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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the final date of the Class 10th and Class 12th exams. The date of the exam will begin on May 4th for both Class 10 and Class 12. Therefore, the aspirants who missed yesterday’s announcement will get here everything in detail. The CBSE has made the biggest announcement in 2021 by releasing the dates of exams based on particular subjects.  We will provide you with all the details of the exam and important points and statements given by the CBSE board. We will also provide you with the direct link of CBSE to download the admit card of the CBSE Board exam 2021.

Hence, it is one of the biggest opportunity for the aspirants to get your best preparation for your CBSE board exam. Get connected to the top CBSE School in Howrah that brings various opportunities to score higher marks in CBSE board with their excellent guidance.

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Let’s discuss some of the important points of CBSE board 2021 in details

  • The date of the exam will begin on May 4.
  • Class 12th exams to be conducted in two shifts to reduce the number of days of examinations.
  • Second shift exams will be conducted on 4 days. On these days morning shift, the examination of Class 10 of main subjects will be conducted in which a maximum number of examinations should be used.
  • No school staff who have been given duty in the morning shift will be used in the afternoon shift in view of pandemic
  • The morning shift staff will not be used in the afternoon shift in view of the pandemic causes.
  • Total 75 subjects for class 10 and 111 subjects for the Class 12 exam will be held on the CBSE board 2021.

The exam pattern for class 10th is based on both objective and subjective types

  • For theory/annual board exam – 80 marks
  • Internal assessment – 20 marks
  • Total marks – 100 marks
  • Total Passing Percentage: 33%

Internal Assessment Test (10th Examination)

Type of Assessment Distribution of Marks
Periodic Test 5 marks
Multiple Assessments 5 marks
Portfolio 5 marks
Subject Enrichment Activities 5 marks
Total 20   marks

The exam pattern for class 12th is based on the following Criteria

The Class 12th exam is basically based on three different streams Science, Arts, and Commerce. The three streams have their own format of the examination. However, a total of 26 questions generally asked in the CBSE Class 12th board exam. The total duration of all exams is 3 hours. The question paper usually consists of the following type of questions: Very short answer questions (1 mark each), Short answer type questions-I (2 marks each), Short answer type questions-II (3 marks each), Value-based question (4 marks), and  Long answer type questions (5 marks each). The total passing percentage of CBSE board class XII is 33%.

To get the details of CBSE date sheet 2021 kindly visit the official website of CBSE

Hence, these are some of the important information based on CBSE for class 10th and Class 12th. We request you to kindly visit the official website of CBSE and check all the details of the Important dates, Exam Patterns, Syllabus, and many more.

“SMIL” is one of the best schools in Howrah that provides excellent guidance for class 10th and 12th board exams. However, the school provides expert guidelines that enriched the success with both Objective and Subjective exams. Get admission in CBSE school in Howrah provide the great guideline to the students for their exam.

Whether you are preparing for an exam or having a normal study, setting a proper schedule is very important for your best output. It is very important to implement some planning and strategies for your study. It helps in providing you with certain guidance on your goals and objective. Today, we will discuss how to set proper strategies for preparing your time table and also shows how to stick to it.

Top CBSE school in Howrah

Let’s understand the importance of your time table for your study plan

If we consider 100% of students in a classroom and make proper analytics then we can find different information. Such as 25% of the students never have any proper skills and strategies with their schedule. 30% of the students create a time table but never followed it. Rest 40% of the student is following the schedule but it is variant and not constant. Only 5% of the students have the ability to create and stick to their schedule. As result, they get success on exams. Of course, we can see only a few toppers in the classroom for that reason. Hence, we can see the differences of all the ratios and comparisons between 95% and 5%.

We need to be sound unique and different from others while getting successful. Therefore, the creation of a proper timetable is not just enough unless you implement it positively. Every top CBSE school in Howrah considers the methods of study plan for the best result.

Techniques to build a proper time table for your study plan

Look for Comfort Zone:

While you are making a schedule always look for your best comfort zone to fit. Understand the learning style. Get the perfect time zone to study. Either it is Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Night. Usually, the best comfort zone of study is Morning and Evening.

Set your Priorities:

We all have our goals and limitations. Hence, make sure to create proper visual learning, verbal learning, Aural learning, and many more. While making the schedule, set your work priorities to complete the task on time.

