encourage them to repeat the behaviour or pick up another bad habit.

Engage Your Child in Other Activities

Another way you can keep your child away from these habits is to get them engaged in some activities like giving them a toy, taking them to a park or even leaving them to play with other kids in the neighbourhood or building. When children are engaged in playful activities, they will not have the thoughts of doing any bad habits or behaviour.

Imparting a sense of right behaviour in the early years will go a long way in tackling the problem. As a parent, you need to have patience and trust in your child.

Every cbse affiliated schools in howrah advice their parents to follow the above steps for children bad habits and remedies to solve with them. You have to go easy with kids and don’t get so worked up about their behaviour. They are just kids and most things they are doing now are something you probably did as a child too. Remind them and talk to them about the ill-effect of these habits.

We all are similar to attending classes, making notes and study. However, making notes is not just the ultimate goal of it. We need to get involved with our learning techniques as well. Therefore, Memorizing techniques for students is mandatory in every exam. The english medium school in howrah always notes the state of mind to remember what you studied the time you wanted to remember it. We face day-to-day problem on various memorizing techniques (i.e. an answer for a question). Let’s discuss some 5 memorization techniques for students.

Memorization Techniques For Students

Relaxation of mind

The first technique you should use to remember the notes you studied during the exam is to relax your mind and body. Take a simultaneous break and take a deep breath to help you access your entire mind and body. This process impact in cbse school in howrah district that gives you the best result on your memorizing techniques. Let’s find out some other points to help you relax:

Use old gadgets:- Most of the students get new pens, a pencil, rulers, an eraser, a geometry-box… Etc.) to solve exams with. Using old gadgets can give your mind in a better state of relaxation. You will feel relax and comfortable while writing by using the same gadgets you were using. This process will help you in preparing yourself better also getting extra gadgets for unavoidable circumstances.

Remember the worst-case scenario:- If you are reading or learning a certain topic always remember the worst-case scenario to select the alternative process of it. The worst-case scenario will give you the best lesson in your exams. This is will also help you in rectifying the mistakes that you shouldn’t repeat in the future. This case will let you prepare to have other plans to solve in your exam, like leaving a space or putting commas for certain notes or questions and return to it when you finish solving the exam question. By applying this option, the best way of memorization will exist in the worst-case scenario.

Link what you study with imagination

For a real vision, link your study and learning techniques with a better vision. This vision will help both your brain’s sides and function well. This can also help you to memorize and retrieve certain topics deeply.

Like the most unlike topic

Most of the time we get irritated with a certain topic that makes us bored, tough and unable to understand from inside. Always cheers on your brain and make your mind fresh before memorizing such topics. Such as watch your favourite TV shows, Web series and eat your favourite food. Now when you are happy and relax get into such topics and start memorizing it. The happiness and relaxation of your mind will give an extra boost in remembering such topics in the exam. The faculties of best cbse school howrah implement the process for perception and growth.

Use colors

This is the most important segments in students life to color the important topic that you study with it. The students usually color the notes to connect the answer to the question and read the most important points to memorizing the answer properly. By doing it so different students apply this technique differently. Some of them use the red color with apple and anything related to it or linking white color with the moon and anything related accordingly. By applying this technique, you can memorize the notes and questions for exams.

Link your study with different books

All subjects have different sources nowadays. Such as books, study material (Any Coaching/Institute) You will get the Apps of the best school in howrah and various online video classes (YouTube).  This technique will help you to increase your knowledge of different topics. You can easily clear your doubts with the help of different sources. By following such memorization techniques for students, they will be able to get into the depth of that subject.

It is good to see a dream that you admire. But It is also your responsibility to work and complete your dream. Few things are important in life before setting your goal and achieving it. Just like a badminton player experience a “Warm-up” before a real game, so too does complete any goal produce a sense of elation and pride. Therefore, We come to explore some steps to set goal and achieve them in different ways of a plan to pursuing goals. Goals won’t just complete automatically. You need to be focused on achieving it. Start your hard work now. Keep running unless you do not reach the pick. The best school in howrah help to achieve your aspirations. It is easier to achieve when you get the best platform and support for your education.