Make a proper diet chart:

Surely, a diet chart plays a significant role in giving you success during your exam. Make sure to eat healthy foods that energize your mind and body. The food would be the only things that will give you proper relaxation during the time being.

Have a good sleep:

Don’t make your sleep casual as it would impact your brain slowly and surely. Hence, make sure to have the proper amount of sleep at least 7-8 hours to make things effective. Sleeping will enhance the problem-solving method and also improve the concentration level of an individual.

Less use of Mobile Phone:

Excess use of anything is always dangerous to your life, goals, and career. Most of the persons are addicted to the phone and using it constantly while performing any task. Matter of fact, it distracts you every 2-3 minutes that would directly proportionate to your study and understanding. Hence, make sure to use your phone in emergencies or use it during breaks.

Allow to break yourself:

Studying for the whole day, starting from morning to night will not make you a topper or winner. Make sure to use your schedule effectively and don’t make any interruptions during study time. However, allow taking a break for yourself because it would refresh your mind and also improve your concentration for making the best plan and strategies further. Listen to songs, watch your favorite videos, listen to someone who can motivate you, and many more. That would be the success mantra of getting success.

Reward Yourself:

You don’t need someone to appreciate or reward your the whole time. Try to appreciate and reward yourself after the completion of a particular task. Such as eat your favorite chocolate, watch movies, walk out with friends, and many more. Hence, prepare a timetable of your daily routine and rule your routine for making the best future. However, it is good to listen and accept the appreciation and motivation from others but don’t make it a habit.

Hence, these are some of the basic points to understand how to set proper strategies for preparing your timetable and also show how to regulate on time. We also need to consider the proper school that has the ability to guide the students and ensure to provide success.

Join “SMIL” as one of the best school in Howrah that bring the best education for your child and ensure a bright success for them.

Digital learning is the biggest adaption and platform that bring excellent knowledge, growth, and development to the student. The education system starts promoting the digital and modern educational system. The prime reason for the promotion is to upgrade the education system and introduce new methods of education and learning. The modern education of digitization technology is also attracting the students to education, study, and work hard on their success. There are several important and advantages of digital education. Today, in this blog we will discuss the importance of digital learning in primary education that upgrades the education of the child.

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Advantages of Digital Learning

The number of advantage of this platform explains by the best school in Howrah are as follows:

  • It provides an opportunity for the child at the biggest level and platform.
  • It also un-box the talent and skills of the child based on its learning method.
  • Digital learning also enhanced the opportunity for the teacher to bring more learning methods for their students.
  • The framework and design are more approaching and motivating for the faculty member.
  • It helps the teachers to provide easy learning methods and experiences with a great amount of student involvement.

Importance of Digital Learning

Makes Student Smarter

It has various tools and technology that enable students to learn deeper and in the most effective ways. Such tools and techniques help students to grow and become smarter. A learning tool provides information to the student on what they need to learn, read, and write. Hence, this service and technique will help students to become smarter. It has more efficiency and productivity that engage their students in growing and developing with their tools and technology, analytics, and research methods.

Makes Students Self-learner

It makes students self-learner with its tools and technology. The prime reason behind the self-learner is the interesting tools that help them to become a curious learner. Digital learning engaged the students to become the team leader and self-motivators with the various learning approaches. It also helps students to improve in peer education, teamwork, problem-solving, reverse teaching, role-playing, events management, and many more.

Get the deeper context of the topic

Modern education with the formation of the digital learning approach will develop the students to learn more. It has several learning tools that help the students to get deeper context and knowledge about the topics. The learning platform also makes it easy for teachers to create and manage groups of students while providing learning knowledge. The deeper context will help them in creating dynamic grouping, workshops, and project-based learning for knowledge and education.

Hence, these are the advantages and importance of digital learning in primary education that upgrade the education of the child. Make sure that the digital learning education is broad and the method of learning approach is very attractive towards the students. Hence, get connect with the best CBSE school in Howrah that has smart learning classes and promotes digital learning education with its best framework.

We all are aware of the importance of school for our kids. The school provides proper education, knowledge, growth, development, skills, and many more. Therefore, it is very important to pick the best school in Howrah that has the ability to work hard and give success to your kids. Apart from knowledge and education, extra curriculum activity is also important. It provides several benefits during the process of motor development. The curriculum activity will also help in providing growth and development for the kids. It also helps in improving the physical and mental growth of an individual. In this blog, we will discuss the 5 best extra curriculum activities and their benefits for kids.

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The child loves to dance and it is also one of the most important curriculum activities that bring development to the child. Dance is also a sudden type of exercise that helps in making your body physically fit and stronger. Therefore, every school must organize a dance class for making children fun.


Singing is also the type of co-curriculum activity that helps in growing your child mentally. It also helps in remembering you more and it also helps in improving the focus. Children love to sing their favorite song. Therefore, it is also important to conduct the singing performance for your child in extra curriculum activity.

Sketch and Painting

The importance of sketch and painting is that it helps in making person creative. Hence, get involved with your child on sketches and paintings that help in growing and developing. It also helps in improving concentration power and mental growth.

Martial Arts

Martial arts will make your child physically stronger. Therefore, it is one of the most important pieces of extra-curriculum activity that a child must learn. Martial arts include judo, karate, and taekwondo that help in learning self-defence and self-control.

Learning Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is also a different kind of extra-curriculum activity that children learn. Nowadays, schools are also promoting other foreign languages such as French, Spanish, German, and more. The prime reason for such a foreign language is to provide development to the child.

“SMIL” is one of the top CBSE board school in Howrah that brings different foreign language classes to improve your child’s world knowledge.

Benefits of learning Extra Curriculum activity

Physical Development

An extra curriculum activity will provide you with several benefits. One of the prime benefits is that it improves physical development. Due to the involvement of physical activities, it helps in growing you physically stronger. Therefore, we must encourage and motivate our children to take participate in several extra-curriculum activities.

Improving Confidence

The daily learning of the extra curriculum activity will also influence your child to improve the confidence level. The completion of several tasks such as dance, singing, music will make their mind stronger and also help in improving their confidence level.

Stress Release

It is very important to perform the extra curriculum activity because it helps in reducing the stress of an individual.

Hence, these are some of the 5 best extra curriculum activities and their benefits for kids. It also helps in growing your child’s mind and body. Therefore, get involved with the school that has all the important ability to improve the child curriculum activities.

Join “SMIL” one of the Howrah best CBSE School that features different extra curriculum activities and has all the abilities to make your child grow and develop physically.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is expected to announce the date sheet for the 2021 X board examination. The board exam is one of the most vital exams that decide the future of the students. The result of the board exam will also decide the stream of the student in the future. This is Science/Commerce/Arts. CBSE is one of the easiest board to crack and score high in the exam. However, you need to provide little focus and effort for your exam. Hence, with a few months left, it is good to prepare decent to get good marks for your exam. In this blog, we will discuss how to get prepare for the CBSE board 10th Exam.

best school in Howrah

As we understand the importance of board exam. Therefore, we need to execute it with proper planning, schedule, and strategies that secure to score high marks in the CBSE board 10th exam. The Howrah best CBSE school is one that brings the best method of preparation.

The CBSE 10th standard released the exam pattern, details like marking scheme, the difficulty level of the questions, number and types of questions, marks and more. The paper pattern and marking schemes differ with each subject as some subjects have an only theory and other subjects have both practical and theory.

The CBSE X exam pattern is based on 80:20 pattern, of this 80 marks will be for written exam and 20 marks will be for internal assessment—periodic tests, notebook submission, subject enhancement activities.

All the questions will be from CBSE books and not from NCERT books.

To pass the exam, the student must score a minimum of 33% marks in both theory and practical.

Here are some of the examination tips that you can follow from the best school in Howrah:

Make a Time Table

Time Table is one of the most crucial things that give shape to your preparation. Always try to set proper rules and regulations with your schedule because it is good to be within the limit of everything. It is the symbol of good guidance and excellent preparation. The proper limitation will restrict your child from the distraction. It is a complete responsibility of the parents to provide certain guidance and approach them to follow the time table.

Solve Sample Papers

The daily practice of sample paper will increase the confidence level and also increase the speed of attending a maximum number of question. The best educational institute will provide you with daily practice paper, study material and some of the best tricks to crack the government exam. Therefore, practice at least 2 sample question paper on a daily basis to score good marks in the X exam. Get the best Sample paper from the CBSE board school in Howrah with proper research of the question series.