It is a known fact that people who learn to set goals and achieve them go on to become highly successful in life. But the sad fact is that most people do not learn to do this and apply it in their life.

Here are 3 Steps to set a goal and achieving them.

Set Goal & Achieve them

Fix your goal in life

Know what is your ambition in life and why you want it. If you learn to start paying attention to your inner thoughts and desires this will help you to determine what it is that you want. Fix a solid goal in your life with passion and achieve it. You should take out of your day to reflect on your life and what it is that you want for yourself. Some of the faculty members from the top 10 school in howrah show the right path and attention to their students in their goals and achievements.

Write your goal again and again

Get in a habit of writing out your goal again and again like what it is that you want to achieve. Best cbse affiliated school in howrah will ensure you closer to your goal. Then make a plan on how you will get from where you are now to where you want to be. You may experience unnatural at first but once you get in a habit of this then it will become automatic.

Make planning and initial it

Make your plan and start to put it into action. No matter what you start happening to keep working toward reaching the steps to your plan.  This is the key to reaching your end result. You need to keep focus and keep working away at it. If you make it a habit to work this daily then this will help to keep you motivated in the future.

Finally, we discussed all the necessary steps to set goal and achieve them. This is also to notice that a childhood dream is incomplete without parental support. Therefore, it is the duly responsibility of parents to support your child in education and in personal choices too. Provide admission in cbse school in howrah that boost your child completely. Finally a greeting to students: This is your life and you have the choice to live your life at your own happiness but not at worst risk or position. See your dream which you can complete at your depth hard work.

It is really easy to achieve than you may think once you know the mantra of success.

Education is a beautiful and most important journey for student life. It brings a lot of changes in the body language of students and provides a great impact on their minds. Our educational journey starts from Pre-School to Toddlers followed by Primary school to High-school and at the end Graduation to Post-graduation. Also, some of them still continue with B.Ed & P.hd(Doctorate). In the journey of education students read, write and gives exam to pass out for an upper level. This journey goes smooth till 10th Standard and then the real stories began. After the completion of Matriculation, the stream divided into 3 ways. Science/Commerce/Arts and that courses lead you up to the college graduation and post-graduation. Usually, students get confused in between here stream and finally go for anyone. In the middle of pursuing, students find difficulty by choosing the wrong stream that He/She chosen. It is the common effect of students.

This usually happens to a few students every year. Some of the best school in howrah provide excellent guidance before choosing the right stream for them. Therefore, don’t get panic about it. They played an excellent role as mentors in student life. Let’s discuss some effects and remedies for choosing the wrong stream. This article will provide a positive impact on the future of students.

Effects and Remedies of Choosing the Wrong Stream

Never Give Up

This is not just the cooking recipe that you can replace a sudden. It is something that your entire life based on your one decision. At a certain stage, it would be worse that make you give up on what you really want to do. In the worst case you will leave the stream/course, take the rest of the year and start a new course or university the following year. Basically, it will take a long time that could waste your time with the age of your career. Therefore, Never ever give up on the course/stream you chosen for your career. It might look long but not impossible to survive. The faculty members of school in howrah work into the matter of students. They provide the best guidance to their problems and help them into it. Hence, fight with your course and get victory over it.

Find the Problem

If there is a will there’s a way. If you have problems in your life then definitely there is a solution to that problem. Similarly, if you have chosen a course that is difficult to solve then try to find the problem with the course. Make sure that you work into the problem of course and do not make that mistake again. For knowledge, if you thought your Science stream is good for your next level and later it disappointed you that it wasn’t, then next time you start with the basics and depth of the course and ensure that it does teach all you need to know about science with technology.

It could be a problem with your knowledge or learning techniques of professors. Sometimes the school or colleges doesn’t suit you. Therefore, never lose hope and keep finding the problem and solve it accordingly. Our listed top 10 school in howrah implies the same techniques to inquire about the problem of students.

Teachers Support

Schools or colleges do not want students dropping out if for no other reason than it makes them look bad. Also, they care about the student’s problem and so they support in place to help in every situation. Therefore, it is very important to provide a cbse school admission in howrah for better guidance.