Practice Previous Year Question Paper

The practising of the previous year question will also improve the speed of the exam, improve the confidence level, and most importantly it gives an idea about the exam and question pattern.

Take Proper Rest

Take rest for at least 20 minutes on each hour of interval. Get proper sleep, play sports, go to movies or parks to de-stress.

Study in a Group

Study in the group has several benefits. It is always fun to study with a group of friends. It also helps you to learn better with a different group of student. The group study will also help you to understand the concept and help in clearing doubts.

Make Notes

Proper notes will help in giving a quick review to the students during the exams. Creation of your own notes will help you to understand better and save time and efforts.

Stay Positive

We all are aware of the importance of the CBSE board exam. However, we know we can crack and score high in the exam. Still, we are facing some problem and tension that impact our exam. Therefore, try to stay calm and relax. Be positive with your preparation for the board exam.

Let’s now look at subject-wise marks breakdown

For Language 1, Language 2, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, the paper will be for 80 marks in each subject and will include 100% of the class X syllabus. For each individual subject, both marks and grades will be awarded. CBSE will follow 8 point grading system.

According to the new rule by CBSE, schools will have to conduct an internal assessment of 20 marks to assess the student’s creativity, punctuality, reading skills, writing skills, and subject knowledge. This also includes a periodic test of 10 marks, notebook submission of 5 marks and subject enrichment activities of 5 marks.

For Language 1, Language 2, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, each paper will have 20 marks from the internal assessment. This includes:

10 marks from periodic tests: for the final submission, the best of two from the three periodic tests will be considered.  Periodic tests are not only meant to check the student’s preparedness but also to find out if any remedial measures are needed to help the help. These tests are pen and paper-based.

5 marks from notebook submission: this includes regularity of notebook submission, timely assignment completion, organisational skills, and neatness of the notebook.

5 marks from subject enrichment activities: this includes speaking skills, listening skills, practical lab work, math lab work, map work, and project work. There are also separate activities such as narrations, conversations, and dialogues, that are considered for marks.

There’s also a 6th additional subject and marking scheme followed either languages 1 &2 or subjects will be followed.

Grading System

CBSE assesses students on an 8-point grading system. The grading system has been recreated below:

Marks Range Grades
91-100 A1
81-90   A2
71-80   B1
61-70   B2
51-60   C1
41-50 C2
33-40 D
32 and Below E (Fail)

Grades will be given after considering the marks range obtained and considering both formative and summative assessments, grades will be given.

The upcoming CBSE board X exam 2020 will consist of Very Short Answer (VSA) type questions, Short Answer(SA) type questions, Long Answer (LA) type questions.  along with the making scheme.

School is one of the most integral parts of our lives that plays an important role in developing education in several ways. It brings the foundation of knowledge that consequence to the child’s skills, growth, and development. It also accommodates your child with several opportunities that can serve them to implies in the future. Hence, we can get involved in the top CBSE School in Howrah that aspects to provide knowledge in Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Politics, Computer, and many more.

However, the School’s surroundings also play an important part in the attributes of the child’s knowledge and education. Children are usually sensitive in choosing the right environment for their comfort zone. Therefore, it is very important for the school management to assemble the infrastructure beautifully that brings pleasure to be a part of the surroundings. In this blog, we will discuss how school surround plays a great role in developing education for the child.

CBSE school in Howrah

Bring Colorful and Enthusiastic Environment

To make the school surround more effective and powerful, we need to make things more creative and unique. Such as build the infrastructure more powerful, create a smart classroom, Smart laboratory facilities, and many more.

In terms of enthusiasm, the faculty members need to create a positive environment that can bring motivational thoughts inside the child’s mind. They need to keep approaching the child to forecast their skills and development. Hence, make fun activities and create the best planning, schedule, structure to develop the education. Such actions will positively impact child attention.

Make the Creative Classroom

Creativity always brings innovation and uniqueness. Therefore, it is important to create the classroom in such a way that improves the surroundings of the school. Make sure to bring the color of the classroom that brings positivity and approach the child to attend the school with a warm mind.

The creative classroom will also help in making children more attentive and open minds. It discovers the skills of the child and allows them to view and solve the problem appropriately. Hence, make the bright colors of the classroom with creative design that brings information for the child. Get connected to the best CBSE school in Howrah that provides excellent classrooms and faculty members for child knowledge.

Improve Passion for Child Success

A passion is a term that helps in giving you the reason to keep working hard for your objectives and ambitions. It helps you to grow and develop properly. Therefore, to create the best surround for the child, a school will initiate the function for child success. Such as maintain the disciplinary environment. Give the lessons on the importance of time, planning, schedule, and many more. However, we can also develop the child by implementing the methods of co-curriculum activities. The benefits of curriculum activities will bring physical development and discover the talents of the child. Hence, get associates with such a school helps in bringing child success.

Therefore, we understand how school surround plays a great role in developing education for the child. We need to provide the level of comfort to the child that brings them to attend the school without any enforcement.

SMIL is one of the top educational institutes that inspired thousand of parents to get connect for the child education. Get admission in CBSE school in Howrah that bring all the necessaries to build positive surrounds and environment for the best education to the child.

Have you ever thought that whether your child finds the learning method interesting or not? Then try to understand and listen to your child’s learning method. However, there are lots of creative and different ways to learn the primary learning method.  Therefore, make sure to get connected with the top school in Howrah that bring education in the most unique ways. Every child is different and has the ability to learn and write in their own methods. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the educators to bring education to an expert level that provides the best learning tricks to the child. Hence, today we will discuss how to engage your child’s primary learning method that grows and develop their education.

top school in Howrah

Audio Learner

Most of the child loves music. They listen to the songs and lyrics with the best concentration methods. Therefore, we can understand how audio is a powerful tool that makes the child an active listener. So why not implement audio technology in education. Audio learning is one of the best learning methods that bring various changes in the primary learning culture of the child. It has several benefits and also brings the skills for development. The audio learning method will make them active listeners. It also helps in improving the verbal instruction to the child. The communication skills will also improve by the methods of audio learning tools. It also helps in making your child well talkative. Hence, join the educational institute that helps in growing your child with such active tools.

Video Learner

During the generation of YouTube, We all are active members and watching different videos on YouTube. It is the biggest platform of videos that shows different kinds of videos such as educational, tutorial, knowledge, entertainment, and many more. Hence, we can understand the power of videos. Therefore, we also need to implement the video learning method in our primary education system to develop. Video learning is one of the powerful tools that attract the child to learn and educate more. It conducts various benefits of learning. Help in recalling and recognizing the words. The video tools also feature lots of illustrations for topics with proper graphs, pictures, and maps. So the video technology will help in finding the object and also help in making them active learners in the school.

Reading and Writing Skill

It is one of the biggest methods that improve the skills of the child. The reading and writing skill is one of the most important things that develop the child education and also strengthen their learning methods. Reading and writing both have their own significance. Reading provides the proper knowledge and understanding. While the writing help in improving the knowledge properly and finalize the process of understanding in brain storage. The writing skills also bring the confidence level through its learning methods. Hence, get admission to the School in Howrah that provides the reading and writing method and implement the importance equally in every subject.

Hence, these are some of the important learning methods that show how to engage your child’s primary learning method that grows and develops their education.

If we live in cities like Kolkata, make sure to bring the best education that innovates the growth and development of your child. Therefore, get an opportunity to enrolled your child in CBSE School Howrah that has the ability to grow your child with their top faculties and modern learning approach.

We need to deal with three different types of educational boards in India. CBSE Board, ICSE Board, and State Board. All three board have their own importance and techniques of learning. However, education becomes a competition for today’s generation. Therefore, we need to find an education that can give us the best and quickest method to understand our education and also improve our knowledge. Today, we will discuss the power and importance of the CBSE board. Also, we will discuss the top 5 reasons to choose the CBSE board over other boards.

CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah

Top faculty

Comparing to the other board, The CBSE has the unique quality of searching the top faculty. They make proper research of the teachers and their method of education for the best knowledge of their students. The prime reason behind the research is to provide the top quality of education to their student. Therefore, CBSE has become the number one preference for the parents to provide admission.

The best CBSE School in Howrah has the same pattern and formation that follow to maintain the quality of education.