We finally into the conclusion parts of the effects and remedies of choosing the wrong stream. We have probably assigned every effect and remedies of the wrong stream and hope we provide a better solution to it. In some cases, the parents must go for a personal tutor because in case they encounter any problems and they should be your first port of call. If you do not have a personal tutor the school/colleges will have other support available, which you should make use of.

Education is the most valuable and experimental learning. Our journey of education starts from Pre-School to Toddlers, Matriculation, Intermediate and finally comes to end in Graduation and Post-graduation. We learn different things at a different level that gives us a true lesson of Education. This implies to the empowerment in many ways. Education has the power to destroy ignorance, poverty, and make individuals balanced and responsible for their career choices. In educational life, the most supreme thing is to get the level of confidence from the mind of a body. We basically experienced a tensed situation mostly when we are unable to solve the problem and since we find the solution, we find the relaxation in our mind. This is called the Power of mental health in Education. Some listed school in howrah describe the outcome of mental health in education.

Mental health in Education

Understand the basic education for Calm Mind

This is the first rule of any education is to understand the basic of education. The basic education will increase the power of understanding in education. It also increases the level of concentration and focuses on your child. Every top 10 school in howrah follows the basic things of every subject/topics to understand the deep level of their mind and power. The more knowledge of basics will also enhance your education more strong in the future. Therefore, It is very important to follow the basic education part that can control the mind to keep calm in the future.

Stress-free due to availability of education

Education is expanding broadly. Nowadays learning everything is possible with the availability of different educational apps and tools.  Today, due to the prevalence of online learning we are able to access topics or doubts in a much less linear format and solve it quickly.  Hence, it gives the best mental satisfaction and relaxation too. This method implies the best school in howrah that provides the power of mental health in education. The learning process is not just limited to the School/Classes only. Does it go with different education like How to Cook? How to ride a bicycle? How to play cards? Once, we get the solution we find a stress free from our mind.

You can learn many topics for free, from the YouTube channel. It is a free education and results in the best among classes. Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, all you need an Internet to access it.

Make Social Responsibility

The majority of people who suffer from mental health issues tend to spend a lot of time on their own, in an isolated environment; it is a trap in their own mind. Therefore, to make your child social provides cbse school admission in howrah that gives the best education and guidance. The technical term for this is “rumination” where they think about things chronically to the point of overthinking – in part, this is because they don’t have a very “busy” life.

The social benefit of education, therefore, is to get your child out of their own head and into the outside world. It leads to more personal social interactions that lead to a sense of less isolation and there’s a commonality between people (in the sense they are all studying the same course) that bonds and unites.

The life of the student is just not easy. It is very tough to maintain as students surround between various classes, coaching, tuition followed by home-work, assignment, and presentation. In between all these, they get confuse how to balance between study and life.  As a student you know that class-work is going to require a lot of your time. Therefore, you have to create an effective plan to make certain everything is completed when it needs to be done. You quickly discover that your school schedule can become quite demanding. Especially when you have many responsibilities to meet each week, and the number of assignments increases so does the pressure. Finally, we realize a huge pressure to maintain in between but don’t have any idea how to balance it accordingly. Some of the best school in howrah find out some steps to balance between study and life.

How to balance between study & life

Make Perfect Schedule

The most effective starting point for the development of a work-life plan is to create a perfect schedule for your study. Take into consideration all of your responsibilities and goals but don’t stop there. Always strict with your basic priorities to achieve work and never fail especially if you have a tendency to put work first. Take challenges according to your ability because more work beyond your capacity could be dangerous and leads to the result of failures. Therefore, take the challenges and complete it by making the perfect schedule. It is possible to have an effective time management plan and still perform poorly simply because you forgot to take care of yourself.

Stay focused and self-development

To get success, most of the students stay focused on their courses, future career plans. Such plans provide a sense of drive and self-motivational power. By the time being, we forget to be socially and leave time for relationships. This is the degradation of self-development and we may experience health-related issues like headaches, stress, anxiety. It is not possible to perform your best if you are always on the go and never take a break. Therefore, it is mandatory to take a few minutes each day or a couple of hours each week to prevent stress and anxiety. Under the list of some top school in howrah tries to keep your mind stay focused and feel recharged. This innovative process will likely discover the mind positivity, sense of purpose, clarity, and determination in your tasks.