Produce top-quality Student

The CBSE boards make influence, approach, and motivate their students to grow and become active. They produce the top quality of students all over India because of their simple learning techniques. This makes their students easy to learn and understand. Therefore, their learning process works long and easily implement to show their skills. They provide proper attention to their child in the classroom and solving their doubts and queries. So we can easily understand the power and importance of the CBSE board.

Providing top-quality learning methods

As we discussed earlier, CBSE always preferring the top and experienced faculty members. Those who can bring the quality of the learning method inside the children mind and can upgrade the education level. This is the only reason parents prefer CBSE schools for their child’s knowledge and learning. The members of the board have years and years of experience that provides excellent tips, tricks, formulae, and methods of learning.

Join “SMIL” one of the best CBSE affiliated schools in Howrah that bring the best education with unique learning methods. Therefore, it becomes the first choice of parents for their member’s hard work and dedication.

Best use of Resources

The CBSE board makes the best use of its resources. Either it’s faculty, classroom, laboratory, outdoor, transport, and many more. They bring the best teachers for the guidance and knowledge of students. The board features an excellent smart classroom and the best laboratory. To innovate the skills and quality of the students, they provide big outdoor grounds for playing tournaments and many more. Lastly, the CBSE board always provides equality in education and gives chances to all the students who are far away from their schools by allotting the transport facilities.

Safety Awareness

Safety awareness is always the first priority of the CBSE. They are very strict against safety and cannot compromise any unavoidable circumstances in the future. Therefore, CBSE brings awareness of safety and security. The affiliated board of CBSE is properly maintaining the hygienic function for their child.

Hence, these are some of the top 5 reasons to choose the CBSE board over the other board. However, every educational board has the prime motto to provide education to their child. Therefore, it is very necessary for the parents to be wise while choosing the educational board and also students to concern about their best education from any board.

SMIL is one of the best CBSE school in Howrah district that has all these qualities mentioned above. The school is properly maintaining the discipline, culture, and heritage of providing the top quality of students by their learning method.

We can see the competition all around every field. Either it is a company, business, education, or individual growth. However, competition in education is on another level and that puts our parents in the most confusing terms and situations. The prime reason behind the confusion is having several things at one stage. Talking about education, parents are very much sensitive and conscious about their child’s education, growth, development, and skills. Therefore, they would like to choose the Howrah best CBSE school that can provide the best education to their kids all around. Due to excess availability, parents get confused about choosing the right school for their kids. Hence, we would like to bring some suggestions for the parents before choosing the best school for their kids. Today we will discuss on top 10 strategies before choosing the best school for your kid’s future benefit.

CBSE school Howrah


Infrastructure is one of the biggest factors that bring lots of attraction to having the best school. Hence, parents always look for the school to have the best building, technology, smart and innovative classroom. The best infrastructure and technology made the child easy to study. Hence, always look for the best infrastructure.

Innovative technology

The world belongs to the technology that involves various changes. Nowadays, every sector belongs to technology. Therefore, give your child an education that includes the method of technology.


Safety is one of the biggest issues for every parent who wants to get admission to their kids in a particular school. Hence, make sure to have the best safety and security that gives security to the child.

Best Faculty

Get involved with the school that having the top qualified teacher with high teaching experience. The faculty members are the crucial things that play an important role in making the school the best of all. The best teacher provides the learning to the child that help in giving proper growth, development, and skills.

Know the approach

Get connected to the school that shows the approach and dedication towards student development. The perfect school administration will always bring the dedication level towards the student to bring the skills of an individual. Join the CBSE school Howrah that provides a different level of dedication and benefit to an individual student.


It is good to get a school that is near to your residence. Sometimes due to the hours of the journey, children might get restless and that impacts education. Hence, get a school near your location for less travel and the best experience.

Teacher and Student Ratio

The ratio between teacher and student always gives a rejuvenating experience in learning. A classroom with a proper teacher and student ratio will give the best benefit to the student. Moreover, teachers can be able to give proper attention to the students and their doubts.

Extracurricular activities

Education is one of the important things that give development to the child knowledge. However, curriculum activity is also an important thing that develops the skills of an individual. “SMIL” is one of the best school in Howrah that develops the extra curriculum skills of the student.


Achievement is the biggest factor that introduced the success of the school. Parents always go to school that having a huge success rate in terms of exams and other activities.


We will find the different schools providing the same level of education with a higher budget. Therefore, search for a school that having the same level of education with a lower budget. Make a proper list of it and provide admission into that school.

Hence, these are some of the top 10 strategies before choosing the best school for your kid’s future benefit. Join “SMIL” one of the best CBSE school in Howrah district influence and approach the child’s education, knowledge, and skills in a broadway.

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is said to be one of the most popular and prestigious educational board that reform the shape of child education and build a career. It is one of the most premium choices of the parents to provide their child education from an early age. However, we need to understand that not all the CBSE schools and institution is the best school in Howrah. There are various perceptions of being the best school. There are several criteria for being the best school institution in Howrah (India). Hence, today we will discuss all such criteria of being the best CBSE affiliated School in Howrah. Let’s discuss below.

CBSE Affiliated School in Howrah

Maintain Discipline

Discipline is an action that describes the nature and behavior of an individual. It is not just limited to being perfect but we need to learn so many things from the course of discipline. It gives us knowledge of how to respect our elders, define the valuation of time, understand the importance of being social, punctuality, and boost our confidence to grow more in the future.  Therefore, get associates with the school that provides all these essential qualities of discipline in the future.

Create Positivity

Create positivity means the creativity of a positive environment. The actual power of being positive creates innovation, boost confidence, and regular interference of an individual. Hence, it is very important to build a positive environment in the school that shows the best action to build the student.

However, the positivity comes from the positive mind, and therefore the teacher needs to be very supportive and caring towards the child. Also, give them the best education to grow and develop in the future.

Extra Curriculum

It is the desire of every parent to bring some extra skills, innovation, and creativity into their child’s quality. Therefore, they keep regularly approaching their child to learn some extra skills apart from education. Such as drawing, singing, dancing, swimming, playing instruments, karate, and many more endless activities. However, an extra curriculum activity is very important apart from their education. The prime reason behind the activity is to grooming your child. Make sure to implement only one or two curriculum activities for your child. Otherwise, it can be transformed into a burden and unable to learn any skills. Hence, provide admission in such a school that provides the best curriculum activities to your child and also helps them in growing their extra skills.

Top Faculty

Faculty plays a huge role in making a school the best of all. The top faculty is the identification of the school. Every parent desire to provide admission into the school that has the top quality of teacher gives the best education and knowledge to the students. It is one of the prime listed things of the parents before reaching to the schools for their child admission. Hence, the faculty help in making a school a brand that enriched the child’s growth.

Join “SMIL” one of the top CBSE school in Howrah providing well-qualified and experienced teachers for their child’s growth, education, and knowledge.

Safety and Services

Every parent ensures to see the safety and services of the school before admission. It is one of the basic things the parents wanted to see for their Child. Hence, the best school always ensures to provide the proper safety, security, best infrastructure, proper hygienic place, transport facility, smart classroom, smart laboratory, and many more. Hence, make sure to choose the school that has all these qualities for their child.

However, it is very important to keep calm and patient while choosing the best CBSE affiliated school in Howrah. Make sure to include all the essential qualities listed above to make the parents first choice school above all.

Be the part of the “SMIL” one of the most prestigious and dedicated educational institutes provide the ultimate education, skills, curriculum activities to the child for best growth, knowledge, and future.

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Admission open for the Session 2021-22

SUDHIR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE liluah announces its Admission open for the session 2021-22, providing opportunity to the Students in Howrah for studying in one of the best CBSE School . Get CBSE School Admission in Howrah and connect with the most unique smart classrooms. We at SMIL believe that Academic excellence is desirable but teaching good values is the essence of education. We not only take the task of raising career conscious students but also making them socially responsible and global citizens. We aim to impart holistic education essential for complete growth and development . We also emphasize on co curricular and Extracurricular activities as only formal education is not enough in this present world.

The Admission is only open for limited number of seats as per availability. The selection will be purely merit based and will be done on the basis of written test followed by Personal Interview.

We announce the admission open for the Session 2021-22, from October 2020. The admission is open from Toddlers to Class VIII. The process of admission has been explained below. Parents/ Guardian are requested to follow the given procedure.
Admission in Toddlers to Class-VIII is only for the numbers of seats available and will be strictly based on the merit of the child. Admission will remain open and Forms will be issued for a limited period of time.
“Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah” has some criteria for admission. To take admission in cbse school in howrah please click on Read More.

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