Break-Time for mental peace

A mental break is necessary when you are struggling with your studies and projects. Putting the minds in pressure to come up with new and innovative ideas. This is the initial stage of mind-pressure under different moments. Of course, students may not feel that a break is justified or warranted, especially with deadlines looming, but the plan for allocating your time does not have to be equally balanced. Therefore, it is important to balance the timing for at least 30-minutes/day in middle work for better mental peace. Some of the school in howrah declare the Break time to balance the demand of mental peace for both students and teachers that brings you the most creative thoughts towards your priorities.

Positive approach

We finally into the section of the conclusion where we find steps on how to balance between study and life. We also found different schools have different positives approaches towards their goals. Therefore, putting in school admission in howrah would be significant for your child to gain a positive approach for their body and mindset. When you make a commitment to your school-work you have to consider how you will maintain your well-being. It’s a coping strategy that does take time out of your schedule. But the return on your investment will usually mean that you are better equipped and are better prepared to meet the demands you face while feeling a sense of control and focus.

Children are the most precious gift for us. It is the primary duty of parents to keep them safe from every instance. In order to keep them safe provide knowledge about every subject, they saw interesting. Make aware of good and bad is not only the responsibilities of parents but also schools play a significant role in it. Some of the best school in howrah took responsibility to implement this technique. Compare to the earlier days, taking care of a child is quite difficult. Earlier, they hung out around the neighbourhood with other boys or girls you were familiar with their parents too. These days all that has changed. With the innovation of new technologies and personal computers into almost every home and the advent of the high-speed, always-on internet connection that surrounds the danger zone. Therefore, follow these basic steps to keep your child safe on the internet.

Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

Don’t Use A Computer Without An Adult With You

The children are always curious and excited about new things comes to their life. The children need some type of supervision while using a computer. Therefore, explain to them that the computer is much more different from other household and they need to have an adult present. Hence, it is the most important step to keep your child safe on the internet.

A Computer Is Not A Toy

The computer is a valuable asset to us. It is required for work and gathers knowledge from it. Some of the top school in howrah provide lessons to their child how the computer connection goes outside the house to anywhere where we don’t always know who a person is. A good analogy would be to explain how we don’t walk up to a stranger and have a conversation with them or go anywhere with someone we don’t know.

Create Their Own User Profile

The initial stage before let them access the computer is to create their own user profile. Finally, create a user profile on your PC without putting any password. Just use their first name and show them how to click on it to enter the profile. Be sure to lock this profile down and put some bookmarks to safe sites on their desktop.

Disable Unnecessary Application

Our children are not mature enough to handle email ID, Messenger or instant accounts so don’t set any of them at this age. It is quite unusual for them to handle at this stage and also put your child into the un-safest zone by entering into the social world at a premature age. It’s only asking for trouble, therefore, disabled it. This is the well-known steps to keep your child safe on the internet.

Take Lessons From School Lab

After home, school is the next safest place for the child. So it is the duty of schools to guide some major steps to keep the child safe on the internet. Every top cbse school in howrah has the smart computer lab to provide knowledge to heir child. Such schools also apply some safety measures to protect kids from the internet. The laboratory Installs a kids’ browser for them. Software such as MyKidsBrowser, KidZui, and BuddyBrowser are great for young children. They allow children to feel like they have the ability to click buttons and go wherever they like and look at all the cool graphics but in reality, they are very restrictive as to where they are allowed to browse. Many of these offer a free download.

Install Kid’s Search Engine Tools

Sometimes Google search engine boxes showing the inappropriate and adult results in certain keywords. Therefore, if you observe your child using google search engine boxes then you must install Kids’ search engine for them. This may only apply to an older child. Many online search providers have kids-based searches. Sites such as kids.yahoo.com, askkids.com, and gogooligans.com offer free child-safe searches. Every cbse school in howrah apply these search engine tools for them.

No one knows your child better than you. The best thing going for his or her safety is your educating him/her about proper computer use and threats that exist on the internet. Similarly, Schools have equal responsibilities to keep them safe from the danger zone. Hence, provide admission to cbse school in howrah that guides and protect your child from the internet. Teaching your children about the internet and computer safety can also translate into being safer offline as well.

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